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Wireless Electromagnetic Bioresonance Therapy Devices  are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. Treatment with the devices are grounded in the electromagnetic field resonance method. They are a genuine breakthrough in the Health that contribute to the public good. Numerous clinical trials, certificates, patents attest to the soundness and promise of this method.
The question is often asked,
“How can I improve my health without damaging it?”
Try the  devices yourself and experience their fast, effective and gentle treatment


Please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for your visit to the non-medical practitioner or a naturopathic doctor.


Contraindications in the Use of EMT. Read carefully!





Questions regarding the programming and usage of the Bioresonance Therapy devices.
Please note that these are google translated from a internet source.


  • Adenoids. How can we help?
    Treatment of adenoids - a treatment of hypertrophic lymphoid tissue.
    * inflammation of the lymph glands (section Lymphology)
    * Tonsillitis, Angina of ENT diseases (or a set of sore throat);
    * decrease inflammation - inflammation 1, 2.
    course not forgetting about the programs Circulation and Deep Cleaning.
    On antiparasitic device exhibiting infection program, located in lymphoid tissue: staphylococci, streptococci, Candida albicans. Programs on microbes can cause worsening of the disease. Necessary to carry out all of these programs, one after another, without a break, 3-4 times a day with the drainage program.
  • How to treat adenoids?
    You can put a set of programs for angina. This will help to reduce inflammation and reduce the adenoids. Reason adenoids often contracted - staphylococcal and streptococcal flora plus candida. You can add products from the "Limfomiozot." Regulation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation is required, plus deep cleaning. You can also use the program airways and nose - 1 and 2.
  • How to speed up care ADENOMA?
    It is necessary to put the program adenoma 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but you can help and with the help of antiparasitic device, if there is some kind of chronic infection (STI), even banal staphylococci, E. coli, streptococci, any of them can keep inflammation .
  • How to treat chronic Adnexitis?
    Should start with themselves and their psychology. For such a problem can stand and an insult to the men. Understand yourself and begin treatment of our programs. Gynecological problems in women are associated with emotions, and if you yourself can not understand what is the reason, consult a psychologist. Without this condition, diseases such as adneksit, uterine fibroids, endocervicitis, it is very difficult to treat - this is the 5th stage of the disease.
    adneksita Treatment - an inflammatory disease of the appendages - you need to start with the use of antiparasitic device main task - to remove the body of the infection, a sexually transmitted .
  • Can I use electromagnetic therapy devices to recover from alcoholism?
    Alcoholism can not get rid of electromagnetic therapy devices. Alcoholism - a shortage of love in the family, so please first of all love the alcoholic to stop drinking it. And consult a therapist to treat a man.
  • Treatment of alcoholism is it possible with the aid of instruments?
    Remember, we have the ajna center. This chakra is responsible for the state of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction. Problems such as alcoholism, smoking, use of other performance enhancing drugs may have roots in childhood, and these patients often seek admission doping replace emotions. Can we compensate for all our devices? No. How can we help you, because it is out of the state binge (cleaning program, the program Hangover).
  • ALLERGY. What is the treatment plan?
    The main objective of the treatment of allergic diseases - the excretion of toxins from the body. Very often allergy occurs on a background of helminthiasis or dysbiosis or both of them. So the first thing is you need to restore the bowels. The pancreas is also often guilty of processes dysbiosis and incomplete digestion of food, that is, the formation of allergens in the body. Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, deep cleaning, kidneys and blood circulation - basic cleaning program, with which you want to dump the therapy of allergies. After that exhibit the desired program on allergies.
  • Spring allergies. What programs to expose?
    Allergy - it is the last drop in the ocean of toxins that the body is full. Therefore it is necessary to set the following: Cleansing the body (complex); Deep cleaning; Circulation,
    kidneys and mode Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract. And only after that to put the program on allergy: a comprehensive program for Allergies and hay fever program.
  • Allergy to fungi - is it possible to cure?
    Allergy - a reaction to the toxins accumulated in the body, overreaction to everything that enters the body and its immune system thinks it is dangerous.
    conduct general cleaning program: Circulation, Detoxification of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal regulation, stabilization of the immune system, goiter plus program Allergy to fungi - Aflatoxin and Common allergy.
    According to this scheme can be treated with all allergies.
  • Sun allergy, hives. What programs can help?
    All that has been said above about the detox can help in this case. Because allergic to the sun, on the ultra-violet rays do not just occur. Most likely, it is the accumulation of toxins, which led just here to such a perverse reaction to the sun. Therefore, all programs to clean and allergy program.
  • Child 2.5 years. Diagnosis - Giardia, Trichomonas, amoeba, Klebsiella, diathesis.
    Program for diathesis can not put. First you need to treat infections: Giardia - 1 time in 3 days, trichomonas - daily, amoeba - 1 time in 3 days, klepsiella - every day, and so for two weeks. And be sure all of the program for cleaning up: Deep cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, goiter, allergies. And while antiparasitic device does not remove the infection, diathesis will not pass!
  • What are the methods and analysis to detect infection?
    Analyses can be absolutely any. It can be smears with crops, the specific diagnosis. Not only antibodies, because antibodies will indicate past infection. Can be considered in the dynamics of immunoglobulin and antibody, then they can say something. And so it is PCR, this immuno-fluorescence diagnosis, it may be vegetative resonance test.
  • Angina. What programs?
    Program for staphylococcus, candidiasis, streptococcus - every 2 hours continuously with the program Drainage to achieve the desired effect. 2-5 days is usually sufficient for the full treatment of angina.
  • What instrument can be treated with iron-deficiency anemia?
    Iron deficiency anemia - a lack of iron in the body. What can be done? Firstly, to normalize the power. Enter further into the body, or iron in the form of supplements or with food. You also need to restore the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, ie normalize gastrointestinal tract, liver, spleen, kidney, blood circulation in order to be absorbed and properly iron recovery occurred erythrocytes. Need to find out the cause of anemia. To conduct analyzes on helminths and protozoa in the body, the toxic load.
  • Atrial fibrillation, stroke, angina pectoris. The issue of heart surgery. Can I avoid using the instrument operation?
    When it comes to the sixth stage of the disease, the operation is necessary. Conservative treat difficult, but possible. For all these states have programs and their use before surgery.
  • Arrhythmias. How can I help?
    On the devices  expose Heart program regulation, blood circulation, and anti-parasitic - infection program (Coxsackie virus, herpes virus), as they often are the cause of the arrhythmia.
  • High blood pressure, arrhythmia - whether it is dangerous to use the device?
    No, it is not dangerous. But this condition requires medical intervention. Proceed as follows: drink a pill, put the unit and call a doctor. Arrhythmia shoots quickly, within 5 minutes of the program Heart regulation.
  • Arrhythmia background stress. What programs and when they need to include?
    You need to check the gallbladder on ultrasound, to see if there was any sand or stones. Put the program on cholelithiasis and to improve the condition of the heart, plus a program of Anti.
  • Atrial fibrillation - which programs to put?
    Exhibiting a program called Heart regulation. But very often the cause of arrhythmia is a viral infection (herpes, Chlamydia, Coxsackie virus), which is located on the nerve trunks and wreath.
  • Female 47 years, rheumatoid arthritis, mitral valve prolapse, the sand in the kidneys. What programs to use?
    Rheumatoid arthritis - an autoimmune disease, so besides cleaning programs for arthritis need to put more programs on autoimmune diseases.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. What programs are put?
    It is necessary to put forward a program arthritis, osteoarthritis, plus another section of Rheumatology have to find programs to rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases. When this issue is necessary and exhibiting deep cleaning programs; Kidneys mode and regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, as rheumatism accumulating a sufficiently large quantity of toxic substances, and it is necessary to remove from the body.
    All of these programs are set sequentially during the day. Within three months of being treated, and then view the results. In most cases, the reaction takes a positive organism.
  • How effectively treated arthrosis in the elderly?
    I had a patient 88 years old with severe lesions of the hip joint, and within two months, the grandmother began to walk. There is a very effective program for arthritis, osteoarthritis, it can be successfully applied for the elderly.
    If the disease is difficult to treat, pay attention to what centers are controlled joints. This is the gall bladder and liver, so it is necessary to test for the presence of parasites; if this is not possible, the impact on all the parasites of the liver and intestine parasites.
  • Arthritis, pain in the hip joint.
    Applications: Antipain, arthritis, arthrosis, inflammation 1, 2, be sure to Circulation, kidneys, calcium and phosphorus metabolism.
  • Deforming arthrosis of the knee, made two operations.
    The operation does not solve the problem of disease. Deforming arthrosis of the knee - this autoimmune process. You should start with cleansing the body - blood circulation program, a set of Purification, Kidney, Autoimmune diseases can help to bring circulating antibodies. Then you need to set the program arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation 1, 2, Antipain to relieve inflammation and pain in the joints.
  • What course of treatment for Osteoarthritis?
    At least three months. And do not forget that at the time of application of the program arthritis, osteoarthritis is required to make a move to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the tissues of the joints.
  • Arthrosis chronic. What programs to treat, and how long will it take?
    Different terms. Unfortunately, we can not say for sure, because each has his own arthritis, arthrosis. You must use the arthritis, osteoarthritis programs Circulation, kidneys. And be sure the program exchange of calcium in the bones.
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, since the bending. Treat a set of programs and osteoarthritis arthritis - there are no results.
    This may affect hepatitis C. The fact is that if in this case there is a hepatitis C, treatment should begin with it. Carry out a program for hepatitis, drug detoxification program. Maybe just the excretory system of the body do not react. Change the program, pick the one which people will respond.
    Try to see the regulation of phosphorus and calcium, try the program Inflammation 1, 2, and a program for arthritis of a single joint. Look for programs of Rheumatology, it should be a choice of the individual, because if a person so long to respond, then the reaction occurs in a matter of days.
  • What are the program roundworm in the intestine and lungs?
    There is a program on ascariasis, and be sure to use a cleaning program.
  • Roundworm, identified by ART, conducted 2 courses for 15 daily sessions, the re-examination are again. Poor health during treatment was not.
    Apparently, something with the diagnosis, during which time the roundworm should have died.
    cycle development ascarids - 90 days, it is advisable to repeat the course in 3 months.
  • Astigmatism. Can I treat it?
    There are programs for astigmatism (vision) in two devices.
  • How to start a cleansing of the body in bronchial asthma?
    To begin with the treatment of helminth infections as asthma can be triggered by the migration of the larvae of the roundworm, which takes place in the lungs.
    This can be infectious allergic asthma associated with fungi, so here it is desirable to develop a simple to cleanse the body and de-worming. And to progressively restore intestinal flora, as in dysbiosis. Treatment program for allergies - it is one of the necessary programs, but not the principal. First of all, asthma is still caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body that are released through the mucosa.
  • Bronchial asthma for over 10 years. Prednisolone - tablet per day. How to carry out cleansing?
    Cleansing program Regulation gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, blood circulation. Then expose the program Allergy and helminthiasis. There is a direct relationship between asthma and a violation of the pancreas. Often observed in allergic diseases intestinal dysbiosis. Correction of dysbiosis and restoring the pancreas - the necessary steps of the treatment of allergic diseases.
    Cancellation prednisolone occurs according to the scheme, which assigns a doctor. It is impossible to cancel prednisolone. If the reduction of the prednisone is not attacks, so it is possible to further reduce the dose of hormones. Of course, the application of hormonal therapy depleted adrenal glands, so you need to put the program regulating the immune system and the adrenal glands.
  • Asthma, hormonally dependent, emphysema. All programs - without effect within three months. What to do?
    Here you must first cleansing of the body. Since asthma is hormonally dependent, in this case, it seems logical that you should start with the regulation of the immune system. Also, do not forget, please, spend antiparasitic therapy. In the treatment of infectious-allergic asthma often joins the bacterial and fungal flora. Set the program emphysema, asthma, lymph detox, cleaning blood and plasma.
  • Oncology, and already have ascites. As the liquid is displayed?
    Not displayed. The fact that if there is an oncology ascites, it is already advanced stage, as well as in liver cirrhosis. If there are ascites, then help something very difficult.
  • In atherosclerosis 3rd degree, the transition to 4th which programs should be put? Is it possible to restore?
    In atherosclerosis, deep running, you need to put the program on chlamydia and herpes simplex virus. Then Nanobacteria, Coxsackie virus. These infectious agents and provocateurs are atherosclerosis. Section of Urology put Calcium stones resorption. Cholesterol is necessary to add a program that is available on antiparasitic device. Restore the liver, fat metabolism, gastrointestinal Regulation, Regulation of the kidneys, blood circulation. As usual. All of these programs expose and treat. Within a month, usually cholesterol decreases. We have carried out the study. Even without the use of drugs lowers cholesterol levels to normal values. If you take medications, diet, you will fall several times faster.
  • What can you do with Graves' disease eye?
    It is not a disease of the eye, and thyroid disease. With Graves' disease occurs around the eye tissue growth, and in this case we can not help. To avoid this, it is necessary in time to begin treatment for hyperthyroidism.
  • Is there a program for the conservation of pregnancy at risk?
    Out of such programs do not exist, and furthermore is not recommended to conduct electromagnetic therapy during pregnancy.
  • Can I use the devices during pregnancy at time of 2 months.?
    In pregnancy, the mother's body coexists with another body, so that it is possible to apply only if the pregnant critically ill and other proposed treatments are toxic or dangerous to the fetus.
  • Can I use anti-parasite unit on the 3rd month of pregnancy?
    After extensive testing of our devices in the clinic Nizhny Novgorod Academy in the summer of 2009 were lifted restrictions on their use in pregnancy and age criteria. Limitation of children up to 4 years was also filmed.
    currently approved for use as anti-parasitic devices in pregnant women from the first to the last month of pregnancy and child birth, because the treatment our device, has been shown to not cause absolutely no side effects.
  • Whether on the 2nd month of pregnancy at high pressure and low hemoglobin treatment devices?
    Firstly, you need to find out why. Most often, these symptoms are associated with blood circulation in the neck, and it may be a problem with the heart. If the cause is well established, you can use the device. If the program include only symptoms, they can not help.
  • In pregnant 1st trimester ARI. Temperature 37 a week does not fall. Devices can be used?
    Antiparasitic device can be used at any stage of pregnancy, although the first day of pregnancy. There are no contraindications for this device. The only thing that is needed - is to make the diagnosis.
  • How to treat female infertility?
    Female infertility is treated programs infections, sexually transmitted diseases, there is a section Gynecology different programs gynecological diseases, which can cause infertility (dysmenorrhea, for example). Also for women exhibiting program ovaries, for men - testes to regulate education in their germ cells.
    There are programs for cytomegalovirus and Epstein - Barr virus. These infections and prevent the onset of pregnancy lead to miscarriage, so these two programs are necessarily used in preparation for pregnancy.
  • Which device helps with infertility?
    The main cause of infertility - infection, so need antiparasitic device.
  • Primary infertility. What programs to expose?
    On primary infertility - especially infection program, sexually transmitted and candidiasis.
    Many infections are transmitted even from mother to fetus during birth and appear only at puberty and later pain, adhesive process or infertility. Therefore, use the programs infections, sexually transmitted diseases, which include ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas, gardnerella vaginalis, genital herpes virus and human papilloma virus. Plus program Candidiasis - a mandatory program for thrush.
  • A girl of 24 years. Secondary infertility. Ectopic pregnancy in 2005. Fibroids, breast cancer, nodular goiter. Where to start treatment?
    Of integrated programs have a program dysmenorrhea, there is all the frequencies that are made ??for the treatment and infertility, and patency of the fallopian tubes. There is also a program for the regulation of the endocrine system. This girl needs just this whole complex. Do not forget about the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.
    For the treatment of breast fibroids exhibit program mammary glands. By nodal goiter swipe system regulation of the endocrine system and general cleansing of the body.
  • INFERTILITY. Reasons not to find infections do not find sperm is normal and conception does not occur. How can I help?
    If sperm is ok, look the problem in a woman who can not get pregnant. And go to the treatment of infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Of course they can not find a genital infection, but a large number of people infected with an infection that is asymptomatic and even strokes define nothing.
  • Male infertility. What programs can help?
    In the first place it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. What causes male infertility? To address this question it is necessary to diagnose major infections. It is necessary to conduct a study on the various toxic load that a person has - or is radioactive load, or heavy metals.
    There is a program for the removal of heavy metals in the section of detox. You also need to put the program Testicles, Regulation of male urogenital system, circulatory system. In addition, we need to see if there's an autoimmune disease, and if there is, too, to perform disinfection.
  • Bechterew's disease. Can anyone help?
    It is doubtful, as it is an immune disease. Hard enough to be treated. You can start with the Purification and autoimmune diseases.
  • Myopia and astigmatism. Are there programs for the treatment?
    There are programs and short-sightedness, and astigmatism. Do not forget your eyes - liver function. Therefore, we need programs Liver Circulation. Program Myopia, hyperopia - one and the same frequency. Plus program of eye muscles.
    You can conduct therapy for a month, and should be an improvement. If not - change the program. Programs work only in one case - if they fit.
  • In the treatment of myopia need to put the program "Liver"?
    Yes, the program is always necessary to put the liver in case of problems with his vision. Because first of all to intoxication, which occurs in the body react eyes. And quite often the situation when in hepatitis develops blurred vision.
  • What programs are put in nearsightedness?
    Programs for nearsightedness is ifurther program Eye fatigue. There is a comprehensive program of Vision - 5 treatment programs ; if you put them in full, then you can help your vision. Treatment also depends on the degree of myopia.
  • WARTS can be derived?
