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Oncoviruses Cleanse


A virus is an acellular particle that infects a host cell. Only in this way is it able to replicate. It is not able to replicate by itself. It can infect prokaryotes (bacteria) and eucaryotes (animals, plants and fungus). It penetrates the host cell and uses what it needs to replicate. It then copies itself. It is 100 times smaller than a cell. All viruses are infective, unlike some bacterias that can also be beneficial. Viruses are known to be associated with various types of cancers.

Different viruses invade different organs. Zapping does not kill your cells so anything hiding in them will not be harmed by the electric current either. Viruses live inside your cells while they reproduce. You can only kill the outsiders: those stuck in your cell gateways. The rest will be killed by your own cells in time. Your body can eliminate any virus in a short time such as hours or days. Viruses can make you sick even though bacteria are the ones that cause pain.


  • Oncoviruses are viruses that extend the tumor’s life
  • Oncoviruses encourage tumor growth
  • Oncoviruses extend the life of any cells they infect, even those of parasites and bacteria, by donating their enzymes, or even directly with their genes.
  • Viruses do not have a life span. They could go on living forever if nothing killed them. Their few genes provide them with everlasting life. Infected cells benefit from this even as they suffer in other ways. Bacteria, too, are reinforced and become invincible, taking over huge areas of the body as Oncoviruses infect them. They become immortalized in various ways. Human tumor cells are made long-lived and invincible the same way, also immortalized.
  • Viruses come from parasites.
  • The Oncovirus gang keeps cancer cells growing endlessly (immortalized) and makes bacteria appear resistant to anything we use against them (also immortalized), such as antibiotics.



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