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What does BIOMEDIS represent?


Physiotherapeutic wireless device "BIOMEDIS" (on Android Platform)




Prescription linked with medical device


The medical device "BIOMEDIS" is indicated for administration of bioresonance therapy (BRT), a therapy administered with the help of impact exercised by electromagnetic waves which, on the basis of bioresonance, help to restore mechanisms of recovery and self-regulatory system destroyed by diseases.

Exogenous bioresonance therapy allows administering electrotherapy by rectangular pulsed currents, having variable repetition frequency and load factor (from 0.1 till 10000 Hz and from 10% to 50%). The frequency spectrum of human brain's waves (frequencies of Foll, Schmidt and Rife) is utilized for administration of this therapy. Administration of exogenous bioresonance therapy is possible with usage of hand electrodes-wristlets as well as without contacts: with the help of high frequency electromagnetic field that has been modulated by therapeutic frequencies.
This therapy is combined with any other type of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.


Biomedis wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. Treatment with the devices are grounded in the electromagnetic field resonance method. They are a genuine breakthrough in the Health that contribute to the public good. Numerous clinical trials, certificates, patents attest to the soundness and promise of this method.

Biomedis medical device is intended for the performance of low-frequency electromagnetic therapy — action on damaged organs with electromagnetic low-frequency radiation.

These devices combines two methods of therapy: electromagnetic and wave.


Principle of device’s action and recommendations on administration of therapy


Bioresonance therapy (BRT) means correction of body's functions with the help of harmonious transformation of resonant electromagnetic oscillations which are typical for radiation of living organisms for their synchronization.


The treatment is based upon suppression of pathologic frequency spectrum of oscillations, restoration and improvement of physiological frequency ranges of oscillations and support of relative synchronization of different wave processes which form physiological organism's homeostasis.


The idea about BRT with the help of weak electromagnetic oscillations inherent to a patient himself/herself was for the first time stated and scientifically proven by F. Morell (1977).


Relative synchronization of different oscillating (waves') processes are sustained in normal physiological state, while pathological states (diseases) are developed in case of oscillating harmony's destruction in the body.

BRT is a therapy by electromagnetic oscillations that resonates with structures of the body. The impact can be exercised at the cellular level as well as at the level of an organ, a system of organs and at the level of the whole body, since different levels are characterized and managed by various frequency-wave parameters.


The main idea of administration of resonance in medicine is following: it is possible to enhance normal (physiological) oscillations in the body and reduce pathological ones in case of correct selection of frequency and form of treating (electromagnetic) impact. Thus, bioresonant impact can be exercised for neutralization of pathological oscillations as well as for restoration of physiological oscillations destroyed during pathological states; it means that this therapy suppresses hindrances (noises) in informational field of the body.


A healthy body, regardless of the age, preserves and supports relative synchronization of various oscillating (wave) processes which help the body to keep the state of balance, integration and health. The imbalance and destruction of frequency-wave homeostasis' harmony appears during development of any pathological and pathogen processes. So, new pathogen perverted oscillations and resonances develop. They sustain diseases and prevent treating. As a result, the program of self-restoration and self-healing given by the nature is being crashed.


The task of the device "BIOMEDIS" is following: to restore the correct healthy energy potential of organs and systems gradually and to substitute unhealthy rhythms and frequencies by healthy ones (from the point of view linked with resonance).

The basis of treating method by the device "BIOMEDIS" is solving the problem of creating a way of electromagnetic therapy which makes it possible to provide harmonious work of organs and systems of the human body with the help of resonant phenomena caused in the body by specified frequencies.


The method of electromagnetic therapy is based upon the following fact: restoration of health and elimination of disease's mechanisms is achieved because impulse low-frequency electromagnetic field, carrying certain frequency modulated by various frequencies, influences on the body.


The device is indicated for usage at home.


The therapy includes certain sessions that compose a treatment course. A session means a single usage of certain program. You may administrate some sessions per day. Evident effect is caused by a course therapy.


A course therapy lasts 14-21 day; one or two day-break is at the end of a course. A therapy may include 5-7 courses.


  The device may be arranged with the back side to the damaged organ for achievement of more evident effect. The action radius is 2,5 meter. The most obvious effect is caused by combination of the therapy with others



More essential results are achieved, when this therapy is combined with others during treatment.

Try to avoid hard physical activities on the days of administering procedures!


In case of acute diseases (such as poisoning, ARI, acute respiratory diseases, flu, etc.) it is recommended to do procedures in each two hours till complete improvement of your state and removal of diseases' symptoms.