    Yes, it is possible to deduce the warts. It papillomavirus. But then joins and many other infections. For example, a young man of 13 years have begun to treat the warts just with helminthiasis. After completing the course of a dozen warts helminthiasis was only one. Therefore it is necessary to start with a cleansing of the body. Plus - the Human Papilloma Virus.
  • Bronchitis. Can help?
    Bronchitis is most often caused by the following infections: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Candida, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycoplasma. Therefore, use of the same name programs.
  • Obstructive bronchitis in children 3 years of age. What can be done?
    It is necessary to find out the reason - be identified by sputum pathogen (Candida, Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus aureus), to treat de-worming and dysbiosis.
  • Chronic bronchitis is treated whether and how the device?
    Yes, of course. Use the program to the selection of the infections that cause inflammation in the bronchi. Turn sputum to identify flora and treated appropriately.
  • Do the results in the removal of the dwarf tapeworm, swine and bovine chain using antiparasitic device?
    Partners report that overlook different worms: flatworms, roundworms, beef tapeworm. There are so many positive reviews. But the urge for the treatment of helminthiasis, especially for large, carefully adjust the chair, bring a chair in any way - enema, laxative. And of course, do not forget that you need to drink water (30 mg per 1 kg of body weight).
  • During therapy beef tapeworm will be torn or come entirely?
    Be released in its entirety. There are reports that does so.
  • What programs are used for bacterial vaginosis?
    All answers to the questions that you ask for gynecology, usually associated with the need to survey on urogenital infection. Identify it and use the programs that are in the instruments to fight the infection. Most often, of bacteria in the vagina identify Gardnerella vaginalis, Chlamydia and E. coli.
  • How to treat varicose veins in women 50 years?
    It is a complex of programs varicose veins, reprogram the device and treat. The complex has all the necessary medical and related programs for the regulation of the liver, kidneys, blood circulation.
    Treat 10 days, then a break of 5 days and again 10 days treatment - received a total of a month. When running varices, ie This, when it is proposed operation, improve the state of our program, but it is advisable to consult with your doctor.
  • Varicose veins of the lower extremities. What is the sequence of treatment devices?
    There are 5 programs. 3-5 I should be carried out in the supine position. This by complexes. If you want to be treated in any other way, put Removing inflammation varicose, veins, and then regeneration is required to program Deep Cleaning.
    Treatment should be courses, at least one month. Program is carried out in the supine position, slightly raising the foot end of the bed (with a cushion). Held 3 program before bedtime. Then the man does not get up to give the body a chance to regenerate veins overnight.
  • Varices of the esophagus. What programs help?
    Esophageal varices usually occurs in portal hypertension as a result of cirrhotic liver. Treatment of cirrhosis, unfortunately, does not include the possibility of electromagnetic therapy devices.
  • What programs are used for varicose?
    There is a comprehensive program for the disease in both devices. Complex programs varices  well established in the treatment of varying degrees of destruction of the veins.
  • Tell me, what with varicose veins to put the program? And if he is fully cured?
    Program for varicose veins. Currently, there is a whole complex. The previous version had three sequential programs.
    Fully whether he cured? There are several conditions for the occurrence of varicose veins. This is, primarily, impaired vascular wall. Second - abnormal liver function. Since in this case the liver is the marker which causes damage to blood vessels, it is necessary to begin treatment with the liver. As long as you do not restore the function of the liver, varicose veins can not be recovered.
    And we must not forget that the treatment program must be conducted in the supine position, lifting the feet. After that, people can not leave, ie program is conducted at night. And this program must be conducted courses for the month. At least a month, if necessary - for three months. For someone to be quite a month of daily use in small varicose nodes. In this case, the vein may recover completely.
  • Varicose veins. Can help?
    Varicose veins are most often caused by chlamydia or other infections, so you need not only a program for this disease. This is the 5th stage of the disease, therefore it is necessary to see what kind of parasite in your body active.
  • Is it possible with the tool to get rid of excess weight?
    There is a program change in weight. But we must not forget that one work unit still will not. Weight loss program (a program called Obesity in the complex) is very well done and logical. There made ??frequencies to improve blood circulation, liver function, gastrointestinal tract, to reduce appetite, the distribution of fat throughout the body and removing it, fast splitting the regulation of the endocrine system, the drainage of the lymphatic system and blood circulation.
    Additionally, you need a normal diet. The normal ratio of products of animal and vegetable origin: 40% (max) of animal food and 60% plant. Necessary to use a sufficient amount of clean drinking water. And right rhythm meal: more than once a night, but still spread on 3-4 times a day. In this case, you get the effect.
  • Weight loss programs and lipomatosis.
    They have the same origin. Impaired function of the formation and preservation of adipose tissue. For the treatment of obesity and lipomatosis  Obesity is a program. It regulates the formation and distribution of adipose tissue. But antiparasitic device has a program in the virus - Adenovirus 36 It is believed that this virus causes obesity. And this same virus that causes lipomatosis. Therefore, the treatment of obesity and treatment lipomatosis impossible without this program.
  • What programs and how to apply for weight loss in addition to the program of Obesity?
    For weight loss in addition to the need to apply complex Obesity program Adenovirus 36 and regulation of the endocrine system in the antiparasitic device.
  • Do programs VETERINARY?
    Yes, there are programs for distemper, feline leukemia, demodex dirofillyariozu.
  • What are the treatment programs 12-year-old girl diagnosed with WINDMILL? Can the affected boy of 15 years, and what the consequences might be?
    If your child is sick with chickenpox, he can catch it at any age. Not recover from the disease in childhood a person is very difficult to tolerate it in adulthood.
    disease occurs after a strong immunity. It is not necessary to disrupt the formation of natural immunity. Application of a treatment program is permissible atypical course of the disease. The program called for the treatment of herpes zoster.
  • VITILIGO - what programs are put?
    Program Vitiligo White patches on the skin, detoxification (total cleansing of the body), the program skin.
  • Vitiligo. How can I help?
    For this problem, there are programs under Vitiligo Dermatology, program 1, 2 And, of course, the program skin. The new program  Cosmetology, which contains the frequency for the restoration of the skin, its power supply, blood supply, as well as the protective function of the skin and regeneration.
  • What programs and in what sequence to solve the problem of vitiligo?
    Disease having polietiologichesky reasons such as vitiligo, psoriasis, diabetes, treated seriously. Need to consistently pursue a cleansing of the body - blood circulation, regulation of the kidneys, deep cleaning, Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, skin.
    should be carefully carried out layer by layer removal of parasites: helminths first, then the simplest, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Made with caution, as they may be peaking. The basic program - on the skin.
  • Pregnant heavily pregnant, HIV in low titers. How can we help?
    Do not jump to conclusions, because false-positive results for HIV are detected as often as syphilis. This is due to the presence of antibodies in the blood, as a child - it's always "alien" organism in our body. Therefore, until the end of pregnancy do not react to the result of analysis and quiet pregnant, because the results for HIV after tomorrow may already be negative.
  • Can anyone help with the HIV (AIDS)?
    If AIDS is in remission, it is of course possible. You need to keep those bodies who suffer with AIDS - is the liver, intestines, stomach, organs of the immune system. Diagnose and treatment of concomitant flora - viruses, fungi and bacteria. AIDS as monoinfection does not happen!
  • Toxocariasis and whipworm - what programs are needed?
    Take advantage of the programs, shared by the class Helminths base, gastrointestinal parasites, parasites common 1, 2, intestinal parasites.
  • What programs are set for truck drivers?
    You can put the program Active protection. You can use the program vitalization and Energy plus Back fatigue.
  • How to help with strong hair loss (female 60 years)?
    First of all, hair loss may be due to gynecological problems as well as severe stress, kidney disease, severe intoxication. Use the appropriate program after diagnosis.
  • What are the causes of hair loss on the head?
    Hair of the head are controlled by chakra muladhara. Responsible for her kidneys and bladder, rectum and genitals. It is necessary to see whether the problems in gynecology, from the rectum (hemorrhoids, etc.) and the bladder and kidneys. If you have no such problems, then you are putting programs aimed at normalization of the kidney program at the destruction of the parasites of the intestine, in the urogenital pathology tests after making a gynecologist or urologist. The poor condition of the hair may be associated with psycho-emotional condition: resentment at the close, long-term depression. In this case, you can stimulate the chakra heat (vishutha) 2 - 3 days. There may be other reasons.
  • Sinusitis. How can we help?
    Sinusitis is treated by the program  anti-parasitic device with setting programs Staphylococci, Streptococci and Candida albicans.
  • How to Cure Sinusitis sided?
    In order to cure sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, we must first turn to the ENT physician. You need to pass the throat swab and nasal and see what organisms cause inflammation. There is a complex, which is called sinusitis. On antiparasitic device to be programmed identified microorganisms. Also  you can choose the treatment programs for categories of sinusitis of ENT diseases in antiparasitic section. Usually sinusitis is caused by pyogenic infection with fungi. Although the infection can be anything.
  • How to get rid of chronic maxillary sinusitis?
    Sinusitis Sinusitis,Staphylococci, Streptococci and Candida albicans - is the most common cause of inflammation of the sinuses.
  • Atrophic gastritis. Can anyone help?
    Gastritis with low acidity - is gastritis, in which the atrophy of the gastric mucosa, decreasing its function glands. Treatment is carried out on a set of programs - Helicobacter program. Prognosis is favorable.
  • Erosive gastritis.
    In this case, be sure to put the program Helicobacter, moreover, that the problem is related to anxiety.
  • Treated whether devices catarrhal GASTRITIS?
    Superficial inflammation of the stomach lining is very common. Most often caused by an abnormality in the power supply. Program for the treatment of this disease - a set of programs . Do not forget about proper nutrition.
  • What programs are put at the gastro?
    In the complex for the treatment of gastritis and frequency introduced for the treatment of duodenal ulcer 12. In the application of the complex should start with the first program, it is assigned to the morning, the following program is assigned to 2 hours. And all programs are assigned in such a way that the latter program was put on the night.
    This relates to the use of sets of programs. The first programs are assigned in the morning, the last program is assigned to the night. Morning Program - Enhancing immunity Activating the body's defenses, this evening cleaning the body of toxins, elimination of toxins, toxins and anti-stress program for the night. Between these programs include medical and general cleaning programs that should be carried out during the day. This is sufficient to treat the disease.
  • Can I be treated if you do not know whether there is a helminth?
    Helminths may appear at all. No one is immune from this. Infection is possible through dirty hands, food and water, in which there are helminth eggs. Generally, treatment is advantageously carried out every six months. If there are animals in the house - once every three months.
  • Can I use the appliance without devices analysis of helminths?
    Today, according to statistics, 95% of the population has a helminth infections, and use the appropriate software, you can without any analysis. Also we are all virtually 100% infected and herpes virus and papilloma virus, and chlamydia, and trichomonas. It is therefore possible to use the device without antiparasitic analysis if necessary, i.e. have any health problems that may be expected to at least be associated with helminth or protozoan.
  • Female 55 years old. According to the results of the inspection ophthalmologist - floating in the vitreous haze. The doctor said that this indicates the presence of helminths in the eyes.
    Put the program Helminths (total), Helminths blood plasma helminths.
  • What programs are put at a hemangioma of the liver?
    Hemangioma of the liver - a vascular tumor of the liver. Treatment of hemangiomas is the restoration of the vascular wall Organotropona programs - arteries, arterioles, smooth muscles and anticancer programs. When treatment failure within a month and use a different method of treatment.
    Liver Program, Circulation, Deep cleaning - supporting treatment programs.
  • Hemangioma. What programs to treat?
    Treatment of hemangiomas is the restoration of the vascular wall Organotropona programs - arteries, arterioles, smooth muscles and anticancer programs. When treatment failure within a month and use a different method of treatment.
  • Do positive results in the treatment of hemiparesis with a long duration after a stroke?
    The results are, but long enough to work with such patients. When properly selected treatment a positive result can be obtained. The earlier treatment is started, the faster the effects of a stroke.
    According hemiparesis need to spend on each program once a day, with 10 programs, and these programs should be carried out every day to achieve the desired effect.
  • Can I use the device to solve the problem of hemiparesis after stroke?
    The use of electromagnetic therapy devices are very effective in the rehabilitation of neurological patients after stroke. Program for hemiparesis can be found in the category or categories of Neurology Acupuncture (two programs hemiparesis). However, this problem should be solved on the background of the application of general neurological (core) and support programs.
    Please do not forget that the necessary accompanying programs - Kidney mode, the program Deep Cleaning.
    When this issue should choose a treatment regimen that all programmed in the device program available in this case, the problems led to the recovery of the person. Therefore, in this case, be used as a common program and a specific program for the symptoms.
  • Baby 9 months, low hemoglobin. What programs are put?
    The child should be surveyed to determine why low hemoglobin. See if there are problems with the spleen, liver (do ultrasound), and then we can recommend something.
  • Patients on hemodialysis. How can help you?
    Such patients need to include the program in the period of activity of kidney meridian, ie from 17:00 to 19:00. Here it is necessary to connect the program Deep Cleaning. In this case, hemodialysis itself will be more efficient.
  • GEMOLITIKUS, polipovirus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    Streptococcus gemolitikus - hemolytic streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Pseudomonas. When purulent infection exhibit 3-4 times a day until symptoms plus two days. And drainage.
    Polipovirus - Human papillomavirus, daily for a month once a day.
  • How to treat hemorrhoids?
    Hemorrhoids are treated the same as varicose veins. Program Varicose plus program Liver and Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Or complex varices, consisting of five programs. The first program - in the morning. The latter program - for the night. The complex has all the necessary accompanying programs.
  • What programs will help get rid of hemorrhoids?
    When hemorrhoids put the program Varicose veins, deep cleaning and Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the symptoms can be set from the program Proctology. There is a program for hemorrhoids - Removing inflammation. But the etiology of this disease still varicose veins of the rectum, so programs with varices and should start.
  • Can anyone help with Hemophilia?
    Unfortunately, in hemophilia we can not help, as hemophilia - a genetic defect in the formation of blood clotting factors.
  • How long is treated for hepatitis B?
    There is a program for hepatitis B accompanied with integrated programs. This is the basic program for hepatitis.
    treatment takes place from 1 to 3 months. Different people naturally treatment proceeds differently. It all depends on the strength of the immune system and an infection which accompanies the disease. Typically, viral infection, especially herpes group, prevents the treatment of hepatitis B and C. Therefore, use additionally the program for other types of viral infections. In this case, the results are obtained quickly.
  • The man's wife had been ill with hepatitis B vaccinated. What is the chance of infection if unprotected intercourse? What chance in the unborn child to be born with hepatitis B?
    Individually. Women with AIDS are born healthy children. If a woman is vaccinated and immunity she is good enough, the child will most likely not get hepatitis B at birth. Therefore, the chances of more than 50 to 50.
  • For hepatitis C should be used both our device?
    Yes, the use of both instruments is clearly effective, as antiparasitic device you're outputting the hepatitis C virus, and therapeutic device - restore liver tissue.
  • After antiviral therapy Hepatitis C after which time there is a need to treat the device and how much?
    Recommended after therapy or to rest the body, or hold detoxification. Some time after the treatment of hepatitis C in the blood detected microorganisms that circulate - it fragments the victim of the virus, and they do not appear for a long time, is that 1-2 months spinning. In fact, as it were, and the virus is not present, and they continue to spin, so need the drug "Limfomiozot" 10 drops 3 times a day, ie lymphatic drainage.
    Limfodetoks Take a program or just spend Cleansing the body.
  • Hepatitis C and HIV at the same man. What programs can I help you?
    We do not treat HIV. Treat hepatitis C programs: Hepatitis C1 - C4 Hepatitis, Hepatitis C base, viral Hepatitis, Hepatitis general, secondary Hepatitis, Hepatitis liver inflammation - all programs are set 1 every 3 days during the month. Then should conduct PCR diagnosis and, if necessary, to continue treatment until they are cured. Also, it may be useful nomination programs Cytomegalovirus and Epstein - Barr virus. If the body has these viruses, they do not allow to deduce the hepatitis C virus is therefore essential to pay attention to their detection and removal. Drainage and detoxification programs are needed.
  • Are there any contraindications for the treatment of Hepatitis C in pregnancy?
    Provide treatment during pregnancy is not advised. When the baby is born, take the device and start treatment.
  • Viral hepatitis C. Can anyone help?
    The first week of therapy due to fragmentation of viruses by PCR diagnostics of many viruses can be greater. This is a good sign - the destruction of viruses, ie is the healing process. Program should be carried out 1 every 3 days for at least a month, and then do a check analysis. Treatment should be combined with antiviral programs (Epstein - Barr virus, if present) plus all the programs for hepatitis B and cleaning program.
  • The man found while hepatitis B and C, from which to start treatment?
    Need to program all consecutive programs on hepatitis B and C. All programs are set 1 every 3 days for a period of not less than three months and with the obligatory accompaniment drainage programs. Control of quantitative analysis for hepatitis and control Ig G.
  • After a few sessions of the "Herpes" got herpes on the lips, but the language was formed sore. What to do next?
    It is necessary to stimulate the immune system, since there are 8 different serotypes alone herpes simplex, and if one of them does not work, then you have teased him. Hilda Clark says, "If teased microorganisms, they will begin to spread faster." Therefore, it is best just after the acute manifestations of the disease program all serotypes of herpes simplex. Programs need to use everything 2-3 times a day, and you must put the program on stimulation of immunity.
  • Then it is possible to carry out an impact on herpes, which appears several times on the background of long-term de-worming?
