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Device «SVETOCH» is indicated for color and light impact.

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Correction of energetic imbalance of meridians. Meridians represent a way of movement of vital energy from "organ" to the body's surface. Particular color corresponds to every energetic meridian. Lack or excessiveness of a color leads to energetic imbalance and, as a result, to diseases. The device influences on meridians, harmonizing the body's state. It is possible to influence on appointed organ through its meridian through usage of Foll's frequencies. 

Get the summer feelings all the year round! The device helps to compensate lack of light and color during winter, and fight winter's depression. It helps to overcome sleepiness, anxiety, irritability, increased appetite, and decreased ability to work. 

You will be able to control your emotions! The device gives you the opportunity to influence your emotional tension, level of stress, quality of sleep, and finally your health. It helps to improve physical and intellectual activity, vitality, mood, to decrease irritability and sadness, to enjoy your life.



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