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The Ebola virus is described as a group of viruses that cause a deadly kind of hemorrhagic fever. The term "hemorrhagic fever" means it causes bleeding inside and outside the body.

The virus has a long incubation period of approximately eight to 21 days. Early symptoms include fever, muscle weakness, sore throat and headaches.

As the disease progresses, the virus can impair kidney and liver function and lead to external and internal bleeding. It’s one of the most deadly viruses on Earth with a fatality rate that can reach between approximately 50 to 90 percent. There is no cure.

The virus is transmitted through contact with blood or secretions from an infected person, either directly or through contaminated surfaces, needles or medical equipment. A patient is not contagious until he or she starts showing signs of the disease.

Thankfully, the virus is not airborne, which means a person cannot get the disease simply by breathing the same air as an infected patient.

Biomedis Android Therapy Device for Treating Ebola Virus Infection


The death of a parasite occurs when the resonant frequency matches that of the parasite in question. This is the phenomenon of bioresonance.

The Biomedis Android device contains programmes with specific frequencies for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi as well as a wide variety of parasites.

All living organisms have their own resonant frequency or “personal vibrations.” If one can match these frequencies or vibrations exactly, then the microorganism will absorb this energy and burst and die. This is how the Biomedis Android device works – it produces these exact frequencies that zap the microorganisms in the body and kill them.

How to create a complex for treating Ebola virus infection.




Physiotherapeutic Device BIOMEDIS (on Android Platform)

The medical device "Biomedis" is indicated for administering of low frequency electromagnetic therapy, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.






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