    Recommendations, which we have proposed for the stages of therapy, going from the destruction of major parasites to small, had the sense that most of the worms and various types of microorganisms associated with and do not give to bring viruses from the body. Against the background of deworming occur also release toxins that reduce immunity. The next step is the treatment of herpes, and it will not be shown.
  • How to treat herpes?
    If the known serotypes of herpes simplex (simplex), then place the first program summary herpes, and then the program you need depending on the type of virus. If you do not know exactly what you serotype, you put all the programs (there are , which is on the herpes simplex virus. Daily application for a week 2-3 times a day for acute conditions and times a day with hidden currents usually helps to cope with the infection.
  • Ophthalmic herpes. How often include programs?
    Ophthalmic herpes most often it is the first type of herpes simplex. Therefore expose all programs herpes, which is herpes simplex on. And the therapy to get the result. Include the need to frequently - several times a day.
  • When using the device  on the skin appeared HERPES, who was not 10 years old, the patient is afraid to use the device.
    No need to mock infection - it must excrete. If herpes appeared on the skin, then it is inside. The device does not introduce a virus into the body, and helps him to withdraw. Only the full course of treatment will completely get rid of the infection.
  • Child 4 years, hydrocephalus, underwent surgery to implant a shunt. How can I help?
    You can set the program Integrated circulation, then Circulation head liquorodynamics program, mandatory program of deep cleaning and kidneys.
    Here are all the programs you need to put as it was surgery. Should be set as mandatory program for at least two weeks Injury, rehabilitation, then the program General nerve problems 1 and 2.
  • What to put programs in hydrocephalus?
    Applications: Intracranial pressure, kidneys, carefully drain because Hydrocephalus occurs when compression of the brain.
  • Is it possible to cure hydrocephalus device?
    Hydrocephalus - a disease that is caused by the accumulation of excess fluid in the brain, and it is most often congenital disorders in children.
    There may be several options: the problem may be related to liquorodynamics or circulation of the brain.
    necessary to apply several programs: Circulation mode, Kidney, liquorodynamics, nerve problems 1, 2, Deep Cleaning and Anti-stress. If this is not an anatomical problem, treatment programs should work. Of practice, patients with this problem very quickly and responded positively to the treatment devices.
    A child exhibiting the treatment for 3 minutes, and adult - 5 minutes to the frequency.
  • Hypertension 2nd degree. What programs are put?
    Program: Hypertension, Circulation, Regulation of the heart, deep cleaning, Cholesterol, Anti. All of these programs are set for a long enough time to fix the problem. This is a stress and adrenal function, or a cholesterol or vasospasm. Hypertensive heart disease program should be used in those moments when the pressure is increased, and it has to come to the operating pressure. Pick up the program as long as you do not find one that will lower blood pressure
  • HYPERTENSION. How to treat?
    The first program is needed for the treatment of kidney, regulation of heart and blood vessels, and even deep cleaning program. Need to individually select the program on hypertension. Be sure to use the program Antistress (every night). Program is needed regulation of the endocrine system, male or female, as hypertension may be, and endocrine nature. If hypertension is caused by atherosclerosis, the program put hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis, and then the treatment will be completely finished.
  • When the unit is switched to "active defense" immediately raises blood pressure (hypertensive this man). What to do?
    It is necessary to see how the adrenal glands in humans, and do an ultrasound of the kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • Conducted a set of treatment programs for hypertension. Pressure does not drop.
    So, it's not your program. We should choose the program individually. Try using a program regulation of the heart, circulation, kidneys, deep cleaning, Regulation of the endocrine system, Hypercholesterolemia.
  • How to cure GIPERURATURIYU?
    This problem is related to the kidneys, so you need to be examined by a nephrologist, determine if there is sand, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, nephritis, etc., and then to treat it.
  • Diagnoses - hypothyroidism, arthrosis deformans. What programs to use?
     If the problem is related to the hormonal system, against the background of programs and Hypothyroidism The thyroid gland needs and overall program regulation of the hormonal system. For arthrosis - set arthritis, osteoarthritis
  • How to Treat Hypothyroidism?
    Correcting program plus program Hypothyroidism Thyroid plus circulation, kidneys, regulation of the endocrine system, deep cleaning.
  • The same whether the program treatment of hypothyroidism in men and women?
    Yes, absolutely identical.
  • What does the program treat hypotension and "Psihopotentsiya"?
    Hypotension - a low pressure, there is such a psycho people with low pressure. Psihopotentsiya - is when a man has a bad sexual experience, resulting in formation of the psychological causes that lead to difficulties when dealing with women. Programs in our devices help with the issues.
  • The eye, retina - what sequence of treatment?
    Cleaning program: Deep cleaning, circulation, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract Regulation. Antistress and then - Retin-A, ie, that are in the program Ophthalmology.
  • Tell me, what programs to treat glaucoma eyes?
    The program is name Glaucoma.  Here the most important thing is not to forget about programs such as the liver, kidneys, blood circulation.
  • Tapeworms. What programs are put?
    There is a program Tapeworms, under Diseases caused by helminths. The program is executed once every 3 days and will certainly follow the chair. After isolation of the parasite treatment discontinued.
  • DEAF. How can we help?
    Deafness is caused by various disorders of the tympanic membrane, stone system, circulatory system, the auditory nerve. It is necessary to establish the cause of deafness and then use the appropriate program.
  • DEAF. What programs are put?
    If deafness is incomplete and is not caused by multiple sclerosis, then - Circulation of the head, hearing loss. Find out the cause of deafness. If it is a toxic lesion of the auditory nerve, then you need to remove toxins. If deafness is caused by blood circulation, the circulation of the blood program. If deafness is caused by disruption of the nerve trunks, it is necessary to restore the nerves. If the deafness is caused by sclerotic process, in this case it is difficult to help. The destruction of the tympanic membrane and stone system can not be restored using treatment programs.
  • When using the "Active protection" for three days a headache, blood pressure is normal. Can I go back to this program? And what are the criteria for treatment of liver and kidney?
    Criteria for cleaning the body - it sweats when you sweat on you, finally, does not smell, sweating freely, as in a bath, - the criterion of cleaning the body. As we have accumulated a huge amount of slag. Wellness, no complaints - this is due to the fact that you have been cleared. You can make a load of water, if you do not have toxins and organs are working well, the swelling will not.
  • Short headaches, mainly in the excitement. How can we help?
    This vasospasm - put the program on the circulation Circulation + head and program spasms of various origins. Anti-stress program should be regularly used at night.
  • As treatment devices combined with homeopathy?
    Practice shows that it is very well combined.
  • Sensation of a lump in the throat. What would it mean?
    This may be an increase in thyroid, nerve problems, diseases of the pharynx, the esophagus can be spasm. Need to be examined by a ENT doctor.
  • FUNGUS under toenails. How should I treat it?
    Put the program Fungi feet or onychomycosis, daily for a month. In the treatment of nail fungus is necessary before using the program to steam the legs or treated during the washing of the feet.
  • HERNIA 5 - 6th vertebra cervical spine. A blood clot in his shoulder. What can be done?
    There is a program for treatment of a herniated disc. But if it is big enough hernia (greater than 0.7 cm), there is unlikely to be helped. In the treatment of a herniated disc always work two -manualny therapist and the person with the instrument. At any diseases back (osteochondrosis, hernia, various back problems), use the following program: firstly, the muscles; secondly, by circulation. Then you need to work on the connective tissue and cartilage. Thus, it is a complex, which was built in the complex programs on the device ..
    Regarding blood clots. It is not recommended to treat thrombosis devices, because it's rather serious pathology. Pathology is not a therapeutic plan.
  • A boy of 8 years, an inguinal hernia. Can we help our devices?
    This surgical pathology, you can put the program connective tissue, muscles and watch the dynamics. But if the hernia has been formed, then surgery alone!
  • Vascular cyst in the head. It was a cesarean section, there was a slight bleeding capillaries. Baby is 4 months. And more of an umbilical hernia. How can we help?
    Umbilical hernia is often observed in children. Put programs connective tissue, muscles, gastrointestinal regulation. Neuroscience program: Circulation heads, Nerves, General nerve problems, kidney, liver. Observation is a pediatrician.
  • After surgery, there is a herniated disc. What to install?
    Recommend that you contact an experienced chiropractor, and you can put the program back fatigue, as well as complex problems with the spine. Be sure to place at least a week program Injury Rehabilitation - you need as soon as possible to stay in a stressful situation after surgery.
  • Herniated disc.
    It is a violation of the spinal anatomy of the joint with the release of the joint nucleus pulposus, which breaks the connective tissue around the joint. A multi-component system, which is fixed paravertebral muscles. When stress occurs muscle spasm, displacement of the center of gravity leads to a shift of the nucleus pulposus. If you violate the congruence of the articular surfaces as a result of friction begins to break down cartilage.
    treatment: chiropractic, program Antistress, muscles, tendons, cartilage and spinal problems.
  • Herniated disc of 8 mm. Is it possible to help?
     In antiparasitic section you can also pick up a treatment program in the category Vertebrology. Therapeutic effect of these programs is manifested more quickly than on the therapy device. But in any case it is desirable to first appeal to the chiropractor.
  • What can be done with intervertebral hernia?
    There is a set of back problems, and there are all programs herniated discs. In forming the hernia is involved several components. This muscle tension, impaired ligaments, cartilage, and violation of circulation. Therefore put on the right set of back problems, there have already been laid all the necessary programs. At the same time it is advisable to appeal to a good chiropractor.
  • Is it possible to influence the hernia?
    On the hernia can affect. But if the hernia was formed, then the anatomical structure affect device we can not. Strengthening connective tissue, removal of muscle spasm, regeneration of cartilage - it is possible. And on a hernia as such we can not influence, because it already formed a pathological complex. Devices can not be expected from mechanical reposition hernias.
  • Can we treat our devices esophageal hernia?
    Esophageal hernia is most often associated with a defect of the diaphragm may occur infringement esophageal narrowing and inflammation of it, it is an anatomical defect have to go for surgery.
  • Increasing the pressure to 220 100 What programs help?
    With increased pressure to put the program Circulation and Hypertension.
    In this case we are talking about a very high pressure. It may be of different origin. It may be kidney may be caused by hyperfunction of the adrenal gland, atherosclerosis or other causes.
    given pressure, 220 100, we first still knock medication, so as hypertensive crisis. Expose program of hypertension (there are several posts Cardiology) and cleaning program - Blood circulation, kidneys, deep cleaning, Atherosclerosis, Anti.
    Please do not treat that requires urgent medical participation. Give appropriate first tablets, call your doctor, and then place the appliance.
  • As quickly as possible to reduce the pressure, even if the pills do not help?
    On antiparasitic device has a program Hypertension, it quickly reduces the pressure, but this action is odd. If the pills do not help, then, the process is clearly running, it is necessary to take a comprehensive and put together programs Hypertension, Circulation, Regulation of the heart, deep cleaning, Cholesterol, Anti.
  • If the program "Hypertensive heart disease" does not reduce the pressure, what programs to use?
    Program Circulation, Heart, Kidney, deep cleaning. This mandatory program for hypertension. It is only against the background of these cleaning programs is a program for hypertension. And be sure to program the night Antistress.
  • Intracranial pressure after trauma - a linear skull fracture, cerebral edema, tremor. How can we help?
    Program in neurology: circulatory, nervous problems, in this case also Injury, Rehabilitation, Kidney, Liver, deep cleaning. That after injury passed 3 years, no difference. It is necessary to carry out the program and the general circulation of the blood circulation of the blood of the head.
  • Intracranial pressure. What programs?
    When intracranial pressure is necessary to find out the cause of this pressure, than it is due to either a spasm of blood vessels, or violation of the venous outflow, which is often associated with spasm of the neck muscles. Of course, the program Regulation of blood circulation and blood circulation of the head can improve in this situation need to consult a chiropractor on the spine or a neurologist. After determination of the cause of the disease is necessary to expose the necessary programs.
  • How to get rid of an increase in pressure in men 60 years old?
    In the 60 years pressurizing likely causes atherosclerosis. Therefore, the program Regulation of blood circulation, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, kidney, heart. Morning - Active protection in the evening - Deep Cleaning and Anti. Try these programs. And the program on different types of hypertension, there are several. These programs work only if they fit.
  • Is high and low blood pressure are treated the same programs?
    No. They are treated by different programs. If we are talking about hypertension, this is the program for hypertension, depending on what it is - diastolic or systolic, what caused it. Does high blood pressure associated with kidney or not. Therefore, all here individually.
    under reduced pressure to another program. With regard to the regulation of blood circulation program, it leads to the normalization of pressure at both of these pathologies.
  • Down's syndrome. Can anyone help?
    Down the disease is not treated, and appliances including, as it is associated with a chromosomal disorder. But help that person instruments, if he has any comorbidities, of course, you can.
  • Treated if DEMODEKOZ devices?
    Yes, there is a section of Veterinary Medicine program Demodex.
  • Girl 6 years. Atopic dermatitis, dyskinesia, allergic to sweet, giardia, goiter and weeping eczema in question. What put the program?
    Here you need to put a lot of programs. The fact that atopic dermatitis - a consequence of giardiasis and emerged with him dysbiosis. Therefore, the program Giardiasis (1 every 3 days) exhibited during the month, the program Dysbacteriosis, Detoxification for the child  put Adjusting GIT program, goiter, allergies, dermatitis. If weeping eczema is confirmed, exhibiting the same name of the program categories Dermatology.
  • What program to use for dermatitis?
    All serious skin problems. Almost every skin disease associated with high levels of slagging. When the excretory organs - kidneys, liver and digestive tract do not work, the toxins begin to stand out through the skin. There must be a comprehensive survey. If you look aerometry, in this case, almost all the organs of the digestive system are usually amazed. And these bodies need to help our programs. The second group of programs is already detected one or other parasites.
    also skin problems associated with psycho-emotional state. Therefore, we need a comprehensive approach. This also applies to dermatitis, and psoriasis and neurodermatitis.
  • Urticaria, allergic dermatitis.
    These problems are likely to be associated with slagging of the body. Therefore, do not work the digestive organs can be bend or bend of the gallbladder (ultrasound should be done). In addition, the program put kidneys, because the kidneys in this case, its function does not seem to cope.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis. What programs are put?
    There are programs  - Ringworm. Still needs to be a program for fungi - Malaseziya and Detoxification governing program on the skin. In Dermatology is a set of programs for the skin.
  • Whether and how to help with atopic dermatitis?
    Everything connected with the skin - this is the fourth stage of the disease. Here is obligatory cleaning programs related to parasites, programs related to the gastrointestinal tract, as most affected in this case, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • "Dermatoses" is available every day to put together a "drainage"?
    You can put not one, but several times a day. And not necessarily accompany the drainage system because of this device. You can put on a different device detoxification.
  • What programs to treat tonsillitis, inflammation of the gums?
    Tonsillitis and gum disease treated by different programs. Tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils in the background of streptococcal, staphylococcal infection and candidiasis. And on the gums can put antiseptics from the 1st to the 4th, which is in detox, and Mutant Streptococcus (as a cause of tooth decay and the source of chronic infection in the oral cavity
  • Female 55 years old. Type II diabetes. Pressure of 195 to 105, and headaches.
    Exhibit program: a set of diabetes type 2, Regulation of blood circulation, Hypertension. Headaches are caused by high blood pressure. Add another symptomatic Antipain program. Vascular disease - a frequent and serious complication of diabetes caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. Need to follow a diet and regularly carry out a program on diabetes.
  • 2 diabetes, the syndrome of "dawn". What programs are put?
    2 diabetes is one of those diseases in which primarily affects the liver. Here you need to ultrasound of the abdomen, to know the condition of the liver, kidneys. Need program for the normalization of the liver, gall bladder and kidney. There is a separate program Diabetes 2 is also required treatment program, the program lymph detox because the pancreas is associated with lymph. To maintain recommend to put a comprehensive program on blood circulation. If there is a vascular lesion (legs, eyes), the further these programs too.
  • Diabetes mellitus 2 Can anyone help?
    The program itself 2 diabetes works very effectively. Additionally, apart from the main program 2 diabetes, it is necessary to put the program on the parasites of the liver, the program itself Liver, Kidneys program. And also consider the psycho-emotional state: diabetes suffer most people anxious, and anxiety, in turn, is associated with the Manipura chakra. Therefore, let us see in what condition it is; if you can not diagnose, just put the program on stimulation of this chakra for 2-3 days.
  • DIABETES, "dawn" - increased sugar in the morning, in the afternoon normal. How to treat?
    Sugar morning called "reduced glucose tolerance," ie, this initial stage of diabetes. Firstly, the diet. Diabetes mellitus type 2 can be corrected by diet. In this he differs from diabetes mellitus type 1 (insulin-dependent). Mandatory programs circulation and purification. Programs Diabetes, Pancreas need to restore the pancreas. You can also use anti-parasitic treatment programs . This program for diabetes, R. Rife data for the treatment of diabetes mellitus with reference to the microorganisms associated with the occurrence of disease in the pancreas.
  • A week ago, was diagnosed with "diabetes mellitus." Can help our devices?
    Yes, of course they can. But first of all it is necessary to restrict carbohydrate intake, then increase physical activity, which will lead to a more rapid disbursement of glucose. There is a program on diabetes.
    Put the program on Helicobacter, Escherichia coli, Candida, nanobacteria, because these pathogens (according to the author of the method) often affect the pancreas. These programs should be put in during the week to reduce inflammation in the pancreas, and be sure to expose the program for cleaning the body (kidney, liver, blood circulation) to remove toxins.
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes for 12 years - is there any hope to recover?
