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Device of low frequency electromagnetic correction to maintain healthy work of organism,complex detoxication and prophylaxis.

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The device operates according to the method of multifrequency bioresonance correction. 

Bioresonance correction is an impact of low-intensity electromagnetic oscillations of a strictly defined shape and frequency that cause a resonant response in the body. The impact on the body occurs through a network of blood vessels, a network of nerve fibers and biologically active points on the surface of the skin. 

In the hierarchy of the human body control, the information processes are higher than biochemical processes. This makes it possible to successfully apply bioresonance electromagnetic correction to influence the human adaptation system. Any organism in a healthy physiological state has certain characteristics of its own oscillatory processes. During the physiological abnormalities, the vibrational characteristics of the organism change. With the proper selection of shape and frequency of electromagnetic influence, it is possible to enhance normal physiological fluctuations and weaken the pathological ones. The reduction of vibrational processes in the body into a physiological norm contributes to the restoration of the optimal energy information process, on which depends the healthy state of the organism. 

The device emits programmed electromagnetic oscillations of strictly directed action. Emitting occurs successively in frequency patches. Frequencies (of which consists a patch of frequencies) are broadcast simultaneously, ensuring the multifrequency nature of the impact. Multifrequency correction improves efficiency and reduces the time of impact.

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