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The bracelet is made of high quality silicone, has a modern design and is very practical and functional in using.

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Price: 19 USD
Our bracelet is a case for the BIOFON-multi device. The bracelet is made of high quality silicone, has a stylish design, is comfortable and functional to use. 

The bracelet is designed specifically for the BIOFON-multi device. It has a stylish ergonomic design. It perfectly repeats the hand contours, it is soft and pleasant to the touch. With this bracelet, it is easy to combine your everyday activities with health improvement and work on the general energy state of the body. 

The bracelet is made in three colors. Depending on the chosen style and color of clothes, you can complete your outfit with a right accessory. Thus, by changing bracelets, you always look perfect. 

Our bracelet has a high degree of durability and is waterproof.
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