    Suggested to do an ultrasound of the pancreas and see what state it is. If the condition of the pancreas is good, then there is hope. If the pancreas is struck hard, it is possible to improve the condition, perhaps even reduce the dose of insulin, but the cure you're unlikely to get it.
  • Treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes.
    Insulin-dependent diabetes is not treated by any means. Diabetes is dangerous for its complications on the blood vessels (angiopathy) of the retina, kidneys, lower extremities, up to gangrene and amputation. Therefore, the goal of treatment - to improve blood circulation. Place the program on blood circulation, diabetes, the pancreas. But the body to produce its own insulin can not.
  • What programs to cleanse with Type II diabetes?
    You can put the whole set on diabetes type 2, and this will be enough. If you use sets of treatment programs, the additional programs do not need to stand.
  • As the dangers of smoking in diabetes?
    In diabetes sufficiently expressed violation vessels, particularly the arteries. When smoking is a sharp spasm of blood vessels, for 15 minutes after each smoking. If the person smokes a large number of cigarettes for cigarette of Example 4, it deprives hour at their lower limb circulation. And if the process progresses, it is likely that the person will experience a lack of oxygen in the extremities, which, of course, will cause further damage to veins and trophic ulcers and gangrene. It is necessary to strictly limit the number of cigarettes smoked, as it is very harmful for diabetes.
  • Can anyone help with insulin-dependent diabetics?
    Help, of course, you can, but the cure is unlikely, as with insulin dependent diabetes often pancreas has completely lost its function. So you just can help such a patient, putting a comprehensive program, as in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. Thus it is possible that by such patients can reduce the consumption of insulin. Such a patient is very important that were not affected vessels of eyes, and in this complex program 2 diabetes have a separate program for the vessels of eyes.
  • How to treat Dysbacteriosis?
    This is a program Dysbacteriosis. But in order to treat goiter, it is necessary to establish the cause. First of all you need to get tested (feces, mazochek the intestinal flora), to identify the pathogenic flora and begin its removal. And be sure to install the software Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas Regulation.
  • How to treat hip dysplasia in children? In the programmer is not.
    Here we can only help symptomatically - remove pain. Contact your place of residence to the orthopedist, they have their treatment program. Time to lose in this case is impossible.
  • Is there a program for muscular dystrophy?
    Muscular dystrophy .
  • Duodenitis, sinusitis.
    These programs are in the devices we have. Sinusitis put program Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus - sinusitis is most often associated with this infection.
    Duodenitis - an inflammation of the duodenum 12. Put the alarm program to influence the psycho-emotional level and program Parasites of intestine and Duodenitis.
  • Woman 27 years old, disabled since childhood cerebral palsy. Is it possible to dramatically help with these devices?
    No, fundamentally impossible to help devices for cerebral palsy.
  • What to do in cerebral palsy?
    Unfortunately, cerebral palsy treatment instrument used infrequently. You can normalize the blood circulation of the head in the first place. And to restore the function of neural systems - Nerve problems 1, 2, antispasmodic program.
  • How about the treatment of cerebral palsy?
    There are positive results, our partners from Ukraine sent reviews, programs are under rehabilitation.
  • Frequent stops breathing during sleep in an adult. Is there treatment?
    Not faced such a problem in the adult. Start with a common neurological programs (Circulation Circulation + total head, General nerve problems 1, 2, Nerve structure and reinforcement) and be sure to Detoxification.
  • Children of all ages while programming the frequency is the same as for adults - 5 minutes?
    If the appliance is used by adults and children, you can set the time for 5 minutes and can be next to both adults and children. The therapeutic effect on them will be distributed equally. The time it takes for a full therapeutic effect, to achieve the resonance in all cells of the body to which you are working, each person is different. The child can be enough to 2 minutes may be 4 minutes. Just in children is more water in the body, so there are processes faster, and so, in principle, no difference can be an adult and only three minutes, and there are 5, so this is not important: all that does not resonate, just past past, and the body does not respond.
  • Which diseases use the "sickly children"?
    In the case when the child is reduced immunity. These are constantly "snotty children", with green snot, with swollen glands, pale green, with no appetite.
  • Allergies in two year old child. What is the program?
    It is about two year old child, then you should start with the programs and Dysbacteriosis Helminthiases. Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas are very important. Of course, the program of purification - kidney, liver, circulatory system.
  • A child 11 months. allergic to breast milk. Can anyone help devices?
    Rather complicated situation, but the devices can help. Need Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, regulation of pancreatic function, Deep Cleaning, kidneys, and try to put the program Dysbacteriosis. As is neperevarivanie milk is formed in the gastrointestinal tract, of course, an excess amount of bacteria.
  • Obstructive bronchitis in children 3 years of age.
    It is necessary to find out the reason - be identified by sputum pathogen (Candida, Mycoplasma maybe aureus), to treat for worms and dysbiosis. Spend detoxification.
  • The child violation of the cervical venous outflow. How can I help?
    Firstly, it is necessary to find out what caused the disturbance of venous outflow, either a lymph node, or a violation of the outflow of blood from the head due to vasospasm caused by disorders of the spine. Therefore, we must first obtain a more accurate diagnosis for proper putting programs on the device.
  • Granddaughter 8 years. Installed the program "Helminthes." The next day, frequent stools, discomfort in the liver, stomach. Nospanum relieves pain. All we are doing is correct?
    This toxicity, which may manifest itself in different pain in the gastrointestinal tract. Programs Regulation and gastrointestinal spasms of various origins quite well remove all of these states.
  • Baby 9 months, low hemoglobin. What programs are put?
    The child should be surveyed to determine why low hemoglobin. See if there are problems with the spleen, liver (do ultrasound), and then we can recommend something.
  • How to treat diabetes entsinezavisimy a child 10 years old?
    Entsinezavisimy diabetes can not be cured, if he insulinozavisim. We can achieve better blood circulation rights. We can achieve a reduction of the dose of insulin, lowering blood sugar, recovery of the vascular wall, which suffers from kidney, lower limbs and eyes. But to restore the pancreas, if a person has long-term use of insulin, is very problematic.
    Not insulin-dependent diabetes is treatable, and insulin-dependent diabetes can not be cured, because over time, in which insulin is used, there is atrophy of the zones in which the insulin produced.
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Can anyone help a girl 11 years old?
    Programs can be delivered, but if diabetes is insulin-dependent, it is unlikely that you can help, although you can try. This mandatory program for diabetes in a complex program and circulation, kidneys, Vision, Pancreas control frequency, just a program pancreas in diabetes mellitus.
  • The child is 1 year old, how to get rid of a diathesis, which program to use?
    In this case, start with dysbiosis, cleanse the body and normalize the function of the pancreas. Locate who culprit dysbiosis - candida, a mutant E. coli - and set this program. As a child all year, helminths sure yet, so check the pancreas and all purification programs.
  • The child diathesis. What programs?
    The first program - Detoxification. Then - cleansing the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, restore the bacterial flora in the gut, goiter, allergies.
  • What programs should be set baby 5 months old, if he has a problem with a chair?
    Here it suffices to use - Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, if not dysbiosis. If it is, then you need to use the program Dysbacteriosis. If you pass stool for bacteria overgrowth, you will see if there is an infection. Then you need to expose only the infection that is found in your child, and not any other.
  • Thick bile, gallbladder bend the girl of 6 years, with the release of attacks. What will advise?
    Bend the gallbladder - the problem is usually congenital. There are programs on the bile and gall bladder, especially the removal of spasm. In the future, once a month or every two months suggested to do drainage or cleaning program every day.
  • The child does not walk, does not talk - you can help?
    Put the development programs that we have in our sets. This program, which will involve the nerve centers. We also need programs to nerve problems: General Circulation and nerve problems. Try to go on this path.
  • When coughing what is necessary to use the program in the device  child 5 years?
    On the devices for child has a program cough reflex, put airways and nose, control frequency, very well suited for children this programm. If there is inflammation - Inflammation of 1, 2, and suggested to put this child-worming program, because the cough can be caused by even ascariasis.
  • Girl 5 years, all the while coughing. What to put on the devices?
    Necessary to determine whether the infection that causes whooping cough. Perhaps it is a viral infection - it is necessary to make a diagnosis. Cough - a symptom. When you start treatment according to the diagnosis, then the cough will pass.
  • Child 1 year and 4 months. 16 teeth, of which 7 with caries. What to do?
    This is a strep infection, and should be carefully treated.
  • A boy of 15 years cyst walls brain cyst fluid.
    Common nerve problems 1, 2, Circulation, liver, kidneys must be placed
  • Child 2.5 years, Giardia, Trichomonas, amoeba, Klebsiella, diathesis.
    Program for diathesis can not put. First treat infections: Giardia - 1 time in 3 days, Trichomonas - daily, Amoeba - 1 time in 3 days, Klebsiella - every day, and so for two weeks. Deep cleaning, Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, goiter, allergies. While antiparasitic device does not remove the infection, diathesis will not pass!
  • A girl of 7 years. The diagnosis of "congenital torticollis." Can I help her without resorting to surgery?
    There are two points. Firstly, it is necessary to establish the degree of torticollis. Second, be sure to massage. In antiparasitic 13-unit program is program the muscles, including the neck. You can use any method - that acupuncture and massage, and devices including.
  • The child 1.5 years dimming light. Treated with antibiotics, but nothing has changed for the better. Advise anything?
    Frankly, it is difficult to advise. If the darkening light does not pass, maybe it chlamydial infection in a child - try to put Chlamydia trachomatis. Try pneumococcal program staphylococci, streptococci. If the child is at least something will react fever, deterioration - is remarkable. Hence, this program and twist.
  • A child 3 years giardia. How many sessions can be derived Giardia?
    Giardia enough for 5 sessions, but giardiasis in this case, for a child of 3 years will be enough toxic. The fact that a child of this age are not yet able to assess their condition, and parents should immediately prepare for the fact that there may be pain in the right upper quadrant, which will complain about the child. May experience nausea or abdominal pain.
    Such a child should be carried out 5 sessions of 2 days on the 3rd. In this case, the child will be compensated fairly, toxins have time to go out these days from the body. And be sure to give your child plenty of water. Also needed is a child during dieting, i.e. not to give him some annoying nutrients, not to cause gallbladder contraction and more pain.
  • The child 5 months bacterial meningitis. Slapped a bunch of drugs. As his lead to normal after antibiotics and treatment of disease?
    The child in the body is likely to candidiasis after antibiotics, plus E. coli, which is under the influence of antibiotics has mutated. Therefore, Candida and Escherichia coli mutant expose several times. In some programs, "Escherichia coli" is written in Russian, and some say "Escherichia Coley" - are one and the same. First of all, these programs expose. And the cleaning program, liver, kidneys. Several times a day can put Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, deep cleaning, Circulation. This mandatory program.
  • Child is 8 years old, increased adrenal.
    Put the program Regulation of the endocrine system, adrenal glands, adrenal Image. Make sure during the month.
  • The child has a thick runny nose, put "adenovirus", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Strep" that still deliver?
    Mycoplasma program, antiseptics 1, 2, 3, 4, Candida, antiseptics in operations.
  • Obesity. Girl 7 years. Weighs 35 kg. Is it possible to treat, and what program?
    Put the program on obesity. The complex works very well. Put Adenovirus-36 - is also of great importance in this case.
  • Child 8 years old, what programs to treat runny nose, and how many times?
    Programs often ill children, airways, nose, control the frequency of 1, 2, put 2-3 times a day to get the effect.
  • A girl of 9 years. Obesity. How to treat devices?
    The girl should be put on the clock strictly meals: breakfast from 07:00 to 09:00, lunch from 13:00 to 15:00 and dinner from 18:00 to 18:30. We must, of course, to identify the cause of obesity. Most likely, this is due to disturbances in the activity of hormones. Hormonal disorders should be treated from 21:00 to 23:00. Start with proper nutrition, include cleaning mode and pay attention to her physical activity.
    Thus, the problem should be solved not only devices. These children are very shown any physical activity, dance, sports and games.
  • The child 1.5 years pyelonephritis. How can we help?
    First, determine what is an infection - staph or strep. Put Stafillo-, streptoflora. If he was still in diapers, you must replace the E. coli because it might just be a skid infection of the diaper with feces.
  • For two-year-program placed in the same way as for an adult?
    Antiparasitic device has no effect on human, it acts only on the parasite! So the number of seconds is not necessary to reduce or those who are older or those under!
  • A child of 4 years from the birth of hypofunction of the parathyroid glands, but sometimes, like now, a good analysis. Is it possible to use the device, would not it be an overdose?
    The device can be used with the first birthday and, of course, no overdose will not. When hypofunction of the parathyroid glands is necessary to use the program regulation of the endocrine system. There is also a program of the parathyroid glands.
  • The girl 2.5 years old timidity!
    There are programs phobia, fear, stress. And be sure to double before daylight and before night's sleep, put the program Antistress.
  • The child has severe sweating, irritation of the skin. What put the program?
    If your child has severe sweating, then it most likely dystonia or is one way of removing toxins. Therefore, the programs: kidneys, liver and lymph. That is lymph usually begins to emerge through the skin. Therefore, all programs for detoxification and vascular dystonia. And be sure to program Circulation. Examine the child specialist - sweating can be a sign of internal diseases.
  • Is it possible to help a child of 9 years (boy)? He defect mezhserdechnoy sided walls of 6 mm and a congenital heart defect.
    Unfortunately, no. Anatomical structures can not be recovered. Although the use of programs Circulation and Regulation of the heart will reduce the workload on the heart and lead to an improvement in the child's condition.
  • The child tubvirazh, could not receive treatment because of vomiting ftivazidum.
    Well, you could not take this stuff, because it is very much sadit liver. Expose all programs on tuberculosis, which is, Limfodetoks and treat the instrument at least a month. And please, do not give him at least six months to make the Mantoux test, because the introduction of the antigen may again result in the same reaction.
  • The child is 4 months old, sick cytomegalovirus. How long does it work?
    Herpes virus group within 10-14 days usually well healed our antiparasitic programs.
  • What programs will recommend to put on enuresis boy 12 years old?
     Inspect the lumbar and sacrococcygeal department - there is a problem there, for example, the effects of trauma. Even if there were no problems, I suggest to put the program further for the treatment of lumbar and sacrococcygeal department.
  • Girl 13 years old. Nocturnal enuresis. What programs and when they need to be put to solve the problem?
    Nocturnal enuresis in children is usually associated with problems in the sacrococcygeal spine. So after checking the child from a chiropractor or neurologist should include a program on the spine and on the regulation of the sphincter of the bladder. There is a program of neurogenic bladder. This problem is precisely linked to the innervation of the sphincter of the bladder.
    It would be good also to show a girl and a urologist to view the function of the bladder and then put the program on the device.
    nomination will take to clean up programs, the kidneys and the programs associated with urogenital pathology.
  • Enuresis. Girl 5 years. What programs are put?
    All programs on the nervous system, blood circulation to the head, bladder, enuresis. And Relieving Stress at the girl.
  • Boy 6 years. Suffer from enuresis. What programs include?
    On enuresis treatment strategy is the same as for all nervous disorders. If you have questions on any nerve problems - stroke, head injuries, enuresis, epilepsy - all that is connected with the head, note, please, the program: General nerve problems 1, 2, Nerve structure, strengthening, Circulation common blood circulation of the head, you can put local blood circulation, kidneys mode, the mode Deep Cleaning. And after this you need to put the program enuresis, urinary bladder. At night and needed program Antistress.
  • How to diagnose diseases?
     BRIS  device .Diagnosis carried out by any method known to you: Ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory, vegetative resonance test, PCR (a DNA diagnosis that shows if you have a virus, such as hepatitis can only be determined by PCR). The most important thing to know what is the cause of a disease.
  • An older person gastrectomy by two-thirds. For a long time and strongly swollen feet and legs. Cleaning only worsens the situation, a lot of water to drink can not. What to do?
    This is from the beginning to the end of the question is wrong and incorrect assessment of the result. A person can sip and 1.5 and 2 liters per day. That swollen feet, especially against application of cleaning the body, indicating that all microorganisms, toxins all go into the blood and cause just by law osmosis water retention in tissues.
    if there is swelling, if something is swollen, it is suggests that the lack of water in the body. If there is a working kidney and kidney hemodialysis, then 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body - this is normal. This is not a forced diuresis, it is normal to use water in a situation which is now turned your patient. He was held hostage by your misunderstanding of the situation.
  • Whether to include in the program of "gastric ulcer" frequencies that affect the infection of the stomach and duodenum 12? , And whether the impact of the two devices?
    Peptic ulcer does not coincide with the frequencies of infectious agents. Therefore, treatment should be carried out on two machines. One allows you to restore the gastric mucosa, to improve its barrier function, carry out the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract and its blood supply. The second device only affects parasites. This is a device with higher frequencies.
  • Often stomach cramps.  What programs are put?
    Program Regulation gastrointestinal tract. If we apply this program every day, the tetani not.
  • Biliary dyskinesia. How to treat?
    Biliary dyskinesia occurs more often a manifestation of an inflammatory disease, which is caused by infection of the biliary tract. So look for infection - giardia, or helminths, or Helicobacter. And the impact on them.
  • What to do when biliary dyskinesia?
    Treat the infection zhelchevyvovodyaschih ways. There may be candidiasis, and E. coli, but more giardia. Exhibiting program helminthes 1 time in three days, at least 5 times, then the simplest program on - 1 time in 3 days, at least 5 times, and this will be enough.
  • Used the program from a set of "gallstones" and then increased portal Vienna, gall refined, stones left 4, and had a full bladder. What to do with a vein?
    There is a program Varicose veins, also has a program to improve the blood circulation, it is a complex effect on all blood circulation. Be sure to add the program Limfodetoks.
