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Schumann waves – real life’s factor

Technical equipment is developing, environment is worsening. We are being exposed during 24 hours a day to destructive impact of artificial electromagnetic fields; energy of these fields are everywhere by 100 (one hundred!) million times higher than those experienced by our grandparents. Intensity of artificial electromagnetic fields in large cities, including Moscow and St-Petersburg, is by 100 times higher than natural background; it represents aggressive environment; we must not live in this environment without any protection; we must not expose ourselves to dreadful diseases and terrible methods of treating.


It caused the following condition: "electronic smog" destroyed the frequencies 7.8 and 14.1 Hz that were made by our Creator. As a result, imbalance has come; organism's functional systems which must work autonomously in natural environment have been misaligned. For example, the pineal gland has gotten the frequency of 8 Hz, and as a result, it forces left and right brain hemispheres to work synchronically; the brain hemispheres begin only under this circumstance to control the subcortex, secreting males' and females' hormones; it is impossible to control it artificially. The pineal gland secretes the hormone "melatonin" only under impact of the frequency of 8 Hz.


Physicians have detected that oncology develops in organism without melatonin. It has been confirmed by diagnosis of stewardesses from the USA and Sweden: their professional disease has been mammary cancer. The researches have displayed that melatonin has been absent in their organisms. Melatonin enables the thyroid gland to work. But the most terrible factor is following: electromagnetic radiation destroys the pineal gland. Nowadays only the right brain hemisphere works; that's why mental diseases, depressions and other illnesses have been spread overall.


Prolonged experiments have been conducted in the USA (NASA) and Germany (institute of M. Planck). The results have showed that Schumann waves are needed for synchronization of biological rhythms and normal existence of all living beings on the Earth. Today it is known that people who experience great stresses need these waves. In addition to these persons, old people, those that experience vegetative diseases and those with chronic illnesses feel strongly lack of Schumann waves. It may lead to headaches, lack of orientation, sickness, dizziness, etc. Nowadays electromagnetic background of our planet has been changed and polluted significantly because of people's activity; as a result, organism doesn't "hear" Schumann waves.


How is it possible to help ill modern humans? It is necessary to create devices that protect informational-energetic structures of people and purify space from harmful radiation, creating comfortable conditions for biofield and normal natural conditions for life of people.


Such devices should represent generators of Schumann waves, pulsing with the frequency of 8 Hz that corresponds to the pulse frequency of Earth's magnetic field and alpha rhythm of human brain. 8 Hz is the reference command for the pineal gland. After the frequency has been "caught", the left and the right brain hemispheres begin to work cooperatively and control hormones secreted in the body for strong health.


The pineal gland begins to secrete melatonin, the hormone of youthfulness, longevity and health. The thyroid gland which is responsible for synchronic work of pancreas, adrenals and ovaries is also involved in the process. The whole body begins to work within the same rhythm coherently. Biofield reverses. After biofield has reversed, our informational body joins to the work: energy is obtained by the body; the process of healing starts proceeding. As a result, the body reverses vitality and diseases disappear.


Any contraindication? May be any contraindication for reversion to the condition to which we have been set genetically? The real dangers for our health include sitting for hours in front of TV, living under electricity transmission lines, going by electric transportation, being in radiology room without taking safety measures.


Who needs such devices first of all? Inhabitants of major cities, especially children and young people who are exposed to pathogenic impact; at the same time these persons represent the basis of country's gene pool. They also include workers of energy-saturated areas, computer rooms in schools, kindergartens and nursery schools. In addition to these persons, this group also includes medical workers with advanced medical equipment, workers of transportation, mass media, military and persons that are responsible for making serious decisions.


Physicians have detected an interesting fact: when a person is being in stressful situations which are dangerous for health (when a sportsperson is breaking a record, a driver is being involved in a car crash, soldiers are fighting), antiphase periodicity of hemispheres' activity appears. Dr. Robert Beck, a nuclear engineer, travelled in the whole world and measured brain's waves of healers. He found that all healers had the same structure of brain wave frequencies of 7-8 Hz during healing; it didn't depend upon their religious and spiritual traditions. Then Beck asked those persons in steps of what kind of "drummer" they "marched" and why. The answer was found in oscillations of Earth's magnetic field. It varies with the frequency ranging from 7,8 to 8 Hz. These oscillations (fluctuation) are called Schumann waves.


Later Beck has found that brain waves of healers are synchronic with Schumann waves on frequencies and phase. It means that brain wave pulsation not only has the same frequency like Schumann waves have but also take place at the same time. This process is called "interface of fields".


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