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The portable hardware-software BIOTEST M complex is intended for carrying out testing and expeditious express monitoring of a condition of power meridians of the main functional systems of an organism.

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  Testing with the help of HSC BIOTEST M for ANDROID includes five simple steps: 

Step 1. Download the program MiotestM from the site or from the Play market on the device BIOMEDIS (model 2013 or 2015y.) or on a suitable smartphone / tablet on the Android platform. Create your profile in the program.
Step 2. Insert the USB cable connector of the BIOTEST sensor through the mini or micro USB adapter into the USB input of the smartphone, tablet or BIOMEDIS device.
Step 3. Fix the finger sensor on the finger, start the testing and wait for several minutes until the device registers the heartbeats and analyzes the data.
Step 4. Examine the test results. Follow the dynamics of changes.
Step 5. Correct your lifestyle and nutrition. In the presence of negative dynamics, consult a doctor for examination, diagnosis and treatment. 

HSC 'BIOTEST M' instruction (118 KБ)

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