  • Cholelithiasis. When the program there is a fever.
    Chills - a manifestation of energy cold, or energy of compression. All the diseases associated with the manifestation of this energy, always require chakra stimulation of heat or joy - a two center, ajna and vishutha within 2-3 days. Then you can start the program Gallstone disease because in this process is not enough heat in the body and a lot of cold. Chills - it's just a reaction. In such an embodiment, the program will take place more smoothly.
    Treat bounds of the gallbladder, then treatment is more effective precisely because the side effects do not appear, and if you are being treated at different hours, you can get at a time when the body is very weak.
  • How to draw up a program for gallstones?
    On the device  available on this complex disease. The complex consists of several programs: therapeutic and cleansing. The first program is always exhibited in the morning. The latter program has always exhibited in the evening. The treatment program lasts about 1.5 hours. All other programs related. It is this treatment program should be carried out in the afternoon.
    But to hold the program, if the foundation stone formation is a parasite giardia or ineffective without the use of anti-parasitic programs. Therefore, you should start with the treatment of giardiasis (1 every 3 days). Then it is desirable to make a diagnosis and to see if there was helikobaktera or helminths. And to carry out the appropriate treatment. But if you can not make a diagnosis, then you need at least an overall program to helminthes.
    Against the background of this treatment, ie the fact that you spend antiparasitic device, you spend every day for the treatment of gallstones and biliary excretion regulation relieve inflammation of the gall bladder, improve blood circulation in this area. Therefore, the programs are in the complex, combining the use of two devices.
  • How to bring stones from the gall bladder?
    Program Cholelithiasis. Fully entire complex.
  • Can I bring a stone from the gallbladder, and for how long?
    Usually it is quite a long time. In the treatment of all very individual. It may not be less than six months. Sometimes it takes 3-4 months just to he began to dissolve.
  • Thick bile, gallbladder bend the girl of 6 years, with the release of attacks. What will advise?
    Bend the gallbladder - the problem is usually congenital. There are programs on the bile and gall bladder, especially the removal of spasm. In the future, once a month or every two months suggested to do drainage or cleaning program every day.
  • Is it possible to avoid surgery to remove the gallbladder?
    Avoid surgery to remove the gallbladder, if a proposed transaction will not work. If the stones are large, it is unlikely to dissolve. Large stones in the gallbladder, which may at any time, no matter what, just go into the bile duct and cause blockage to the development of jaundice - is already threatening condition. As long as we have health, we can preserve it for a long time. It is best to deal with prevention.
  • Dyskinesia 12 duodenal ulcer, gall bladder.
    These are the reflections of infection, which is in the body, often a giardiasis. Treatment of Giardia, E. coli and H. pylori relieve inflammation. Adjusting program gastrointestinal tract and biliary dyskinesia system will remove the unpleasant sensations in the upper quadrant and normalize tone.
  • In humans, the weakness of the sphincter of the gallbladder and bile continuously poured into the cavity of the stomach.
    The fact that in this case there is no problem of the gallbladder, there is a problem of the sphincter of the stomach. Therefore, there needs to be treated is likely gastritis, cholecystitis instead. In the treatment should be started with the stomach.
    Gastritis There is a program in the complexes, it should work. She and ensure proper peristalsis - not throw the bile into the stomach, and the movement in the right direction.
  • Made of 11 sessions for the absorption of gallstones, it decreased from 16 to 12 mm long do we still have to work?
    If the process of resorption stone went hence not so long to complete dissolution. Add Helicobacter program, Giardia intestinalis to treat infections that cause inflammation in the zhelchevyvovodyaschey system. Treatment programs for Giardia placed once in 3 days, at least 5 times. If giardiasis common, it can be placed within a month every 3 days, ie 10 sessions. Helicobacter - every day for 10 days.
  • Gallstones by 12 mm. Use the program last month. Can I have to pass ultrasound to see the result, or even sooner?
    Of course, take a look. But over time, even though it all individually, the stone should only begin to swell and dissolve.
  • Gallstones, offer operation. Is there a cure device?
    It is difficult to solve, since it depends on the size, position stones, they dissolve very slowly. If you already have manifestations of obstruction (blockage of the bile duct), it is better to go for an operation. Here treatment strategy should choose a surgeon.
  • Stone in the gallbladder. What programs?
    There is a set of programs to the gallbladder. Do not forget that the reason for the formation of gallstones is often a any infection that may initially cause inflammation of the gallbladder, and then stagnation of bile to form stones.
  • The presence of stones in the gall bladder or kidney can there be a contraindication to the use of the devices?
    If the stones are large (6-th stage of the disease), the use of the device is impractical. Such exposure may not be enough. Neither the gall bladder or kidney itself can not cope, there need surgery.
    If the stones are small, the treatment of our programs you can try. There is also a program Gallstone disease and the program Urolithiasis. Additionally, the program needed to avoid cramps, and gastrointestinal tract and Regulation Program Regulation MPS for men or women, depending on the sex of the patient, and always cleaning program.
  • Gall bladder removed, there is a frequent release of bile. How can we help?
    To restore the release of bile use program biliary excretion, gepatoholetsistite, Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • What programs can be set for a man whose gall bladder removed?
    It is necessary to install the software Regulation of bile and deep cleaning.
  • What is the cause of a burning sensation in the mouth?
    Most likely, it is a disease of the biliary tract, especially if it is burning in the morning. While it may be intoxication metals. It is known that one instant coffee that we drink, often contain oxidized iron, which gives a metallic taste.
  • Breast disease in dogs (pets).
    There is a program for mastitis - a hormonal disturbance in connection with the cancellation of feeding. A mastitis - an inflammation.
  • Sepsis in dogs after oscheneniya (PETS).
    If a dog has sepsis, most often it is pyogenic infection. The cause may be streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli. All of these programs plus four antiseptic with detox and continuously expose twist until you get the result.
    If sepsis in dogs is associated with inflammation of the uterus, in this case it is necessary to remove the uterus. Otherwise it will be a repository of pus in which these microbes and multiply.
  • Tell me, please, pet appliances help? Do the results?
    Yes, of course. There are results on antiparasitic device and therapeutic tool. Treat absolutely any pets and do not even home. Any animals react in the same way as humans. It is just necessary to properly place the device to an animal it does not hurt.
  • Our programs operate on animals, cats in particular?
    They act not only to cats, but also dogs, fish, birds, turtles, tigers, rabbits, horses, cows, hamsters - all animals. We have allowed a similar biochemistry and biochemical process is the same, so both devices can help our pets. Brothers our smaller than most people suffer infections.
  • Multiple lipomas on the body - what are your recommendations?
    Lipomas are associated with disruption of the lymphatic system, you must also pay attention to the pancreas (do ultrasound, hand over analyzes of sugar), because This problem is connected with a dysfunction of the pancreas. Recommended Programs - lymph detox, Kidney, programs related to parasites of the pancreas, and programs related to the lymphatic system. This is a  program Adenovirus 36 (as the etiological cause of lipomatosis).
  • Chronic constipation. What programs pose?
    Usually well regulates chair Adjusting GIT program that is placed in the morning and normalizes the bowels. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.
  • An elderly woman, and constipation. How can we help?
    Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, blood circulation, kidney cleansing, liver and certainly drinking regime. A minimum of 1.5 liters of pure water per day.
  • VISION. The "Vision 2, 3" - be sure to keep the device around the eyes?
    Yes, it is desirable to keep around the eyes. This program is best used at night when you're lying on the couch and watch TV. Then you can put the unit on the pillow next to and calmly carry out this program.
  • Is it possible to improve vision? Which device?
    Works very well in ophthalmology programs antiparasitic device. There are 3 programs: Hyperopia, Sharpness of vision, visual acuity - are set in a row. It is possible to use these programs to restore vision. But, again, needed cleaning program.
  • Congenital ptosis grade 3-4, strabismus.
    This is a serious neurological problem. Refer to a neurologist.
  • High myopia, retinal detachment. Was surgery and laser photocoagulation. What programs are set for treatment?
    In Ophthalmology have programs for retinal detachment. Need to put these programs plus Circulation head. And, of course, from the program to cleanse the body
  • Flickering before the eyes of midges. We put a 10 days "Cataract", but no improvement. What else to put?
    Naturally, you will not get any result, putting the program without a diagnosis. Because flashing midges before the eyes can be caused not only by cataracts. If there are indications for the treatment of her, then you need to put, if not, then you need to change the initial approach to the way the disease is treated by all. Firstly, we recall once again, in order to treat any disease, it is necessary to put the program on clarification. And the function of view - it is directly a function of the liver. This is the function of the excretory system. Therefore, deep cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and blood circulation - a mandatory program, without which no one disease to cure is not possible. Impossible to get a response, if the body is intoxicated. It is impossible to get a response, if you knock on the strings of the guitar, which poured the sand. Resonance therapy based on the idea to produce the regulation of organs and tissues, since the elimination of toxins from the body. And in this case, of course, to use the programs.
    Next. There is a program for the visually impaired - Eye fatigue. There is a complex vision. And these programs must be used.
  • Do positive results in the treatment of cataracts?
    There are, especially if the cataract is not yet mature.
  • Can anyone help with cataract?
    Yes, you can. Development of cataracts due to the influence of light on the lens, so the table where you sit, cover with green cloth, and make sure to close was more green because green reduces the effect of light on the lens, you can even make a light greenish, then fast developing cataracts will not.
    If the lens is fully dimmed, then already recommended surgery.
  • What programs are put under the macula degeneration?
    There is a program macula degeneration. In addition to standard cleaning programs can take the program of Government.
  • The girl has a congenital weak myopia. 9 years ago there was a compression fracture of the 6th and 7th vertebrae, vision dropped to -7. She is now 21 years old. What to install?
    I would start with the programs Injuries, rehabilitation, blood circulation, treatment of spinal problems, common nerve problem and then program myopia.
  • Left eye does not see, and the right eye loses vision, the doctors say, "cataract", purchased it for half a year until there is no effect.
    In this case, you need to create a new individual program of vision problems and is required to carry out general cleaning program in parallel with the treatment of cataracts.
  • Male 87 years, retinal detachment - can you help?
    There is a program for retinal detachment, and be sure to look out for the liver!
  • Constant tearing of one eye.
    There is a program in the lachrymal gland in Ophthalmology. But the need for accurate diagnosis of the causes of watery eyes. Surveyed by an ophthalmologist.
  • A man stands an artificial lens, feels the pain of stress, began to set his sight. What programs are put?
    After surgery to help people is very difficult. Unclear what pains question, please specify. Program for cataract you will not need, because an operation. There is a program for the regeneration of tissues of organs, should also help to bodies such as the liver and gall bladder, as they control the metabolic processes associated with the eyes.
  • Treatment of the retina.
    There are programs and in fact, and in another device. This program circulation, regeneration structures of the eye. Since vision is always associated with the liver, it is necessary to improve the function of the liver, to conduct a cleansing program (Deep Cleaning) program of fiber detachment.
  • If you start a course of treatment, visually impaired, have a limit to the load on the eye?
    Absolutely no load restrictions, moreover, it is necessary to carry out exercises for the eyes, that is, the eye needs to be trained. Besides the fact that you are creating a program that improves the blood circulation, the regenerative ability of your eyes, improves muscle, improves trophic eyes, you should still make an effort to strengthen the eye muscles. Be sure to do the exercises.
  • Treated if the disease-free?
    In addition to mature cataract, treated all.
  • Macular degeneration, age-related blindness. How to stop the deterioration of vision?
    The main reasons: 1) the lack of blood circulation, 2) accumulation of toxins, 3) reduction of energy opportunities.
     The appliance program to regulate blood circulation, deep cleaning. Spend a long time: the older the person, the longer it takes to heal.
  • You need to put a detox program for itching?
    This program Limfodetox and deep cleaning, and, of course, in this case they are needed. Pruritus - evidence of a violation of the liver.
  • Frequent heartburn. What program to put?
    Start with a program regulation gastrointestinal tract. This program heartburn docked. Heartburn - a symptom that is often in gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. If heartburn continues in the application program, then look for an infection. Most often it is Helicobacter pylori infection or giardia.
  • How to treat a stroke?
    Program are as follows: Circulation, Circulation heads, Common nerve problems 1, 2, Nerve structure and strengthening, nerves, regeneration, then the kidneys and deep cleaning, then symptomatic program. If you set the program of neurology at hemiparesis, paralysis, language, you pick up plus Anti individually. And these programs should start as early as possible to do several times a day before effect.
  • The man, 63 years old, had a stroke a month ago. Passed a course of treatment in the hospital, is now on medication. What programs can I help you? There are plaques in the blood vessels.
    You can use all the programs: Circulation, Circulation heads, Common nerve problems, and certainly in this case Atherosclerosis. Rife provides a link to atherosclerosis infection: Chlamydia, Cytomegalovirus, Nano bacterium Herpes zoster. Them, and should be treated.
  • Stroke in the acute stage. How can I help?
    Under the supervision of a neurologist and treatment by conventional methods exhibited program: Circulation mode, kidneys, blood circulation of the head, General nerve problems 1 and 2, and nerve repair. The earlier treatment is started, the faster and better will be the result.
  • What are the complexes of programs to treat the effects of hemorrhagic stroke?
    Please, all the questions that now is the head: stuttering, head trauma, hydrocephalus, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic, etc. - Use the following program, which is all that is connected with head injuries, all that is connected with toxic encephalopathy, all that is connected with memory impairment in old age:
    1. Circulation.
    2. Circulation of the head.
    3. Common nerve problems 1 and 2.
    Available in Neuroscience small applets on the same frequency. We are now components of the complex,. This Strengthening nerves, structure of nerves and nerve degeneration. These applets it is necessary to enter to restore nerves.
    then you put a mandatory program kidneys, and put it after the blood circulation, in order to bring the excess fluid from the body. At night, be sure to place the program Deep cleaning and anti-stress.
    symptomatic and programs that are required: Paresis language (speech disorders), lower paraparesis, spastic, atonic, ie under the diagnosis of each patient neurology expose the desired program.
  • After ischemic stroke person behaves inappropriately, it is almost clear. What programs should be put?
    Necessary exhibiting the following programs from the Neurology:
    * Circulation head;
    * Circulation complex;
    * Deep cleaning mode;
    * mode Kidneys;
    * Nerve problems 1, 2 (Nerve structure, strengthening)
    * Anti (at night).
    then need nomination programs symptoms.
    section Acupuncture is 1 and 2 programs hemiparesis. Under Neurology - Violation of speech, language, etc. Paralysis.
  • How to restore sensitivity after a stroke?
    The same program in neurology, which is already listed. Plus put the program from the Neurology, which will restore sensitivity. They will be called sensitization or Paresthesia.
  • After a stroke residual effects - arm, leg. What to do?
    Programs Circulation mode kidneys, blood circulation of the head, General nerve problems 1 and 2, and nerve repair. It is necessary to add here is symptomatic program hemiparesis.
  • What programs are put at a stroke?
    Stroke, there are four tasks.
    First Objective: To improve the blood circulation of the head, this requires a program of general circulation and blood circulation of the head, the local circulation.
    Second Objective: restoration of nerves. This section of Neurology - General nerve problems 1, 2, and already there is a stroke program, ie if there is hemiparesis, tetraparesis, spastic paralysis, etc., you can find the program for each disease.
    Third Objective: to cleanse the body. Once these programs are mandatory program kidneys to withdraw excess fluid, and the program Deep Cleaning.
    Fourth Objective: to relieve stress. You can put the program Antistress, sleep disorder, you can put the program Injuries, rehabilitation, since stress is fixed to the subcortex, and the program will be able to just remove that condition.
  • Infarction. How to help the PIS group?
    PIS - is, as a rule, ischemic heart disease, impaired blood circulation in the heart, which is primarily caused by atherosclerosis. Therefore, the program is required, along with programs Cholesterol Circulation, kidneys, deep cleaning, anti-stress.
  • Repeated cerebral infarction. What programs are put?
    Circulation Circulation + program head, General nerve problems 1, 2, Kidney, Deep Cleaning, Anti.
  • Myocardial infarction, post-infarction period. Will there be a separate program?
    Yes, there is a program for myocardial infarction in the post-infarction period, and scar formation. Primarily this program for myocardial perfusion, the absorption of blood, oxygen, blood, local blood flow, regulation of blood circulation and overall heart - ie here are a few degrees of regulation of blood circulation, mainly aimed at the peripheral circulation. Within two months after myocardial infarction is still not recommended to use the device and be very careful to enter it in rehabilitation after a heart attack.
  • If there are internal infections, as appears regularly mucus, what to do?
    Necessary to make all programs Antiseptics program Intoxication and Circulation. But it is better to detect the infection, run diagnostics.
  • Sciatica and sciatica - are one and the same? A lumbago (cross) can be placed at the sciatic nerve?
    Yes, it's the same thing. Can deliver and that, and another program with the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica - it's a pain, and sciatica - an inflammation of the sciatic nerve.
  • A kidney stone 10 by 6 mm. Can anyone help?
    This is a rather large rock. If we use a comprehensive program of Urolithiasis, it should dissolve the stone for (on average) 3-4 weeks. Necessarily need to drink plenty of water.
    If the stone in the kidney or bladder, you can use a set of Urolithiasis or relevant programs from the Urology. If the stone is in the ureter, you should consult a urologist with a question about what does not cause any long-term presence of the stone in the ureter decubitus with subsequent damage. If the stone is gone, it's an emergency!
  • How long the device should work to dissolve the stone in the gall bladder?