Usage of the device "BIOMEDIS" doesn't exclude medical therapies and means of natural therapy; on the contrary, it enhances effects of the latest.


Since electrode voltage is insignificant, just slight tingling or even nothing is felt during administration of healing procedures and preventive treatment. Put cosmetic cotton wool pads soaked in water under electrodes in order to enhance effectiveness of treatment.


Cotton wool pads soaked in water should be used, if skin is damaged where it contacts with electrodes.

Needed daily quantity of procedures is determined, taking into account individual sensitivity.


The device may be used after vaccination (immunization) only after consultation with a doctor.


A physician should supervise administration of the device in case of diseases which threaten to your health essentially.


  Caution! Consider contraindications indicated in instructions linked with usage of the device! Ask your doctor for recommendations.


Scheme of device


The device is actually a generator, a radiator of high-frequency electromagnetic field of low intensity with amplitude modulation, carrying frequencies. The frequency of modulation is set up by a program (in accordance with chosen work algorithm) with the help of a synthesizer with direct digital synthesis of frequency. High accuracy of modulating frequency is achieved because of administration of the synthesizer. The device enables to produce modulating signal on the external interface (hand electrodes) directly through certain input. The device is equipped by a capacitive sensing TFT display that has 480x272 pixel resolution, 4,3. Power supply of the device can be produced with the help of internal batteries Li-Pol, a power adapter.


There are over healing 3000 programs in the memory of the device. These programs compose unlimited number of medical complexes. Each program includes set of frequencies administered consistently.


The device gets the opportunity to compose own medical programs (unlimited number), elaborating by set of frequencies' sequence. Any own program may be included in any medical complex.




The device is equipped by miniUSB port for connection with PC. This port can also serve as an input for power supply from en external source, and it is also utilized for charging of the device's accumulator.


Hand electrodes "CONTACT" are included in the kit.


Attention! Modules "CONTACT" of other kind of devices don't match for this one.


Indications related to usage of BRT


(in accordance with Methodical recommendations of Ministry Health of Russian Federation №2000/47)
  • functional disorders of different genesis;
  • diseases of central nervous system and sense organs;
  • diseases of vegetative nervous system;
  • pain syndromes of various localizations and genesis;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of respiratory system;
  • diseases of digestive system;
  • diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissues;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of urinary system and reproduction;
  • poorly healing wounds and ulcers;
  • other diseases.

BRT not only restores body’s damaged functions but also has destroying influence upon parasitic agents. The device contains a large list of anti-parasitic programs.

Contraindications related to BRT


(in accordance with Methodical recommendations of Ministry Health of Russian Federation №2000/47)
  • blood clotting;
  • pregnancy (1st trimester);
  • benign and cancerous tumors (allowed only under supervision of a highly qualified doctor);
  • babies that are younger than one year old (administration is allowed only under supervision of a physician);
  • existence of transplanted organs (allowed under supervision of a doctor);
  • existence of the implanted electrocardiostimulator;
  • individual intolerance to electric current (if hand electrodes are used);
  • epilepsy (episode), convulsive attack;
  • congenital defects of central nervous system;
  • severe psychic disorder or intoxication.


Technical characteristics


Dimensions (not over than) 112 х 70 х 12 mm
Parameters of therapy's signal while using hand electrodes:
Signal's amplitude (not over than) 3,3 V
Frequency range 0.01 - 999999.99 Hz with frequency step 0.01 Hz
Parameters of signal while using the regime therapy Electromagnetic Field:
Carrier frequency 20 - 30 MHz
Modulation type Amplitude modulation
Supply voltage Inner Li-Poly battery 3.7 V. External power supply 5 V. (USB)
Frequency range of modulating signal 0.01-99999.99 Hz with frequency step 0.01 Hz
Form of modulating signal Rectangular model with variable load factor from 10 to 50%
Intensity of Electromagnetic Field's electric component (not over than) 10 V/m
Intensity of Electromagnetic Field's magnetic component (not over than) 0,3 ampere-meter
Display 4,3 inch TFT, 4:3, 480х272 pixel. Capacitive touch screen 5point Multi-touch
Power Supply Li - Pol battery
Card slot microSD/SDHC till 32 Gb
Type of data transmission USB 2.0, USB host
Operating system Android 4.0.4
Processor Boxchip A13, Cortex A8 1.2 GHz
Internal memory 4 Gb




  • stylish and modern design;
  • small weight and dimensions;
  • lack of the necessity of external computer;
  • simple control with the help of touch screen;
  • advanced possibilities of the therapy and programming;
  • operating system Android 4.0.4;
  • touch screen;
  • TFT display with 480x272 pixel resolution;
  • powerful processing works with the content FullHD/1080p;
  • 4 Gb of internal memory;
  • possibility of connection with external SD card memory;
  • integrated Li-Pol accumulator which allows to use the device during 2 days continuously without charging;
  • possibility to set and use any Android appointments;
  • firmware update of the device via internet without sending it to service center;
  • setting and installation of additional diagnostic modules;
  • USB port for connection with PC and charger.


