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                                                                              Here's the explanation of what you are seeing
What happens is that the electric pulses upset the cell physiology and cause the cell membranes to become temporarily leaky or permeable. The effect is called electro-poration and was exactly what Rife discovered, except that in his research the effect was so strong that the cell walls literally burst and the cell contents spilled out, killing it.

The frequency or oscillation rate which killed cancer cells or other pathogens Rife called the 'mortal oscillatory rate' or MOR. What happens is that the cell walls disintegrate (extreme electro-poration) and the cell contents spill out, with lethal consequences for the cells or organisms targeted by that exact frequency.

The frequencies listed under a specific disease have been noted to have a similar lethal effect on the micro-organisms of that particular disease.
Rife Frequencies for Biomedis devices

Owners of Biomedis devices are invited to visit this page . You can download all listed program on your devices:
In this version of BIOFON, BIOMEDIS ANDROID, BIOMEDIS-M devices you can create your own frequency program, for example, Rife Frequencies. By the program are «My Programs» in the «Editor complexes». These programs can be included in any «Complex ».
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Bioresonance Therapy BIOFON -Creation of My program
Bioresonance Therapy BIOMEDIS ANDROID -Creation of My program-Ebola

Please note that resonance therapy (and electro therapy in general) is not a substitute of proper medical care, but as in so many reported cases, resonance therapy as a complementary therapy may just make the positive difference.
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