    Long enough. If calculi (stones) in the kidneys with urolithiasis dissolve an average of 3-4 weeks, then the gallbladder - an average of 3-4 months. Put the program Cholelithiasis every 3 months, then a month break from the survey. In the presence of stones to repeat the course.
  • THRUSH. How can we help?
    Candidiasis requires long-term treatment. And you should start with correcting immunity. And viruses, and fungi are parasites that little show themselves, they can often be found only on laboratory diagnostics, diagnostics, etc. Foll Therefore, in the case of candidiasis requires perseverance. Certainly after each program on candida (and there are now 4 or 5, and they need all) Insert the cleaning program.
  • The fourth stage, the second clinical group.
    Diagnosis CARCINOMA right tonsil. Tubo - 2 modules with - 2, no metastases.
    oncology for us - a taboo subject, and in fact we are not engaged in oncology. But as maintenance, detoxification and concomitant therapy may be used many programs, with good effect.
    section are Detoxification programs that are made ??specifically for the maintenance of cancer patients after chemotherapy. There is a program of chemical detox, cleanse the blood (cancer). These programs need to exhibit. Chemical detox program is aimed at a more rapid excretion of the effects of chemotherapy. Against the background of these programs people are feeling much better and transferred chemotherapy, while they have increased appetite.
  • Left eye does not see, and the right eye loses vision, doctors say cataracts, purchased it for half a year until there is no effect.
    In this case, you need to create a new individual program of vision problems and is required to carry out general cleaning program in parallel with the treatment of cataracts.
  • Cataracts Treated month program for your advice, there is no effect. What advise on?
    You can use the same name from the programs Ophthalmology . During the program desirable vitamin drops for the eyes.
  • Which program is set at a cataract?
    If the cataract is immature, that is the program for cataract (in Ophthalmology), but do not forget about the Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, liver cleansing, circulation of the blood - these are the main related programs.
  • When you cough, what it is necessary to use the program in the device  for a child 5 years old?
    There is a program cough reflex, put airways and nose, control frequency. Very well suited for children, this program. If there is inflammation, the inflammation 1, 2 and suggested that child put worming program because the cough can be caused by even ascariasis. Must, of course, a survey.
  • Bad cough, sore throat - how to treat?
    Must pass sputum to identify the pathogen and then act on him. Sore throat is an infection, and it is manifested symptomatically cough reflex. The use of a set of programs Angina, laryngitis reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  • Girl 5 years, all the while coughing. What programs deliver?
    Necessary to determine whether the infection that causes whooping cough, possibly a viral infection-You must make a diagnosis. Cough - a symptom. When you start treatment according to the diagnosis, then the cough will pass.
  • CYST tooth. How to treat?
    There are so many programs. Prior to that, you need to remove the infection. This program antiseptics. It is also necessary to restore circulation and reduce inflammation.
  • Cysts in the brain.
    All programs in neurology: The circulation of the head, Integrated circulation and nerve problems General 1, 2, liver, kidneys. These programs will work.
  • Remove a cyst in the liver. What programs are set so as not to have a new?
    Program for cleaning the body - standard cleaning program. If the diagnosis of infection is identified, it must necessarily derive from the body.
  • Diagnosis - liver cysts, the program "cyst of the liver," there is no way to be?
    Cysts associated with fungi, run diagnostics to determine which fungi are parasites in the body, and have a treatment
  • Vascular cysts in the head. It was a cesarean section, there was a slight bleeding capillaries. Baby is 4 months. And umbilical hernia. How can we help?
    With umbilical hernia is nothing you can do. As this tissue defect that nothing can replace. Neuroscience program: Circulation, nerves, kidneys, liver. Children often identify cysts, many of them safely resolve within the first year of life.
  • Baker's cysts. What programs to use?
    All programs on blood circulation, detoxification, resorption. Most likely, this work program Regulation of blood circulation.
    When treatment failure need to remove a cyst operational way.
  • Popliteal cyst.
    You must first find out what kind of cyst, than it was formed, has vascular or muscular origin, is not this node or the growth of lymphatic tissue. Clarify the nature of the cyst and begin to heal.
    Often if there is a cyst, it is the desire of the organism to localize the infection, and you need to understand that in the inflammatory process it goes through.
  • What programs to treat cysts in the mouth?
    There is a program for a cyst in the oral cavity. Dentistry - a huge set. There is this program.
  • Ovarian cysts - how to remove?
    Start with the treatment of infections, sexually transmitted diseases, then anti-inflammatory program, the regulation of the female reproductive system, to restore the normal rhythm of the female urogenital system.
  • Ovarian cysts. What programs are put?
    First of all infections, sexually transmitted diseases. These infections include Trichomonas, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gardnerella vaginales, Candida albicans, genital herpes (genital), papillomavirus. In addition to this you need to put the program ovaries, ovarian cysts.
  • 12 years ago removed cyst of the left ovary and a portion of the ovary. In this ovary cyst formed again for 3 years. May be cured by our devices, and what programs to put?
    In general, the presence of cysts in the ovary - is the normal state of every woman. The fact is that every month a woman is formed small brush - follicle through which the release of the egg. And this is a normal process.
    If there is an inflammatory process, there is an increase of this cyst. Either there is no rupture of the corpus luteum. Apply a set of dysmenorrhea.
    reason cyst may have an infection, a sexually transmitted infection or banal - E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Candida albicans - can cause inflammation and that such a cyst. You can use the antiparasitic device under these programs.
  • A woman of 60 years, numerous chronic cysts in the breasts. How to help?
    A set of programs for mastitis, but also guilty of infection, so the program on blood circulation, lymph circulation, and prevent infection in the identification.
    program mastitis exhibit 1 times a day, before the onset of the effect.
  • In the computer test organism detect cysts uterine, stomach, chest ...
    All cysts in the body - it's a fungus. Should definitely make the diagnosis on fungi, to determine which fungus is present, and to treat him.
  • On the sigmoid colon worth steel metal bracket prohibited electromagnetic therapy. Can I use the program the gastrointestinal tract?
    Yes, you can. This is not a contraindication. Electromagnetic energy, non-contact method introduced in the body, does not cause resonance with this bracket.
  • What programs are released against ticks?
    If the tick is removed, that is the program antiseptic, anti-program, the program drainage. Best help one program: if you put in a day 2-3 times drainage program, all effects will go away.
  • What to do with subcutaneous mite?
    Should be treated, the program is called Demodex.
  • Her skin dries, redness in the area of ??the cheeks, under the eyes and above the eyebrows. What can be done?
    Let's look, with some bodies associated person. Most often, this problem is related to parasitic intestinal and stomach. Programs should be directed to it. If very strong reddening, it may be Staphylococcus-strep lesion furthermore can use programs dysbacteriosis and fungi. And be sure to use the program lymph detox. Please note that there are no problems related to the thyroid gland. I would advise to go through ultrasound, because if it is for a long period, it may be due to hormonal disorders.
  • The child has severe sweating, irritation of the skin. What put the program?
    If your child has severe sweating, then it most likely dystonia or is one way of removing toxins. Therefore, the programs: kidneys, liver and lymph. That is lymph usually begins to emerge through the skin. Therefore, all programs for detoxification and vascular dystonia. And be sure to program Circulation. Examine the child specialist - sweating can be a sign of internal diseases.
  • How to help in premature aging of the skin?
    Put the program The Endocrine System and Purification of the whole organism.
  • Coxarthrosis (hip arthrosis). They say you need to do only operation. Another embodiment of no offers. Can anyone help?
     Pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and restoration of movement in the joint at the initial stages is still possible. But if the proposed operation, the process is already running - if only surgical treatment.
  • Coxarthrosis. What programs help?
    Koksoartroz - the same program as you normally would arthritis, osteoarthritis. You can set up the entire set. If you want to separate, that is, programs Arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis, kidneys, liver, blood circulation, calcium and phosphorus metabolism and the formation of cartilage. Can be whatever according to the cartilage.
  • Coxarthrosis second degree. What programs?
    By Coxarthrosis quick results will be. However, you can reduce the progression of the process, relieve pain, and possibly improve the performance of the joints. First of all, this work program Circulation. It is necessary to make a diagnosis of infection in the joint: often either chlamydia, strep infection, or any other microbial infection is the source of this problem. Inflammation of the program 1, 2, arthritis, arthrosis help relieve inflammation. Also necessary program in the treatment of joint diseases - renal regulation. And always sufficient drinking water in order to output the salts of the joint.
  • Is it possible to treat COLITIS program "Regulation of the digestive tract?"
    Yes, you can. If it is very pronounced, you can put the program and Inflammation. Inflammation rarely germfree. Go through the diagnosis and determine the cause of inflammation.
  • Ulcerative colitis. How can we help?
    Ulcerative colitis - a disease of unknown etiology. At the heart of most often is an autoimmune process. Treatment of autoimmune process, the elimination of toxins from the body through an integrated cleansing the body and exhibiting the same name programs will remove the unwanted symptoms.
  • CONJUNCTIVITIS - what can be caused by viruses, and how to treat it?
    Most often caused by adenovirus conjunctivitis, in which case you need to put the program on adenoviral infection. Moreover, herpes viruses may also cause eye damage.
  • The patient begins to have a headache after the 2nd program in cosmetology. Why and how to help?
    Starts improving blood circulation of the head. And quite often the programs related to the circulation of the head (and the visually impaired, and Cosmetology), starts to hurt or feel dizzy. Because of this, the program should not cancel. This individual sensitivity of cerebral vessels to this program. Simply add the regulation of blood circulation to her.
  • Siberian fluke in the gall bladder and pancreas. What to do?
    Very often, of the gallbladder and biliary tract infections and helminth infections fall into the hepatic duct, because they have a common ductal system. If there is no program with an indication of helminthiasis that interests you, then there is a program estimated by the class. This program Helminths 1, 2 and Helminthosis liver and pancreas. These programs are placed directly one after the other and held one every 3 days for at least 10 times.
  • URTICARIA - what to do?
    Need to do cleansing of the body, as with all types of allergies on the skin pours something that does not fit in the body! The skin to heal, of course, possible, but completely useless! First, deep cleansing, and then you need to treat cutaneous manifestations.
  • Urticaria, allergic dermatitis.
    These problems are likely to be associated with slagging of the body. Therefore, do not work the digestive organs can be bend or bend of the gallbladder (ultrasound should be done). In addition, the program put kidneys, because the kidneys in this case, its function does not seem to cope.
  • Child has a program against Staphylococcus aureus, two hours appeared urticaria.
    This means that in the body of the child is staphylococcus. It started peaking, as the device does not drive the infection into the body, and brings to the surface, and that's good. In this situation, the frequent use of anti-parasitic detoxification program will prompt positive result
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus. What can be done?
    Systemic lupus erythematosus - an autoimmune disease. Very difficult to treat. Just say that it is possible, at least stopped for many years, ie do more of what makes all of medicine together with hormonal therapy. Take advantage of a detox program, Autoimmune diseases, and systemic lupus erythematosus have a program under Rheumatology. Program routine cleaning. The more you output circulating antibodies from the body, so it will be easier person to live. Deep cleaning, kidneys, lymph, Regulation of the immune and endocrine systems - all you need to spend.
  • A girl of 7 years. The diagnosis of "congenital torticollis." Can I help her without resorting to surgery?
    There are two points. Firstly, it is necessary to establish the degree of torticollis. Second, be sure to massage. In antiparasitic 13-unit program is program the muscles, including the neck. You can use any method - that acupuncture and massage, and devices including.
  • With an increase of bilirubin in the blood begins to itch on the body. How to treat?
    Of course, that an increase in bilirubin in the blood begins a similar reaction. In this case, you need to solve the underlying problem, and not to treat itching. Need to detoxify all of the selection. Connect Circulation, lymph circulation, kidneys, liver.
  • What will give recommendations in poor blood clotting?
    According to the stages of the disease is due to the imbalance of the hormonal system. Put the program on the normalization of the hormonal system, and then the program clotting.
  • How to increase blood circulation in the pelvis?
    If you put the local blood flow or oxygen absorbed by the fabric, the force circulation in the pelvis. If you set a program for the treatment of the disease, which is, for example, female urogenital system and blood circulation is followed, then the body will be to know exactly what you need to supply blood. Sedentary lifestyle causes stagnation in the pelvic organs, moderate exercise also improves blood circulation.
  • Bleeding from the nose. Than cure?
    Find the cause! It is an acute pathology. This may be blood diseases, and any, splenic diseases, vascular diseases associated with increased blood pressure. The reasons are many, find specific.
  • Can we treat our devices Crohn's disease?
    Yes, you can and antiparasitic and therapeutic tool. Necessary to detoxify the body. Try this patient to know the test results. In any case, antiparasitic device should be put on the program simple and antiseptics 1, 2, 3, 4, which are located in the section of toxins, and the same name of the program.
  • Is it enough to one program to remove roundworms?
    If a lot of parasites in the body, apart from this program, you can put the basic comprehensive program for parasites. There is an alternative program in sets of helminthes. Comprehensive program works much better.
  • Can I use the devices to quit smoking?
    With this device is not possible. However, you can improve the health of the man, detoxify, tighten the system.
  • LEUKEMIA - can you help?
    As a detoxifying agent for the treatment of co-infection, to stimulate the immune system in cancer successfully applied electromagnetic therapy devices.
    With regard to chemotherapy, it is very strongly suppresses the immune system, so you need to program the immune system, chemical cleaning program of detox and support the liver during chemical stress .
  • Chronic leukemia. What programs? And the more you can increase hemoglobin?
    Chronic leukemia - quite serious pathology, so you can put all of detox. You can set the program bone marrow, Regulation of the immune system, blood circulation, detoxification.
  • What programs are put in leukemia (5th class), hepatitis?
    We recommend that the programs : Regulation of metabolism, endocrine regulation, Regulation of the liver. If toxic hepatitis, the program Activation of the liver, Hepatitis, Liver, deep cleaning.
  • LEYKOKERATOZ larynx. How to help?
    All programs on the human papilloma virus, because that's what he is. Therapy was carried out every day, you can several times a day.
  • Leukoplakia of the cervix. What to do?
    Leukoplakia - a precancerous condition of the cervix, but do not be scared of the word. Treatment in this case should occur with the mandatory participation of the two devices.
    It is necessary to make all treatment programs for sexually transmitted infections by. This can be, and ureaplasma, mycoplasma infection, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, genital herpes or HPV. This may be trivial candidiasis, which causes chronic inflammation. Of course, a very desirable fresh assays. You need to have blood on his hands and pursue a targeted treatment. Program to apply to two weeks every day, we can all together, and several times a day.
    Use complex Dysmenorrhea - it programmed any urinary disorders in women.
  • Diagnosis - LYMPHADENITIS, prescribed antibiotics. What programs you recommend? Program "Deep Cleaning" apply now or not?
    Be sure the program Deep Cleaning. And if you are already taking antibiotics, add Dysbacteriosis program. Lymphadenitis is most often caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus infection, so further enable these programs and even 2-3 times a laziness to the disappearance of lymph nodes.
  • Lymphostasis diagnosed, severe swelling, pain feet. What programs help?
    Circulation + Management + Swelling lymph lymphatic origin + Kidney + Deep Cleaning.
    Expose all programs in order, several times during the day.
  • Lymphostasis in the groin area.
    Program for lymphostasis there. There is a category for Lymphology, where you can pick up a program to lymphostasis. But if there lymphostasis in the groin, please refer to the doctor and find out why in the pelvis does not pass the lymph. Most likely, it is something blocked.
  • Lipoma 8 cm. How can we help?
    Unfortunately, in all probability, have to remove it. Naturally, if there lipomatosis, i.e. it has been formed and will not dissolve. To stop this process, there is a program for lipoma, and is called - lipomatosis. And there adenovirus 36, which is the etiological cause of lipomas.
  • Multiple lipomas.
    Lipomas treated program Adenovirus 36, a program for lipomatosis. Quite difficult to remove and prevent the formation of new opportunities.
  • Is it possible to recover from a murine hemorrhagic fever?
    This is a program for hemorrhagic fever. By mouse no. It is necessary to carry out the stimulation of immunity and general antiviral program.
  • Swollen face and a woman holding a month, a suspicion that after the application of our devices. How can we help?
    The face of a woman of our devices can not swell in any way. Either it is an allergy or a problem with the kidneys. No stimulating effect device does not possess. Just her own toxins that are in the intercellular substance, begin to emerge from the body, and here the only thing that needed to be done at once, - activate the function of the excretory organs, and remove toxins from the body. For 13 years, use of these devices have never been observed tumor entity. It's more like an allergy.
  • Dry zoster. Psoriasis. What programs are put?
    Both the disease requires an individual approach. If we are talking about shingles - an infection. Infection caused by fungi. To treat it, there is a program Ringworm. Or need to find out what the fungus takes part in it. And act on it. In psoriasis need a program of gradual elimination of infection from the body, the program Psoriasis and always cleaning program.
  • Are there programs for the treatment of tinea versicolor?
    Yes, there is a program. Called Tinea. You can use this program. Treat several times a day can continuously. In this case, it is necessary to wet the fungi, as in this case completely dry media does not work with the device. If you treat the fungus feet or hair (dandruff, psoriasis), it is desirable to use the device after a bath, then the program works much faster.
  • Purulent ENT infections. What to install?
    Most often it is staphylococcus, streptococcus and candida, although it may be pneumococcus, mycoplasma, there is a wide range of infections. You can put Staphylococci, Streptococci and Candida, but other than that you can put four Antiseptic and monitor the status. With the ineffectiveness of programs for the day of the program should be changed to others. It is best to hand over the throat swab and determine the microflora, and then puts the program.
  • The daughter (3 years old) found Giardia. What programs are needed to make a baby?
