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ZENWAVE device is a controlled oscillator analyzer that is used to influence the body and mind of a person and to control the physical and emotional state as well as life-event processes..

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ZENWAVE in Bioland mode is a unique device of serial production, which completely imitates the effects of electromagnetic thunderstorm activity on the Earth considering the height of the ionosphere and storm clouds, frequency and location of thunderstorm activity, the dispersive properties of the atmosphere in the radio frequency area of the electromagnetic field, i.e. the Earth's natural electromagnetic waves. In other words, BL generator is neither a low-frequency generator operating at multiple harmonics of the Schumann waves or impulse generator operating at a single frequency. BL does not create artificially generated frequency to which our body adapts poorly and does not feel its effect.. 

With the latest technology, BL is a miniature live copy of the natural electromagnetic background of the Earth, to which the human brain has been getting adjusted for millions of years, maintaining physical and mental health. Our body perceives BL radiation, as 'native', therefore adapts to its impact quickly and accurately, improving metabolic and hormonal processes in the body with the maximum result. 

ZENWAVE in the mode Zenlight + Bioland It is not just a mental exerciser, but also a device with the feedback. 

A person having an information-quantum impact on ZENWAVES, makes changes to the field generation of the device in accordance with his/her mental attitudes. And then this field, corrected by the intention of the operator, affects him/her considering the modified mental attitudes, helping the person to strengthen his/her intention subconsciously at the information level. Simultaneous use of BL and ZL technologies allows to make more effective the process of discovery and development of human abilities and influence on life events.


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