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Photonic crystal in the shape of energetic card for beneficial impact on biological objects.

BioSky photonic crystal can be carried with you constantly in your outerwear periodically changing its location and avoiding its long stay in the heart zone.

During sleep it is recommended to put the crystal with its flat side towards human at a distance of 30-40cm from the body.

Treatment of foods and structuring of water solutions

In BioSky treated products there is eliminated the energy imbalance, negative information is removed, the taste qualities of the products change for the better. Products acquire properties that promote the removal of toxins, free radicals, heavy metals from the body. BioSky treated water stimulates plant growth. Plant seeds increase germination. The yielding capacity of plants irrigated with treated water increases. To treat water and products there are used non-metallic containers under which BioSky photonic crystal is placed.

Application of BioSky for structuring water and water slutions:
  1. Adequate processing time for water solutions up to 3 liters is 3 minutes.
  2. Water keeps its properties for at least 24 hours after treatment.
  3. Food treatment time is 15-20 minutes.


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