    Program Giardia children placed once in three days. Keep in mind that the child may be intoxication. During the month of Giardia disappear. It is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene and to be treated as a family.
  • After setting the program "Giardia" when to do a reanalysis of their identification?
    It is necessary to put the program Giardia 5 times in a day or two, according to the state. Then take a break and again 5 treatment sessions. And then do the analysis.
  • How often can put the program on giardia?
    This program can be set every day, if there is no intoxication. If there is toxicity, it is necessary to take a break between the programs of 1-2 days, drink more water during this period, do the cleaning, and then repeat this program.
  • Is there a cure mastoiditis?
    This is a purulent inflammation of the mastoid process, often occurring after otitis. The reason is a pyogenic infection - Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and various types of fungi, so you can put the program on antiseptics and above microorganisms Drainage series, up to 4 times a day until complete recovery.
  • How many times can I use the appliance in mastopathy? Is it enough to use the same program of mastitis, mastopathy without using the 1 and 3?
    Enough. All programs are designed as follows. The first program we have - a program Active protection or stimulation of immunity; second - breast, is a treatment program that regulates the female hormonal system and restores the breast; third program - a cleansing. But without regulation of blood circulation and remove toxins breast itself will not work.
  • How to carry out the treatment of mastitis in a dog?
    As well as in humans.
  • Mastopathy. A woman 56 years of benign lump in her breast - what programs can help?
    Program for mastitis, which are in sets, certainly in the regulation of female genitalia and treatment of sexually transmitted infections by which it is necessary to identify and treat.
  • Mastopathy. What programs and what device to be the first?
    There is a program for breast cancer, which is located in the complex. Put all the programs. First - in the morning, the last - for the night. And quite well resolved.
    Keep in mind that nothing in the breast just is not formed, as this tissue is directly responsive to stimulation by the ovaries. Therefore, you should still start with the treatment of ovarian cancer. And the complex has a program position on the endocrine system. But do not forget about infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Banal candidiasis may cause dysfunction of the ovaries due to inflammation in the pelvic area. Therefore, the two units and antiparasitic program should be.
  • Two-horned uterus. Can anyone help devices? The girl really wants to have a baby, but doctors are not allowed to get pregnant.
    No, of course not. Any anatomical structure does not change devices.
  • What infection can cause uterine fibroids?
    Any infection, sexually transmitted. This can be a ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia. They are virtually asymptomatic and can cause miomatoz.
  • How can I treat the inflammatory processes that lead to cervical erosion and infection, sexually transmitted diseases?
    First we need to start by removing the herpes virus and papillomavirus. Then working on ureaplasma, chlamydia, and over all the other infections that are included in this comprehensive program.
  • Female 75 years old. Cervical dysplasia. Put in onkodispanser make full curettage under general anesthesia. What programs are put?
    Cervical dysplasia - is the human papilloma virus. 99% of the blame for it was he. The rest - a virus of genital herpes. Need to do to complete the detoxification program.
  • Woman 60 years, uterine prolapse. Can anyone help?
    One can hardly help in this situation. Put the program Regulation of the endocrine system, Climax, Connective tissue - this will strengthen the fabric.
  • Is there a cure Uterine dysplasia, and how the device?
    TMost often, cervical dysplasia cause genital herpes and human papillomavirus. But other infection may be involved: mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonas, chlamydia, gardnerella, candida. It is better to make a diagnosis. In any case, the device only works on resonance to infection, and if it does not, the unit will not cause harm.
  • Uterine Fibroids. What are the stages of treatment?
    The first thing to be removed from the body of infection, sexually transmitted diseases. It can be chlamydia, ureaplasma, trichomonas, candida, human papilloma virus, genital herpes. All this treatment should be in the complex.
    And, of course, programs Uterus, Regulation of female urogenital system. This will be enough.
  • How to help with uterine fibroids (8 nodes, the largest - 64 mm)?
    This is likely to have surgical pathology. Although it is possible to put the program schistosomes and watch myoma. There are programs : fibromiomy, several of them. Rife has links to various infections. With the ineffectiveness during the month program or change, or to agree to the operation.
  • Can anyone help with blocked tubes?
    If the fallopian tubes caused by the recent inflammation and scar formation is not yet complete, ie connective tissue is still loose, then you can help. It is necessary to put forward a program of dysmenorrhea, which introduced the frequency and to restore patency of the fallopian tubes, and on the regeneration of the whole of the genitourinary system.
    should also apply antiparasitic device as anti-inflammatory agent that will treat infections caused by this pathology. Need to be tested for all infections that are. Obstruction - a consequence of the inflammatory process. Scarring - it is your body to stop the infection. Therefore, find and fight the infection that causes inflammation and obstruction.
  • Adhesions in the fallopian tubes - how to help?
    Program to expose spikes. Under Gynecology - Fallopian tubes plus treatment of infections.
  • After tooth extraction began complication - mediastinitis. How can I help?
    Infection began to spread through the lymphatic system, it is necessary to put all antiseptics plus program for staphylococci and streptococci.
  • Patient after removal of the melanoma, insulin. What can you recommend?
    The first step is to carry out detoxification program Deep Cleaning. Then set the program Circulation and Regulation of the pancreas.
  • The child 5 months bacterial meningitis. Slapped a bunch of drugs. As his lead to normal after antibiotics and treatment of disease?
    The child in the body is likely to candidiasis after antibiotics, plus E. coli, which is under the influence of antibiotics has mutated. Therefore, Candida and Escherichia coli mutant expose several times. In some programs, "Escherichia coli" is written in Russian, and some say "Escherichia Coley" - are one and the same. First of all, these programs expose. And the cleaning program, liver, kidneys. Several times a day can put Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, deep cleaning, Circulation. This mandatory program.
  • How is a program for the removal of heavy metals?
    The program is called elimination of heavy metals, it is under Detoxification.
  • Metastases.
    Distributes them mushroom mikozus fukgoideus, so we put the program on this type of fungus, as well as programs for cleansing and detoxification.
  • What programs are put in flatulence?
    Flatulence - is flatulence. Flatulence is a program, but better to use the program Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract.
    If there is flatulence may use enterosorbents. And we need to identify the cause. It may be a violation of digestion, and goiter, and a violation of the pancreas. It is necessary to determine the reason, and the only cure.
  • Bags under the eyes, what is the reason?
    If the bags in the evenings - it buds in the morning - it's the heart. Look for the cause.
  • How to recover from a migraine?
    Migraine - a hormone-dependent disease. So first of all you need to adjust the endocrine system. This disease is usually female, but men also appear. It is said that only the brilliant men have migraines.
    necessary to restore the hormonal system and the menstrual cycle, provide treatment to cleanse the body. Then migraine decrease. Migraine is a program, but without the restoration of the endocrine system does not work.
  • Mycosis fungoides. What program to put?
    On this mycosis must set general program fungi.
  • How often to put the program on ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chronic and if they are in the bones?
    Within 10 days, almost all the infection goes away, it is necessary to put the program 5 times a day, it is possible for a month. Program are as follows: Ureaplasma Mycoplasma + + Trichomonas.
  • Mikrosporum fungus. How can we help?
    Every day for a month program for fungi.
  • Diagnostics showed mikrosporum, but the skin does not.
    Yes, it is possible fungal infections. This, like in the forest, fungi can not see, but there is always a mycelium.
  • High myopia (-8), a man 35 years old, one eye after surgery (-14). What are the chances, what programs are put?
    The chances of the operated eye below should be treated comprehensively. Start with a deep cleaning (flush toxins after surgery; everyone who has a problem with the eyes, it is necessary to treat the liver!) Regulation GIT program in circulation, a set of programs for the visually impaired.
  • High myopia - can you help?
    These are programs that are programmed in the set of problems with his vision. Either you are programming a program Hyperopia / Myopia - it is one and the same frequency. Circulation, eyes and be sure to clean up the program, ie Liver, kidneys - is necessary programs.
  • Mitral valve insufficiency.
    Specifically, such a program is not. But there is a program of the Heart, Blood circulation regulation. These programs will help to deal with this vice. If the defect in the process of payment, these programs will prolong your life; if the defect in the stage of decompensation, you may need surgery.
  • Pumped fluid from the brain of the 2 nd time. How to help this problem?
    We can not say why. But if it is pumped out, in any case, provide circulatory liquorodynamics. Put the program on the kidneys, liver, to withdraw excess fluid from the cranial cavity. No other choice.
  • Atrophy of the brain.
    The main reason - the lack of blood circulation of the head, associated with atherosclerosis or trauma.
    Put a program in neurology: Circulation general, Circulation heads, Common nerve problems, nerves and strengthen the structure (try to regenerate nerves), Kidney cleansing, deep cleaning. It is necessary to create a good nutritional conditions for the regeneration of nerves.
  • Cerebellar receives psychotropic.
    If you had an injury, then work as a trauma. Circulation of the program head, nerves, cleansing the body.
  • What program to use for molluscum contagiosum?
    It is a viral disease, and such a program we do not have.
  • THRUSH. Applies whether the genitourinary tract?
    Yes, of course. Candidiasis affects the mucous membranes. And the bladder mucosa are no exception. Candidiasis may be in the mouth, intestines, urinary tract, genitals (vagina goiter).
  • Which program to put a girl 19 years for breast enlargement?
    Program puts Regulation of female urogenital system, blood circulation and breast cancer. If a girl has a menstrual cycle, it is necessary to put the program and the menstrual cycle. Normally developing mammary glands are only possible on the background of the normal functioning of the ovaries. So all that's needed to put these programs every day, and then you get the result.
  • The "breast enlargement" - how to use and how complex?
    Program Regulation of female urogenital system, you can put the endocrine system and the program of breast enlargement. Of course, the circulation of the blood, because without this in any way.
  • The girl after giving birth was a weak bladder. Even when walking slowly comes out. What programs?
    Such a problem does exist. Girl expose Program Regulation of female urogenital system, the bladder, blood circulation, nerve problems General 1, 2, and assigns the drug "Gentos" 10 drops 3 times a day. This is a very good drug to increase the contractility of the bladder.
  • Urolithiasis.
    Comprehensive program for kidney stones, and drinking lots of water.
  • You can treat urinary infections without removing worms?
    Yes, you can. What has been found, can be treated first.
  • CYSTIC FIBROSIS (cystic fibrosis)?
    There is no certainty that in this case it is possible to help devices. Now this program is not. A rather complicated problem.
  • Will the program from insects?
    There are programs Ants, Scabies, Fleas. There was a program Demodex (dog tick). This 20-minute program is under Veterinary Medicine.
  • Neuralgia. I can not breathe in deeply - gives to the right shoulder blade. What programs deliver?
    Unfortunately, in this case, neuralgia most often caused by a pinched nerve, so put the program Antipain, Back fatigue, anti-stress - in that order. Look - can work. Refer to a chiropractor, since you have to edit the spine.
  • Intercostal neuralgia. How to treat?
    Most likely, intercostal neuralgia causes herpes zoster. Start with this program. Inflammation also put programs 1, 2, and Neurology Antipain, Circulation and Purification.
  • Boil in the head more than 10 years. Developing hearing loss diagnosed with neuritis of the auditory nerve.
    First of all put the program Circulation head Kohlyarnaya deafness, Nerve structure reinforcement. In this case, you may get a result.
  • Woman '54 - how to treat urinary incontinence?
    First of all - Regulation of the endocrine system, the program in neurology: General nerve problems, circulation. There are programs on the bladder - The weakness of the sphincter. Plus Anti-stress. Most often this is due to the state of the mucous in connection with the extinction of sex hormones, so the main program - Regulation of the female reproductive system.
  • Neurodermatitis - which put the program?
    As with any allergy, the program for cleaning the body: Deep cleaning, Regulation gastrointestinal Dysbacteriosis, if it is, then the program on allergies, the skin and anti-stress.
  • Neuropathy, cryptogenic epilepsy - how to treat?
    Program in neurology: Circulation General nerve problems 1, 2, Nerve structure and reinforcement.
  • Whether and how to treat neuropathy?
    There are many types of neuropathies. All of them belong to the diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Part of neuropathies caused by infectious agents (viruses of herpes group, Coxsackie, etc..), But most of the lesions of peripheral nerves are non-inflammatory nature (autoimmune, degenerative). These diseases are, unfortunately, very difficult to be treated, but you can still get a positive result.
    program currently  contains the necessary programs for the treatment of neuropathies. Section of Neurology at the device antiparasitic therapy program can be set for different types of neuropathies regenerating and etiological.
    You can use the same programs: the nerve problems (in this important program Nerve degeneration), as well as accompanying programs , cleansing programs. When you add the inflammatory component of the program Inflammation 1, 2 in autoimmune processes - Autoimmune diseases.
    Positive results will be, but they will not be fast.
    This is required to take measures to eliminate toxins from the body. This program Detoxification and Kidney mode.
  • We partner aseptic necrosis of the heads of both femurs. How to treat?
    Therapy for running processes inefficient. Before step necrosis in principle may help. This program Circulation, be sure to program for cartilage, the exchange of calcium, phosphorus, detoxification programs, programs for the immune and endocrine systems.
  • The sciatic nerve. Which program to treat?
    There is a program Sciatica. Then you can program Inflammation. If the inflammation is caused by a virus or genital herpes virus Einstein-Barr virus, it is possible to treat these very programs. You can put the program to check if after using them they get better, so this is the reason.
  • Degeneration of the peroneal nerve - which program is better to put?
    Now place the program to improve blood flow to the state of the lumbar (Sciatica, Sciatica - if there is pain, low back pain lumbar).
  • Sciatica.
    Program sciatica or lumbago, backache, inflammation of the program 1, 2, the nerve structure, plus strengthening and Anti Antipain.
  • Nephroptosis 2nd degree - what programs can be put?
    Unfortunately, no. Nephroptosis - is the omission of the kidneys. Kidneys are not fixed anything, except as perinephric. Therefore, the person needs to get better for the kidney back into place. Instrument it is impossible to help.
  • Gradual baldness. Can anyone help?
    The first step is to verify the presence of intestinal parasites, namely the small intestine. If you do not have such an opportunity, put the program Parasites of intestine, hair growth, and cleaning program for the restoration of immunity. With the gradual hair loss is most often the cause of parasites. Also need a program Antistress. Can be caused by exposure to radiation, then the main program will be cleaning.
  • A girl of 9 years. OBESITY. How to treat devices?
    The girl should be put on the clock strictly meals: breakfast from 07:00 to 09:00, lunch from 13:00 to 15:00 and dinner from 18:00 to 18:30. We must, of course, to identify the cause of obesity. Most likely, this is due to disturbances in the activity of hormones. Hormonal disorders should be treated from 21:00 to 23:00. Start with proper nutrition, include cleaning mode and pay attention to her physical activity.
    Thus, the problem should be solved not only devices. These children are very shown any physical activity, dance, sports and games.
  • OBESITY. Is there a solution to this problem devices?
    When this issue is needed, of course, a comprehensive approach. Here are included and the digestive system, and problems with the center saturation, and problems with insufficient secretion of hormones, lack of cleavage and insufficient work gonads. And of course, it is necessary to pay attention to diet, as most often the cause of obesity is overeating. Therefore, make it a habit to count calories when you sit down at the table. Give preference to food, which is useful, but not one that is tasty. You should also know that in today's food too many preservatives, dyes, thickeners. There are those chemicals that retain water in the sausage, sausage and sausage. Penetrating into the body, and they'll begin to hold water.
    Strive for a balanced diet and as much as possible without chemistry.
    Use for the treatment of obesity Obesity is a complex program, as well as deep cleaning. This will be enough to begin the process of cleansing and getting rid of excess weight.
  • "Obesity" plus "deep cleaning." Spent 2 course in 6 sessions. There are no results.
    2 courses for 6 sessions - it's got two weeks. If we talk about that to the point where you began to use this device, you spent many years, picking up and adipose tissue, and toxins, and is most likely took a few decades, the two weeks you do not get results. Because the body needs quite a lot of time to remove toxins. And the recovery of the endocrine system, the correct flow of a few tens of chemical reactions, and endocrine responses must also obviously longer. Impossible that the body was reconstructed with such speed. So wait for the results in a week, a month is not worth it. This need to wait for at least several months. At the same time, there are reviews and the fact that people were getting a significant weight loss in a week.
  • With obesity on the heater to your stomach?
    Yes, of course.
  • Please tell me what is included in a set of specific programs for obesity and detoxification?
    When we put the obesity program for the regulation of the endocrine system, appetite, circulatory, excretory function, metabolism, all levels of regulation of the endocrine system, the absorption and distribution of fat deposition. They are all included in the program of Obesity.
    The program includes cleansing to rid the lymph, blood, liver, lymphatic system.
  • Obesity which programs to put 2 or 3, or both?
    2nd and 3rd - both are great. This is just the program entirely on regulation and zhirootlozhenija and system of the liver, and blood circulation.
  • Is it possible to restore the chromosome, rejuvenate the body?
    Yes, there is a program in DNA repair .
  • Installed the program "shingles", and he appeared on the skin.
    Brilliant. So, it was you, and went his treatment device. It is necessary to continue the course.
  • Is there a cure shingles?
    Of course you can. This is the fourth stage of the disease, when the skin is responsible for the fact that the excretory organs do not work, ie, too intoxicated body. Checked up on parasitism and work programs to clean up.
  • Benign tumors in the head. How can we help?
    With this diagnosis need individual counseling, and only after such it will be able to program the devices mounted on the type of tumor.
  • The woman benign breast disease, breast patient became much larger than the other, outside of the breast skin is wrinkled. Recommend a course of treatment.
