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Bio Resonance Intellectual Scanner (Express test) is designed to measure electrical parameters of biologically active zones, bearing information about condition of inter-related organs and systems.

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Technical data

The devise is represented by mobile single block, controlled by software, installed in computer and ensuring connection with device through USB universal serial interface. 

4.1 In terms of general safety requirements this device meets requirements of DSTU 3135.0 (GOST 30345.0).
4.2 Computer USB-port is used as power source of the system. Computer and monitor should comply with requirements of State Sanitary Regulations and Standards, State Sanitary Regulations and Standards and also valid regulatory documents for definite models.
4.3 The device has boreal climate design, category of location is 4,2 in accordance with GOST 1550:
  • at environmental temperature from - 10?С to + 50°С;
  • at relative air humidity of 95 % and temperature of 30°С;
  • Atmospheric pressure is from 630 to 800 mm Hg.
4.4 Consumed power, V*А, is not more 2.5 W.
4.5 Signal frequency range is from 30 Hz to 900 kHz.
4.6 Consumed current is from 10 mА to 30 mА.
4.7 Mean time between failures is 15000 hours.
4.8 Mean life cycle is not less than 5 year.
4.9 Ramp time is not more than 5 sec.
4.10 Continuous operation period is not less than 5 hours.
4.11 Electrode material is L-63 brass in accordance with GOST 1019.
4.12 Overall dimensions, not more than, mm: 150х80х35.

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