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The portable hardware-software BIOTEST M complex is intended for carrying out testing and expeditious express monitoring of a condition of power meridians of the main functional systems of an organism.

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Portable hardware and software complex BIOTEST M is created for testing and rapid express monitoring of the state of energy meridians of the main functional systems of the body. Designed specifically for the BIOMEDIS device based on ANDROID. Can be suitable for other ANDROID devices 

BIOTEST M defines the main characteristics of the health state:
  • balance of consumption and recovery of energy in the body;
  • stress level;
  • adaptation abilities of the organism;
  • vegetative tone;
  • the ability of the nervous system to cope with its tasks;
  • the level of regulation of physiological functions;
  • the state of energy of the main body systems.
BIOTEST M is a device of a preventive strategy that reduces the risk of unexpected health problems and improves the quality of life. 

BIOTEST M registers a photoplethysmogram of the heart rate within 4-5 minutes from the finger sensor, which is fixed on the finger of the hand. BIOTEST M is connected to the BIOMEDIS device or any suitable device based on ANDROID. The BIOMEDIS device (or a suitable ANDROID device) is installed with the BiotestM program, where the results are automatically generated immediately after the measurement. 

BIOTEST M when making the results analyzes the data of the heartbeat pulse wave signal, based on traditional methods of oriental medicine and methods of diagnosing a person's state according to the heart rhythm variability of Roman Baevsky. 

The measurement result is presented in the form of several basic quantitative indicators and a visual representation of the energy of the functional meridians of the organism. This makes the measurement result understandable for any person.


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