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Industry of network marketing

Network marketing (multi-level marketing) is a way to promote goods and services from manufacturer to consumer directly; it is based upon creation of network of independent partners, having special system of remuneration. 

During the past decade network marketing has been changed essentially; it has a long way of evolution. Nowadays network business is clear and effective tool of market economy; it is a real possibility to create own business assets. 

Network marketing is a business of recommendations given to a person by another one. First of all, partner is a pleased purchaser of products offered by his/her company that not only gives the possibility to recommend products but it is also ready to share a part of profits with partner. 

It is possible to achieve results in network marketing but results don't appear without efforts; they are caused by stable turnover, systematic actions taken for attraction of new partners, teaching and motivating them. 

This business is available for everybody; and everyone can get success in this business. But success is achieved by those that have needed personal qualities, knowledge, abilities and skills, those that are ready to study, get specialty of business leader in network industry. 

Leaders of network marketing are pondering over success and active business assets; they are always developing; they can communicate and form inter-personal relations; their attitude to business is conscious; they are responsible for their actions; they understand that success depends on them. 

Possibilities in network marketing:
  • to be client of company and buy quality products;
  • to become partner and buy products at discount price;
  • to get additional profit, recommending products of company to friends and acquaintances, and attracting new partners;
  • to be involved in business professionally, continuously getting business skills, communication skills, studying technical innovations, etc.

Advantages of network business

Which profits and advantages are available for those that are involved in network marketing?
  • Lack of financial risks - You don't need to invest money for rent of warehouses and sale areas, and purchase of stockholdings in order to start building business; it means that you don't have risk here.
  • Freedom of choice - Partner chooses own level of involvement in business, level of efforts put for it, quantity of time spent for this business and scope of work.
  • Business under comfortable conditions - Partner chooses persons to work with and persons to attract in business. Network business is a business in which everyone is interested in success of another one.
  • Business with great potential growth.
  • Professional development and training - Network marketing provides chance to get new skills and abilities, study many new things, and the most important possibility is to "learn how to learn". Studying is combined with real practice of building own business. Knowledge which is acquired is not only theoretical; it is supported by experience; this is an unique educational process.
  • Personal growth - Network business gives the possibility to learn how to change. This is powerful tool of personal growth. Change, transformation of personality is one of conditions needed for achievement of success. Speed of life's changes increases by several times.
  • Nobility of business - Network business is a social business which is based upon the principle of helping other people.

Company "BIOMEDIS"

"Life is a valuable gift which provides chance to develop our humanity, all our positive features and good qualities, all our values, intentions and dreams. We have created the company BIOMEDIS in order to help every person to use this gift completely. The essence of our business is neither in effective products, nor in high profits. Its goal is to extend lifespan and improve life." 

President of Company BIOMEDIS S. V. Soloviev

The company BIOMEDIS is a trustworthy partner, having an impeccable reputation, that is worthy of trust, while you start to build own business.
The company has been founded on the basis of Research and Production Institute of Integral Energy Informational Biotechnologies. Since 2005 the institute has made fundamental researches in the spheres of extending lifespan and supernatural skills of human body.
Fundamental researches are being carried out during decades. The chief officer of the Research and Production Institute Sergey Vladimirovichi Soloviev has created the company BIOMEDIS in order to help people today; the company has united researches, development and production of the newest highly effective physiotherapeutic devices.
Basing upon innovations and traditions, Company has manufactured medical physiotherapeutic apparatuses and devices for maintaining and monitoring of health for 5 years. Devices of electromagnetic therapy are improved and changed every year: new functions and possibilities are added; their effectiveness increases.
- Our mission is to help people have healthy and free life. 

- We supply people with technologies of health; we make their life better, helping to make their dreams and intentions real. 

- We create one of the best world's companies in the sphere of technical methods for restore and maintaining of health in house conditions; success of the company is based upon professionalism, feeling of freedom and happiness of partners. 

Company's products produced with the help of advanced scientific innovations and technologies are completely tested, examined and verified; their production is licensed. Exclusive rights of model of devices produced by the company are protected by patent.
Company is a permanent participant of medical conferences and congresses. Products of BIOMEDIS hold leading positions in the market of physiotherapeutic devices used in house conditions because of their unique features.
The history of Company represents lives of thousands of people whose reality has become better because of Company's activity made wholeheartedly.
With the help of devices BIOMEDIS, large number of people in the whole world restore and maintain their health, getting real and evident results, prolonging their youth and activeness, enjoying each life's moment fully.
Each user of devices has always the possibility to get professional consultation support needed for application of devices from medical and technical specialists of company.
Our values are following:
- Freedom;
- Health;
- Innovations and traditions;
- Perfection;
- Responsibility;
- Compassion;
- Cohesion;
- Prosperity.
Company BIOMEDIS committed to high standards of corporate management carries out its activity on the principles of openness and transparency, and actively introduces high standards of social responsibility.
Basing upon its values, in 2013 Company changed strategic direction of building business. Values determine Company's activity. So, today the company BIOMEDIS is a company of great possibilities for everybody that shares them. This is the possibility to control own health, and help other people, using products of BIOMEDIS. This is the possibility to manage own business. Clients and partners, their requirements and dreams - all these items represent basis of the company's activity. After Company BIOMEDIS has become one of the best companies in the sphere of technical ways for maintaining of health in house conditions, it has the goal to help people to stay healthy. It is impossible to achieve this goal without achievement of personal and professional goals of Company's partners. High results are reached by team of like-minded persons united on the basis of the same real values.
Making their dreams real, partners develop innovational and merciful business together with Company, helping people from other countries to be healthy and happy.

Possibilities for creation of business with Company BIOMEDIS

  • Own scientific and production base;
  • Over 5 years in market;
  • Thousands of pleased clients from Russia and other countries;
  • Legitimate schemes of work;
  • Convenient logistics.
  • Unique;
  • Vital;
  • Clearly seen result caused by usage;
  • Modern and convenient;
  • Safe.
Affiliate program
  • Transparent and understandable;
  • Accessible joining;
  • High profits during the whole career growth. Your profit can reach 60% from retail price of products;
  • No mandatory monthly personal purchases;
  • Unlimited number of partners in the first generation;
  • Possibility to participate in gift program;
  • Stimulation of sales as well as building of structure;
  • Possibility to get real business assets and additional profits;
  • Monthly promotions.
Business tools
  • Weekly on-line and off-line events;
  • Possibility to open consultation centers;
  • Personal back-office;
  • Internet-tools;
  • Consultations of medical and technical specialists of Company for clients and partners;
  • Trainings for doctors;
  • Business-training;
  • Video-presentations of products and business;
  • Guidelines and methodical materials.

How to get success?

Many entrepreneurs and doctors have already built their successful business with Company BIOMEDIS.
Personal commitment to company's products, its values, great desire to change own life and life of relatives, and willingness to proceed unite all of them.
The level of prosperity in business depends on attitude to it, efforts and time devoted to it, permanent participation in educational programs and trainings of Company, and building of work's system. Success depends on desire to have universal human values and willingness to do something for it.
The way of building business assets which help people is a special way, way of leader; this is philosophy of life. 

Join to team BIOMEDIS!
It is excellent with us!

Business with Biomedis
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