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BIOMEDIS - Life without drugs and diseases
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What does BIOMEDIS represent?

We are glad to welcome you! 

We are proud to present to you by BIOMEDIS! 

BIOMEDIS - a collective of like-minded people who share a common goal: to raise to a new level of quality of life and health, to maximize active longevity. 

The work of our scientists, engineers and physicians aimed at creating a variety of techniques, systems, devices in the field of energy medicine. Research, development and practical breakthroughs in improving and maintaining health, prolonging life allow us to offer unique and innovative products to gain the trust and recognition throughout the world. 

We have created a company to give everyone the opportunity at any time to get not only our unique products, but also the latest information about the value of life for themselves, their families and friends, and to society. We want to help change the attitude towards health, future, yourelife. 

Welcome to BIOMEDIS! 

CPP Biomedis - is a group of Russian scientists and engineers whose work the last 40 years has been associated with such directions in science, as neurophysiology, the theory of functional systems, which is the ancestor of the academician PK Anokhin, bioadaptivnye system (virtual neural network - Corresponding Member. MAI Tsygankov VD) whose main activities are focused on the development of devices, software and hardware systems and medical methods in the field of energy medicine, combines the power of modern computer technology and the latest scientific research XX , the beginning of XXI century. 

- In 2005 the creation of IEB Research (Scientific Research Institute of Energy and Information Biotechnology).
- Opening of the 2008 Scientific and Production Company "Biomedis".
- 2008 Production of registration certificate of Ministry of Health of Russia on Biomedis instrument.
- 2009 Obtaining a license for production of devices Biomedis and started selling in Russia.
- 2010 market entry of sales and abroad. 

  • Individualization of therapy for each individual patient.
  • The complexity of the impact on the patient both through its internal resources (bioresonance therapy), and through the use of external to the body therapies, such as electro-, laser-, magneto-, homeopathy.
  • Treatment of a wide range of diseases.
  • Absence, if properly applied, adverse and side effects.
  • Ease of learning and use.
  • Equipment is compact, allowing treatment as in-patient and in the home.



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