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Wireless Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices  are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. Treatment with the devices are grounded in the electromagnetic field resonance method. They are a genuine breakthrough in the Health that contribute to the public good. Numerous clinical trials, certificates, patents attest to the soundness and promise of this method.
The question is often asked,
“How can I improve my health without damaging it?”
Try the  devices yourself and experience their fast, effective and gentle treatment


Please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for your visit to the non-medical practitioner or a naturopathic doctor.


Contraindications in the Use of EMT. Read carefully!



Directions for use of the device

Point of effect. Due to the high penetrative capability of the electromagnetic field, it is not necessary to remove clothing. It is necessary to place the device close to the pathological focus to obtain the most pronounced therapeutic effect.
Using the device. Session - this is a one-time therapeutic effect, during which there is destruction of a certain type of pathogen or elimination of pathological changes in tissues within a set framework of frequencies. The most pronouncedtherapeutic

effect results from a course of treatment.
Course of treatment - this is several sessions. The course duration is determined by the resistance of the pathogen to exposure of the resonance frequencies, and also the degree of pathological changes to organs and tissues (see guidelines).
Before conducting therapy, a diagnosis must be established and the infectious pathogen identified for correct program selection. Diagnostics must be used for this. When the pathogen has been identified, programs are selected aimed at the
eliminating it. After treatment, it is recommended to tests are undergone to ensure the problem is resolved. If the problem is not completely resolved, treatment must be repeated. 
It should be noted that during therapy, the underlying disease may be aggravated, which may be accompanied by general tiredness, a temperature, weakness, etc., which is associated with the elimination of the infectious pathogen. In this event,
you should use detoxification programs more frequently, and drink sufficient pure drinking water. The treatment course procedure indicated for each disease should be strictly adhered to in order to attain maximum benefits.


Contraindications to use

Contraindications to independent use include:
• urgent conditions requiring immediate medical intervention;
• signs of severe illness with organ failure (cardiovascular, liver, kidney, failure etc.). In this case, therapy is only carried out under medical supervision.


The device without packing must be kept indoors at temperatures between 10 to 35 °C and a relative humidity of not more than 80%.
It is recommended that packing materials are retained during the warranty period.

Since the device has a liquid crystal display screen which is sensitive to external mechanical influences, during transportation it is recommended:
• to protect the device from the jolting and knocks;
• not to drop the device;
• not to drop other objects on the device.
The device must be protected from condensation and the effect of chemicals. For long-term storage of the device, remove the batteries from the battery compartment.


Manufacturer’s warranty

The manufacturer guarantees that medical treatment devices  conform to the specifications during observation of rules of consumer use, transportation and storage.
The warranty period of the DETA / DeVita -12 months,  and Biomedis devices - 24months, The Smart Life - 5 years from the date of retail sale. In the absence of the date of sale and stamp of the trading organization on the coupon for warranty repairs, the warranty period is calculated from the date of issue of the device from the manufacturer.



During the warranty period, the owner is entitled to free repairs on presentation of a warranty repair coupon. Warranty repairs are performed on the territory of the manufacturer.
Transportation of the faulty device is at the buyer’s expense.
Without presentation of a warranty repair coupon and test certificate and/or damage to the security seals of the device,no claims are admitted and repair is not performed under warranty.

Warranty coupons are enclosed.

The warranty does not apply to the following faults:
• defects as a result of improper use (e.g., caused by any liquids entering the device, exceeded mains supply, etc.);
• defects caused by natural disasters, damage to the security seals;
• the presence of external defects (cracks, chips, etc.).


The Purchaser has the right to have the faulty unit replaced for a new one in the following cases:
• the device was repaired three times during the warranty period;
• the device is beyond repair.

Attention! The manufacturer reserves the right without notice to change the design of the instrument and software without compromising existing features. These changes will be subject to passport inlays, and reflected on the official website of the company.

Bioresonance therapy – A Good Method Of Bettering Health And Wellbeing

+5 Reasons for Wireless Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices

+ is an easy and efficient way to get rid of diseases without any drugs or to minimize their consumption.


+ even cures the diseases that are considered incurable, such as herpes, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and others.
+ allows the identification and annihilation of parasites that have not been officially identified.
+ is not subject to any age restrictions and, therefore, can serve as your "family doctor".

+ is a highly efficient treatment, which is confirmed by all well-known diagnostic methods.



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