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Action of instruments


Device «Svetoch»


Device «Svetoch»

Implementation and peculiarities of device


The device "SVETOCH" is indicated for implementation of light and color impact, visual color-impulse stimulation for correction of psycho-emotional and physiological states.

  • Modern convenient design;
  • Management with help of 2 buttons;
  • Built-in Li-Pol battery;
  • Multi-color LEDs;
  • Sound signalization of work's regimes;
  • 12 programmable regimes of action;
  • Connection with PC and supply through USB-input.


Mechanism of action


Light impact is carried out through the organ of vision system. Energetic flow of light is perceived by eyes and sent to regulatory centers of the brain. Light causes the whole cascade of transformations in the body, influencing on organs and systems, activating physiologic processes, restoring balance of internal environment, supporting cell metabolism, regulating metabolic process, increasing vitality of cells and tissues, and supporting natural mechanism of homeostasis. Every color causes certain impact on human body, on psycho-emotional and physiological states. Impact of particular colors leads to inhibition or stimulation of nervous system: it means it leads to calming, or mobilization and raise of tonus.

Device «Svetoch»

What is it useful for?


Correction of energetic imbalance of meridians. Meridians represent a way of movement of vital energy from "organ" to the body's surface. Particular color corresponds to every energetic meridian. Lack or excessiveness of a color leads to energetic imbalance and, as a result, to diseases. The device influences on meridians, harmonizing the body's state. It is possible to influence on appointed organ through its meridian through usage of Foll's frequencies.

Get summer's feelings all the year round! The device helps to compensate lack of light and color during winter, and fight winter's depression. It helps to overcome sleepiness, anxiety, irritability, increased appetite, and decreased ability to work.

You will be able to control your emotions! The device makes you able to influence on your emotional tension, the level of stress, quality of sleep, and finally on your health. It helps to improve physical and intellectual activity, vitality, mood, to decrease irritability and sadness, to enjoy your life.

Device «Svetoch»

How is it used?


It is easy to use the device. Make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying, relax! Press the button "Regime" to choose the needed program, put on the glasses, and enjoy colors of summer!

How to choose regime of impact?
The following work's regimes (programs of balancing meridians) are recorded in the device by default:

Regime No 1 - left DARK-LIGHT BLUE 1 Hz, right ORANGE 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of the 1st and the 7th meridian).
Regime No 2 - left RED right LIGHT BLUE 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of the 2nd and the 8th meridian).
Regime No 3 - left RASPBERRY 1 Hz, right GREEN-LIGHT BLUE 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of the 3rd and the 9th meridians).
Regime No 4 - left GREEN 1 Hz, right PURPLE 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of the 4th and the 10th meridians).
Regime No 5 - left YELLOW-GREEN 1 Hz, right VIOLET 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of 5th and 11th meridians).
Regime No 6 - left DARK-BLUE 1 Hz, right YELLOW 1 Hz, opposite phase (swinging of the 6th and the 12th meridians).
Regimes No 7 - No 12 repeat the regimes No 1 - No 6.

The device's regimes of work can be changed with the help of a special software (it is not included in the kit).


Healing effect of light


Table 1 includes colors of toning and relaxing of the body's main energetic meridians. Lack of energy in any meridian is reached through toning of this meridian and relaxing of the opposite one. Excess of energy in any meridian is achieved through relaxing of this meridian and toning of the opposite one.

Since meridians are at right and left hand sides, Yang meridians stimulate through the right eye but they calm through the left eye, Yin meridians stimulate through the left hand side but relax through the right hand side.


No Meridian Color of toning (stimulation) Color of relaxing (calming)
1 Lungs (Yin) Dark - light blue left Orange right
2 Colon (Yang) Light blue right Red left
3 Stomach (Yang) Green – light blue right Raspberry left
4 Spleen and pancreas (Yin) Green left Purple right
5 Heart (Yin) Yellow - green left Violet right
6 Small intestine (Yang) Yellow right Dark blue left
7 Urinary bladder (Yang) Orange right Dark - light blue left
8 Kidneys (Yin) Red left Light blue right
9 Pericardium (Yin) Raspberry left Green – light blue right
10 Triple Burner (Yang) Purple right Green left
11 Gall bladder (Yang) Violet right Yellow - green left
12 Liver (Yin) Dark blue left Yellow right

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Device «Svetoch»

Device «Svetoch»

Прибор «Svetoch» предназначен для цветового и светового воздействия.



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