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03.10.2017 by Biomedis
Dear friends! 
We have a new website! 
Now we have all that is the most important on our new website! We will regularly update it, adding new opportunities. There will appear a lot of information about the devices, technologies, business and events. 
We would like to pay your attention that the online shop and personal account will be available on the previous website until 10 October. From 11 October the shop and the account will be active only on the new site


BIOMEDIS TRINITY – the time has come


Dear friends! 
The time for BIOMEDIS TRINITY has come. We are opening the presales.. 

What is BIOMEDIS TRINITY? Is it a new software, improved design or additional functions? No! it is a really revolutionary product! 
BIOMEDIS TRINITY is the result of long researches and developments. There are only positive feedback during the testing of the device. We guarantee that the technology of multifrequency synchronization, which is the basis of the device, is much more effective than the classic BRT! 


  • 4 operating modes - classical mode of BRT and modes of multifrequency synchronization
  • very successful design solution - really convenient and truly reliable
  • up to 18 hours of operation without charging

After knowing more about BIOMEDIS TRINITY you will not be able to look at all existing devices of bioresonance correction. 

More about TRINITY 

Only once you can buy BIOMEDIS TRINITY at the lowest price! It is possible only on a prepayment basis. 

The total cost of BIOMEDIS TRINITY - 430 USD. 

Discounts on pre-sale conditions: 
19–26 April 2017 discount 30% (Promotional price is 301 USD, your profit is 129 USD) 
27 April – 03 May 2017 discount 25% (Promotional price is 323 USD, your profit is 107 USD) 
04–17 May 2017 discount 20% (Promotional price is 344 USD, your profit is 86 USD) 
18–31 May 2017 discount 15% (Promotional price is 366 USD, your profit is 64 USD) 
01–15 June 2017 discount 10% (Promotional price is 387 USD, your profit is 43 USD) 
16–30 June 2017 discount 5% (promotional price is 409 USD, your profit is 21 USD) 

The acquisition of BIOMEDIS TRINITY on pre-sale terms means that you can make an order and make an advance payment for it in the terms specified in the promotion. 

Attention! Shipment of the device will begin on July 1. This means that you can get your BIOMEDIS TRINITY in the beginning of July! 

For the owners of BIOMEDIS TRINITY we are preparing a GIFT - a new online system for tracking users, which will include free consultations of medical and technical specialists. This is not just a composition of programs based on testing results, but a real live communication with feedback, adjustment of programs, literally any necessary support. The experience of our specialists allows you to make correction programs based on any diagnostics, analyzes and conclusions, and remotely solve all the problems with installing the software and programming the device. 

On Tuesday April 25 at 18.00 Moscow time we invite you to an online meeting with the President of the company Sergey Solovyev and partner of the company in the status of Adviser to the President, Dr. Elena Zelenskaya. We are very enthusiastic to tell you about TRINITY even more, about the new user support system and we will try to answer all of your questions! 

Payment through VISA/MasterCard from all over the world


Dear friends and colleagues! 
We have great news! We are finishing the integration of the new payment system through VISA/MasterCard for the partners all over the world. 


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