Possibilities with BIOMEDIS


  • Anyone whom you trust may use the device. You don't need to fear to lose your saved treating complexes. There are some profiles on one devise. The quantity of profiles is not limited.
  • Two functions, therapy and programming, are in the same devise. You don't need to have a computer to make programming of the device.
  • BIOMEDIS has a huge database of treating programs which is divided into certain usual categories.
  • There is possibility to set time for pause between programs which are included in the complex.
  • You may review units of frequencies that compose programs.
  • There is possibility to set time of frequency in each complex's program separately.
  • You can relocate and delete programs inside the complex.
  • You may create and edit own programs.
  • Own programs become accessible for all profiles on the device.
  • There is a possibility to choose among two levels of radiation power in case of contactless impact.
  • You may administer contact therapy with the help of hand electrodes.
  • You have possibility to combine contact therapy with contactless one.
  • You may regulate frequencies of modulating signals discreetly from 10% till 50%.
  • Impact's parameters of each healing complex are set individually and saved till the next changing.
  • You may read favorite books, listen to music, watch films, play games, take pictures, make reports or do any other thing during the therapy. It is possible because you possess not only a therapeutic device, you have a real Android PC.


Programs for work with device BIOMEDIS


Management Program MyMobiler

The program allows managing the device BIOMEDIS (on platform Andriod) from an usual PC with the help of an USB. You see the screen of your device on the screen of your PC and work with it with the help of a usual mouse. It is convenient for presentations and remote support of the device BIOMEDIS (on Andriod platform). It is needed to set the program TeamViewer on your PC in order to have remote support.



Update of software to version Biomedis 1.9.1.


The following changes have been introduced into software of the version Biomedis 1.9.1:


    • code has been optimized.

The language is not changed in case of changing language in the device's settings BASE OF PROGRAMS AND PROFILES (the language was changed automatically in the 1st version). The BASE in another language should be selected in settings of the program.

It seems during changing the BASE as if you used the device.

If the root directory lacks the special folder MUSIC, errors will appear during attempts to set up music of profile. Our Android devices contain this default folder; other devices may lack it.

If another user has transmitted you his/her base, and if the music of certain profile doesn't match to the music set up by default, and if this file lacks in your folder MUSIC, it will not be played after the procedure of the therapy. It is needed to set up default music in setting of PROFILE.

Download update software Biomedis 1.9.1.
Download instructions for update of the program Biomedis



Additional applications for device BIOMEDIS


Description Link for Downloading Page of Application
Program for reading electronic books. Formats: fb2, epub (без DRM), txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, mobi (without DRM), pml. Download Go to Page
Affirmations. Application for viewing affirmations. Download Go to Page
Diary of blood pressure. Application for regular notices of blood pressure's numbers. Download Go to Page
Female Calendar. Application for menstrual cycle monitoring. Download Go to Page
Pulse Meter. Free version of the application Cardiodroid. Download Go to Page
Biorhythm Calculator. The program allows calculating predictions of personal biorhythms for selected date for every user. Download Go to Page
Blood pressure. It helps to monitor and analyze key data of blood pressure. Download Go to Page
Handbook of diseases. The handbook is useful for those that care about health. Download Go to Page
Handbook of medicines. The mobile handbook of medical means from the State Register of Medicines. It doesn't require access to internet. Download Go to Page
Game Buttons and Scissors. Cut buttons in the logical game Buttons and Scissors! Download Go to Page
Game Reball. A new entertaining logical game. The goal of the game is to remove indicated number of balls from the board. Download Go to Page
Game Angry Birds. Use unique powers of Angry Birds to destruct protection of greedy pigs! Download Go to Page

Wireless Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS (on Android Platform)

Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS  (on Android Platform)
The medical device "Biomedis" is indicated for administering of low frequency electromagnetic therapy, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.
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The physiotherapeutic device has registration certificate for production of medical equipment and declaration of conformity.


Consider contraindications related to application of device noted in instructions! Ask your doctor for advice!

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             Instruction on application (PDF)


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