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Wireless Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices  are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. Treatment with the devices are grounded in the electromagnetic field resonance method. They are a genuine breakthrough in the Health that contribute to the public good. Numerous clinical trials, certificates, patents attest to the soundness and promise of this method.
The question is often asked,
“How can I improve my health without damaging it?”
Try the  devices yourself and experience their fast, effective and gentle treatment


Please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for your visit to the non-medical practitioner or a naturopathic doctor.


Contraindications in the Use of EMT. Read carefully!



Articles about bioresonance therapy





Scheme of devices


The devices is actually a generator, a radiator of high-frequency electromagnetic field of low intensity with amplitude modulation, carrying frequencies. The frequency of modulation is set up by a program (in accordance with chosen work algorithm) with the help of a synthesizer with direct digital synthesis of frequency. High accuracy of modulating frequency is achieved because of administration of the synthesizer. The device enables to produce modulating signal on the external interface (hand electrodes) directly through certain input. The device is equipped by a capacitive sensing TFT display that has 800x600 pixel resolution, 4,3. Power supply of the device can be produced with the help of internal batteries Li-Pol, a power adapter.


There are over healing 3000-4000 programs in the memory of the device. These programs compose unlimited number of medical complexes. Each program includes set of frequencies administered consistently.

The device gets the opportunity to compose own medical programs (unlimited number), elaborating by set of frequencies' sequence. Any own program may be included in any medical complex.

The device is equipped by miniUSB port for connection with PC. This port can also serve as an input for power supply from en external source, and it is also utilized for charging of the device's accumulator.


Comparison of bioresonance therapy devices>>


Indications related to usage of BRT


  • functional disorders of different genesis;
  • diseases of central nervous system and sense organs;
  • diseases of vegetative nervous system;
  • pain syndromes of various localizations and genesis;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of respiratory system;
  • diseases of digestive system;
  • diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissues;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of urinary system and reproduction;
  • poorly healing wounds and ulcers;
  • other diseases.

BRT not only restores body’s damaged functions but also has destroying influence upon parasitic agents. The device contains a large list of anti-parasitic programs.

Contraindications related to BRT


(in accordance with Methodical recommendations of Ministry Health of Russian Federation №2000/47)
  • blood clotting;
  • pregnancy (1st trimester);
  • benign and cancerous tumors (allowed only under supervision of a highly qualified doctor);
  • babies that are younger than one year old (administration is allowed only under supervision of a physician);
  • existence of transplanted organs (allowed under supervision of a doctor);
  • existence of the implanted electrocardiostimulator;
  • individual intolerance to electric current (if hand electrodes are used);
  • epilepsy (episode), convulsive attack;
  • congenital defects of central nervous system;
  • severe psychic disorder or intoxication.

Bioresonance therapy – A Good Method Of Bettering Health And Wellbeing

+5 Reasons for Wireless Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices

+ is an easy and efficient way to get rid of diseases without any drugs or to minimize their consumption.


+ even cures the diseases that are considered incurable, such as herpes, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and others.
+ allows the identification and annihilation of parasites that have not been officially identified.
+ is not subject to any age restrictions and, therefore, can serve as your "family doctor".

+ is a highly efficient treatment, which is confirmed by all well-known diagnostic methods.



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