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The portable hardware-software BIOTEST M complex

Portable hardware - software complex "Biotest-M" is designed for operational express - monitoring the state of energy meridians major functional systems of the body.
The complex includes the program itself "Biotest-M" and an optional sensor FPG

The complex provides:
  1. Registration photoplethysmogram (FPG) and kardioritmogrammy (KRG), heart rate or pulse rate (PR). The software makes registration and mathematical analysis of records with the ability to view and analyze the results.
2. The evaluation of the functional state of energy meridians major body systems based on the analysis of heart rate variability including spectral analysis, variational HRM by RM Baevsky with an integrated assessment of the state of energy meridians and the ability to control the dynamics.
3. Ability to save data and print output forms using the software for an integrated collection of information on the studies undertaken.

What information do we get with it? The complex is testing the functional state of the main organs and systems, enabling us to see how their work affects the load: physical stress associated with malnutrition, bad habits, sudden weather changes, environmental issues, and so on. D. The program shows how the body responds these effects and how to adjust them. If the body does not adapt to stress, then increasing the risk of disease. In this case, the program helps to identify bottlenecks and severity of risk at the moment. This gives us the opportunity to know the resources of the body, ie. E. The stock of its strength.

Hardware-software complex "Biotest M" can not be used for self-setting or confirm the diagnosis of the disease, as well as prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, medical research, rehabilitation, replacement, modification anatomical structure or physiological functions.

The monitoring is based on an analysis of the information component of the pulse wave signal of the heart contraction, an analysis of its forms, and other spectral characteristics.

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

BiotestM - screenshot

Prescription linked with Hardware and Software Complex BIOTEST M


Hardware and Software Complex BIOTEST

BIOTEST supplies any person with the possibility to control the state of energy meridians and adaptation capacities of own body, stress level and balance of spending and getting energy. BIOTEST represents a tool of prevention strategies which reduces the risk of unexpected problems related to health and improves quality of life.


How does BIOTEST M work?

BIOTEST records photoplethysmography of heart rate during 4-5 minutes from a sensor-clip which is put on a finger. The device BIOTEST M is connected with PC through a USB-port. The program BioTest or the program BioTestEasy is installed on PC. Results of measurement are automatically recorded right after the measurement.

While recording results, BIOTEST analyzes data of signals of cardiac contractility's pulse wave, basing upon traditional methods of oriental medicine, and R. M. Baevsky's diagnostic methods of a person's state, depending on heart rate variability.

The most important feature of the system BIOTEST is following: the result of measurement is presented in the form of several basic quality indicators and visual presentation of energy of functional meridians, or in the simplified version of the program - in color presentation of indicators. Thus, any person can understand results of measurement. 


Sequence of work with Hardware and Software Complex BIOTEST M in house conditions includes 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Fasten the sensor-clip on a finger, and click consistently two buttons: "Search of sensor" and "Start measurement". Wait 4-5 minutes till the device records waves of cardiac contractility and analyzes the data.

Step 2. Click the button "Stop measurement". So, you get simple and clear conclusion about state of your body.

Step 3. Follow dynamics of changes. Correct your lifestyle and diet. If you have negative dynamics, contact your physician to make health evaluation, get information about diagnosis and treatment.




Usefulness of BIOTEST M for me



You will be able to observe general changes in work of functional systems and organs. Thus, you'll reduce the risk of appearing and development of diseases.

Extension of administration and control

You'll be able to control your health while treating, taking dietary supplements, going info sports and working beyond the limit. You'll be able to understand how your lifestyle influences upon your health. You'll be able to administer sound therapy with the help of own frequencies and observe influence of any products on your body "on-line".


What do heart rate variability and energy meridians of the body represent?

Variability is a property of biological processes connected with necessity of the body's adaptation towards changing natural environmental conditions. It means that variability represents change of various parameters, including those of heart rate, in response to impact of any factors. Thus, heart rate variability reflects work of cardiovascular system and work of regulation's mechanisms of the body in general.

Our heart can be identified with an electrical locator or a scanner that cyclically scans our internal organs and records information about functions of systems and organs. That's why heart rate variability presents essential information about the body, and it represents the most convenient indicator that allows us appreciating efficiency of system's interoperability. The analysis of heart rate variability reflects vital indicators of regulation of such body's physiological systems, as regulation of the body's functional resources of mechanisms and vegetative balance.

Cardiovascular system is a good example for unique system of regulation structured hierarchically where each low level works independently in normal conditions. The highest levels of regulation are being activated for saving homeostasis during change of external environment or/and development of pathological process. The process of adaptation requires spending of informational, energy and metabolic resources of the body. The regulation of resources depends on requirements of external environment toward the organism; it takes place through nervous, endocrine and humoral mechanisms which may be conditionally divided into independent and central ones. Involvement of central mechanisms of regulation into the work of independent ones takes place, if only the latest no longer fulfill their missions.

Analysis of heart rate variability is based upon certain sequence of intervals (they are called R-R intervals) between neighboring peaks of pulse wave. It is possible to get information about functional state of a person and follow dynamics of its change with the help of this analysis. This analysis also allows valuating adaptation resources of a person; it gives the opportunity to foreseen disruptions of functional system. There are many methods used for evaluation of heart rate variability; all of them are widely utilized in medicine and for diagnostic purposes of heart's work.

The vision about meridians and energy channels has its origin in oriental philosophy. Meridians represent channels which are engaged in circulation of the blood and vital energy. The energy of the body passes through each meridian, making completed cycle, supplying the body with energy balance and nutrition. Energy rate is subjected to natural rate. It means that each meridian is more or less active, depending on the time of day. Filling of meridians with energy reflects state of the body's functional systems.

The complex BIOTEST allows administering express-monitoring of energy meridians' state of the body's main functional systems, basing upon analysis' data of heart rate variability.


Scheme of sensor-clip

A sensor of pulse wave represents a contactless optoelectronic converter, a photoplethysmographic finger sensor with the possibility to be fixed on a finger of an adult's person. The sensor has integrated miscroprocessor unit which digitalizes diagnostic signal gotten from the photoplethysmographic sensor. The sensor is equipped by USB input for transmitting of digitalizing signal. Since the device has plastic housing, the body is protected from damages of electric current.

Download instructions of the  BIOTEST M

Hardware-software complex «BIOTEST M» Hardware-software complex «BIOTEST M»
The portable hardware-software BIOTEST M complex is intended for carrying out testing and expeditious express monitoring of a condition of power meridians of the main functional systems of an organism.



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