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The portable hardware-software BIOTEST M complex is intended for carrying out testing and expeditious express monitoring of a condition of power meridians of the main functional systems of an organism.

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BIOTEST M is the opportunity to see how various factors affect the work of the body (physical and emotional stress, weather, food, bad habits, etc.) BIOTEST M, evaluating the state of the organism, allows us to identify its weaknesses, determine how the body reacts and adapts to changes. Regular testing allows you to see the working process of individual systems and the whole organism in general. 

You will be able to identify on time the general changes of the functional systems and organs and take appropriate measures, thereby significantly reducing the risk of the beginning and development of diseases. With the help of BIOTEST M you will learn about the problem before it manifests itself as a symptom. 

You will know the functional state of your body in just 5 minutes. 

Application area
With the help of BIOTEST M you can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, supplements that you take, sport that you practice. You will be able to understand how your lifestyle affects your health, when the workload becomes too excessive and threatens your health. You will be able to observe the influence of any products on the body in on-line mode. You will be able to choose a balanced and suitable diet for you. 

With BIOTEST M your health is always under your control, you can monitor the dynamics of the body's reaction to any factors, under any circumstances. 

BIOTEST M will help you to monitor the health of your friends and relatives.


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