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Device of electromagnetic correction for detoxication, harmonization and increasing the body resources.

Price: 460 USD
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Modes 1 and 2
These modes are used for bioresonance correction for various abnormalities in the body and for prophylaxis. In mode 2, the correction efficiency is higher due to the accuracy of tuning to a specific organism and the expansion of the signal penetration area.
List of the programs for modes 1 and 2
To solve a specific problem there are compiled complexes from the individual programs, using the software.
In the device there are ready-made complexes for the most common problem for modes 1 and 2. 

Mode 3
This mode is used as a mono correction for any deviations in the work of the organism and for the prevention of disease.
It is also used in conjunction with modes 1 or 2. 

Mode 4
This mode is used as a mono correction for psychosomatic problems.
It is also used before applying any other modes as an activator of the body's reaction to an exogenous electromagnetic field. 

For the most effective use of the device, please contact an online consultant for MES or a specialist in your area.


164 basic complexes for TRINITY

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