    Directly on these processes have programs , required treatment program (program lymph detox). Also need to look at the hormonal status of women and to put the program Antistress. Program at the tumor may be the second (after cleaning). And the third program - immunity.
  • Expressed osteoarthritis.
    With severe osteoarthritis is hard enough to fight. Here it is necessary to carry out the program arthritis, osteoarthritis, regulation of calcium, program Inflammation 1, 2, if it is at the moment, the program Antipain. And be sure to program kidneys.
    If you want to be treated in the complex, the programs expose sequentially: first - in the morning, the last - for the night. Thus, all of the programs are set up for the day.
    In this case, treatment should be 3 months. Then a month rest. And so to the onset of the effect.
  • Osteoma - what causes it? Is it possible to cure aids?
    Osteoma can cause anything. It can be bacterial and viral infection, and injury. You can use the software update of bones, regulation of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Received hand injury (brush). Passed one operation. Opened fistula. Diagnosed OSTEOMYELITIS bone. Lay on the third operation, the bone was removed to 3 cm. What programs are put?
    It is a program Osteomyelitis. This program should be accompanied by programs Antiseptics (5 pieces) plus that the infection that caused the osteomyelitis (usually pyogenic infection).
  • In osteoporosis, the program "osteomalacia" is used?
    You can use this program
  • Back pain, osteoporosis.
    Put the program Regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, inflammation 1, 2, Antipain.
  • Osteoporosis - what programs are put?
    First embodiment. In osteoporosis, put the program on the exchange of calcium and phosphorus. If you use calcium, and it is not absorbed, put the program Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract. If insufficient blood circulation in the bones, the calcium go no galley, so put the program Circulation. Exhibited all three programs.
    second option. This problem is closely related to the genitourinary system, ie with dysfunction of the bladder, and disturbances in the hormonal system. Therefore exhibit program kidneys, hormonal system, cleaning the body. All these programs help in osteoporosis.
  • Lumbar degenerative disc disease, pinching the sciatic nerve, severe pain - how to treat?
    The device  exposes program Inflammation 1, 2, sciatica, lumbago, backache, Antipain, osteochondrosis, certainly Anti, Regulation of blood circulation, deep cleansing, kidney cleansing (to remove toxins).
  • OSTEOCHONDROSIS treated devices?
    We will not argue that he is well treated, but, nevertheless, it is possible to remove pain. Osteochondrosis - a replacement of cartilage have denser structures - calcifications, and regenerate tissue, as you know, is unlikely. And, of course, to dissolve such structures is difficult, but it is possible to improve blood circulation and the slip in the spine, improve the fabrics of the spine, which will greatly facilitate the patient's condition.
  • Is it possible to treat otitis media?
    Yes, of course. You should start right from the first symptoms appear. Expose program Staphylococcus aureus, then - Candidiasis program several times and programs otitis, inflammation Antipain. And otitis pass quickly.
  • Otitis media. How to treat?
    It is necessary, first, to detect the infection, which is to blame. Usually blame the same infection that lives in the mouth or on the tonsils - staphylococci, streptococci, candida albicans. These programs must exhibit one another and several times a day, 3-4 times.
    When the temperature is, these programs are set almost continuously. This treatment you spend antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, spend cleansing of intoxication. Such a program sequence place for several days. But within two or three days, you can get a result - a full recovery from almost any infection (sore throat, otitis media, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc.). There should be such intensity.
  • CLEANSING. Which is better - "Deep cleaning-1" or "Deep Cleaning-2"?
    Deep cleaning program is primarily aimed at cleansing the liver, ie, restoration of its detoksatsionnoy function. Therefore, do not care.
  • How to spend CLEANSING lymph?
    To cleanse the lymph has a section Lymphology, and all programs can be used in it. There is a program lymph detox. It's a great program for the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • CLEANSING. During the "deep cleaning" began to swell feet, before it was not. Why?
    Because little drink of water. Intercellular substance of the toxins begin to emerge. They are charged, are molecules, ions, salts, and they pull the water itself. And that's fine. Increase the amount of water, add a program kidneys and bring it out of the body.
  • What is included in the program "cleanse the body"?
    Regulation of the excretory organs (liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract) plus active protection and circulation.
  • How to improve memory?
    Memory - is a function of the brain, and in order to improve memory, it is necessary first of all well-perfused brain. The human brain at birth is usually well supplied with blood, but with age appear atherosclerotic plaques. Therefore, the blood supply to the brain, especially in the elderly, it is necessary to improve. Applying the program to cleanse Cholesterol vessels with atherosclerotic vascular lesions of the brain, can achieve good results.
    second significant negative effects on memory are toxins. During his life in all body tissues, including brain tissue, accumulate unwanted toxins - breakdown products, salts of heavy metals, etc.. And so the second problem - the elimination of toxins.
    To improve memory, it is possible to influence the memory centers. They can be found in the Psychology. This center, which can be affected by increasing the function of brain areas responsible for different abilities and emotions. Programs in different centers can be combined for an overall development of the person at any age.
  • How to help in chronic pancreatitis?
    In the case of acute pancreatitis treatment surgeons leave, as it is already a very serious problem.
    Chronic pancreatitis also be affected by the following programs: Pancreas; Pancreatitis; Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract; regulation of liver function - Deep Cleaning; Kidneys mode.
  • Acute pancreatitis.
    At this stage, do not recommend to treat devices as here you need surgery!
  • How to treat PANCREATITIS device?
    If it is acute pancreatitis, it is treated only in a hospital surgeons. Chronic pancreatitis treated device .
  • What programs are put in pancreatitis and ischemic heart disease?
    Pancreatitis is more likely to cause giardia, Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli, Candida, Coxsackie viruses. CHD - cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, chlamydia, nanobacteria plus atherosclerosis. Program should be put in series, at least one week + program to cleanse the liver.
  • Treated whether papilloma?
    Papillomatosis treated. Papillomatosis need for daily use of the program of human papilloma within 10 days. Then it is possible to cure of papillomatosis.
  • Papilloma VIRUS. After 5 sessions visible result is not. What programs have yet to put it?
    Put papillae. Visible results will not always be manifest, because it is already formed papilloma. It is clear that the device has no chemical or physical impact. This effect on the virus itself - it dies, and papilloma will gradually decrease. If you want to get a result on a papilloma on the skin, it is not a matter of one day. It is possible that over time they will begin to decrease and fade. This is the skin reactions, and most infections may no longer be. If you put two weeks and does not help, then put all three programs. Use every day (2-3 times a day).
  • Laryngeal papillomatosis for 20 years. What to do?
    Do not have to wait any longer! Set the program Human papillomavirus and run it every day. Papilloma not dissolve quickly, but you need to diagnose identify all areas in the body of viruses and to work with them.
  • If a person does not know about his parasite, how it is necessary to begin treatment?
    If a person does not know about their parasites, it is possible to conduct therapy without analysis. People may not be aware of their parasites, but WHO data, researchers and scholars (professors, leading experts of different cities, heads of departments) say - the situation is the same: 95% (minimum) of people around the world struck by helminths. Therefore, the visual absence of worms did not say that they are not.
    If you have children, then Pinworms, Ascaris. If there are no children, there is a dog, it can be Roundworms, tapeworms. For the treatment of these programs need to go once every 3 days. Along with a detox program. The program removes toxins parasites. You can also put the program helminth eggs.
    If a small number of worms, then it is enough, and five times. If a lot of worms, it is necessary to delay treatment for a month (once every 3 days).
    You can use these programs twice a year for prevention.
  • A child of four years from the birth of hypofunction of the parathyroid glands, but sometimes, like now, a good analysis. Is it possible to use the device, would not it be an overdose?
    The device can be used from the first day of birth, and, of course, no overdose will not. When hypofunction of the parathyroid glands is necessary to use the program regulation of the endocrine system. There is also a program of the parathyroid glands.
  • Acute periodontitis. How can we help?
    Periodontitis and periodontal disease .Circulation, to improve it in the tissues of the oral cavity and will remove toxins; Inflammation of the program 1, 2 - in the acute period. Often necessary to run these programs, and you can quickly solve these problems.
  • Periodontal disease is treated with the equipment?
    Yes, it is treated. Preferably, of course, to find out what is the problem. This is usually the parasitic problem. Start with antiseptics programs that are under Detoxification: 4 programs in a row, and hygiene of the oral cavity mode. There is a program Oral amoeba, which, too, is the cause of periodontal disease. You can use a set of programs to periodontal disease, dental caries.
  • The second fracture, insert needle. How to help, where to start?
    Firstly, if you hit yourself, or you hit in the head, or had a stroke, or surgery - it's all trauma. Means exhibiting trauma rehabilitation. Conventional program to cleanse the body: circulatory mode kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract and Regulation Deep Cleaning. Anti necessarily, regulation of phosphorus and calcium. Fracture healing is a program. And every morning puts Active protection program, as the immune system is very weak in almost all.
  • Car hit the girl. Pearl bones, concussion. How to treat?
    Start with programs Circulation, Circulation heads, Rehabilitation, General nerve problems, then treatment of bone fractures. And be sure to program Antistress, Deep Cleaning, kidneys.
  • Hip fracture.
    Treatment of complex, as already developed osteoporosis bone. More often in women and is associated with hormones.
    Programs: Calcium uptake, treatment of bone after fracture + Circulation.
    The younger a person is, the better the result.
  • Do I need to put the program at fracture "Update of bone cells?"
    Yes, you can deliver, but there is a program and fusion of bones.
  • What diseases affect the appearance of dandruff?
    This problem is related to the slagging of the body, so you need the program for cleaning (Deep Cleaning, lymph detox). A program of cleaning mold and mildew (fungus detox). And these problems go away within 4-5 days.
  • How to treat dandruff?
    In antiparasitic device has a program that is called - Dandruff.
  • How to get rid of liver flukes?
    Take a common program of parasitosis. Get the program of helminths: Parasites of the digestive tract, liver parasites, parasites common 1, 2 or Parasites basic, and that will be enough. Liver fluke - there is only one frequency "fastsiolla gepatika", take advantage of this frequency and the integrated program.
  • How often in liver disease can exhibit program "Deep Cleaning"?
    It is necessary to put this program at least once every day.
  • What programs are put at liver hemangiomas?
    Hemangioma of the liver - a vascular tumor of the liver. Applications: Liver, through the blood vessels, blood circulation, cleaning.
  • How to restore the liver, with the aid of instruments?
    Programs Toxic liver disease, liver, Activation of liver function.
  • How to treat spots on the face?
    Pigmented spots is very difficult to treat, this is a problem with the sun and with the type of skin, most often it affects white-skinned people. Also there is a connection with the fungal infection. There is a program spots, but it is ineffective. Need a program for the fungus Candida and daily cleaning program. We also recommend these antifungal drugs and cosmetics for the skin.
  • The child 1.5 years PYELONEPHRITIS. How can we help?
    First of all, please find some it was an infection - staph or strep. Put stafillo- and streptofloru, and, if he is still in diapers, you must replace the E. coli, because it can be skid infection of the diaper with feces.
  • Chronic pyelonephritis. Is there a program?
    This program is in the devices. Check for infections causing pyelonephritis.
  • The young man pyelonephritis, is on hemodialysis. The doctor does not recommend wave therapy, and mother doubts device.
    Rather, it is glomerulonephritis, and an autoimmune disease, and in this case, the device is useless. Operation - a kidney transplant, has nothing to regenerate, unfortunately.
  • Pyoderma. Can anyone help?
    Pyoderma - a pustular disease of the skin. Treat it should be those programs that address the causes of the disease, ie, should be treated primarily staphylococcal and streptococcal infection antiparasitic device. Moreover, the use of antiparasitic device for these programs and pyogenic bacteria need to include 2-3 times a day, not less. And during the week you need to get a result - the complete disappearance of these lesions.
  • What programs are used in pneumonia in adults? Do I need anti-parasitic device? In the office, two pneumonia, two - severe bronchitis.
    Known disease such office as legionellosis - disease conditioners. Therefore put Legionella, then attach the program to staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, perhaps pneumococcus.
    Let all who pneumonia, surrender smear flora. Identify and put all the same program. Most likely, there will be several.
  • A child three years Pneumonia, cytomegalovirus.
    Programs in our devices on all of these states is necessary to determine what caused an acute pneumonia. If you do not know what place programs aimed at acute process, immunity (active protection).
  • For gout need to include a program of "Circulation"?
    Yes, of course. Gout - a disease associated with metabolic disorders. It is localized in the joints just like arthritis, so the program arthritis, arthritis, kidney necessary in the treatment of diseases of the joints always. You need to put the program Kidneys and take plenty of water. Will not swell the joints will not swell your feet if you take plenty of water, because the other way out of the body do not appear salt.
    Since gout is an accumulation of joint products of protein metabolism, that in this disease the person needs to adhere strictly to the diet and to cancel all animal proteins, which only can be canceled. But in this case you get a result.
    Programs: Circulation, Kidney, Detoxification or deep cleaning, Metabolic and program Gout.
  • GOUT - treatment possible?
    It is difficult, but possible. It is necessary to limit the use of meat products because the disease is associated with metabolic disorders (purine products and deposition of uric acid in the big toe).
    In this case, the program needed: Circulation, Deep Cleaning, kidneys; Rheumatology Section: Control frequency Kidney, Liver with arthritis, gout. And being treated as arthritis, arthrosis, but very carefully, because there are acute. Keep your kidneys, as they are very sick and weakened.
  • What programs are used to treat gout?
    When gout main programs - a Kidney, because there is a disturbance of metabolism. Program kidneys, circulatory system, digestive tract Regulation, Liver, Deep cleaning - it is necessary programs. And, of course, diet. And the program arthritis, osteoarthritis. And there is a program Gout.
  • How to help the displacement of the first cervical vertebra?
    When such pathology you no person can help to until the vertebra is not put in place. Only then can we take advantage of programs Antipain, Inflammation and Cervical osteochondrosis.
  • How to treat the spine, such as degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc?
    It is a complex called the treatment of the spine, and all treatment programs and frequencies that are there, about the treatment of degenerative disc disease.
    Pain management program you can accompany Antipain if there is any inflammation of the nerves. It may be, for example, Sciatica (sciatica) and Inflammation Program 1, 2 These programs should work quickly and to help the person get rid of unpleasant sensations.
    Together with the program is to use the spine treatment for intervertebral disc regeneration and restoration of the structure of the spine . These programs are in section Vertebrology.
    And only then, picking up the program, which is essential to the patient, you can filter by department: cervical, thoracic, lumbar osteochondrosis, ie carry out treatment in the location of pain.
  • Herniated disc. How can I help?
    Herniation of the spine - a disease that is often associated with injuries and a violation of the ligamentous apparatus. If we say that a hernia already exists, you can use the device as its anatomical structure we can not recover. Therefore, if the hernia is small and it can be with the help of a chiropractor is removed, the program on the spine is as follows: The backbone of the program or the entire Injuries, Rehabilitation and connective tissue, ligaments, blood circulation, anti-stress. All these programs can be used to treat a herniated disc.
    Keep in mind that pain in hernia can be very pronounced, so put Antipain program, and if there is inflammation - Inflammation program 1, 2.
  • Is there a program "FEVER"?
    Causes of arthritis may be different: infection, allergy, salt accumulation. It is necessary to pay attention to what kind of arthritis. Our standard program arthritis, osteoarthritis + Circulation + + Polyarthritis kidneys. During the program you need to make the movement of arthritis in the joint. Deep cleaning is required, otherwise it may be worsening and increased pain - it says that you are not held to the function of removing toxins. If possible, we first carry out cleansing, and only then to be treated.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
    Expose the program from the Rheumatology: Arthritis, arthritis, autoimmune diseases + regulation of blood circulation, cleansing the liver and kidneys.
  • With some programs, it is necessary to begin treatment of polyarthritis?
    Treatment of arthritis should begin with the program Kidneys, then spend the detoxification program of deep cleaning, then goes to programs for the treatment of joints (see. Relevant programs). That is, we must first pay attention to the removal of toxins from the body, and they will go out through the kidneys.
  • Polycystic.
    Polycystic is a reflection of a chronic infection in the body. Find this infection. Most likely, a bacterial infection, because the virus infection rarely gives polycystic. So start with the main - hand over the blood of sterility hand over analyzes for the presence of antibodies in the blood and see what's there.
  • Polyps in the cervical canal.
    It is necessary to put the program on the human papilloma virus, because it is called a polyp. Chronic infection may also increase the rate of polyp - to treat infections, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Can I remove cholesterol polyps in the gallbladder?
    Yes, probably. You need to put the program regulation of cholesterol. And be sure to program the liver, in order to restore the metabolism.
  • Is there a cure endometrial polyps and ovarian cysts?
    Yes, it can be cured. Endometrial polyp - most often it is the human papilloma virus, so start with him. And treat infections, sexually transmitted diseases. If possible, look through their analyzes. Impossible, then put what you have available.
  • POLYP 12 duodenal ulcer - how to treat?
    It is necessary to restore the mucosa. Applications: Polyps, papillomavirus, Helicobacter, Giardia.
  • Is it possible to complete recovery POLYPS guarantee their complete elimination in the absence of traces of cancer?
    No, unfortunately. There is no such program that would fall within the polyps. In general, the word "guarantee" does not apply to the person. Everyone - the whole world. And to say that is guaranteed to be cured something, you can not. There is no 100% in general medicine. Malignancy, ie degeneration into cancer, can begin at any time.
  • Polyps in the intestines.
    When polyps in the bowel program is placed under the GI tract polyps, tumors and programs carried out the restoration of the mucosa.
    polyps in the intestines often occur on the background of the inflammatory process, and then the first to be restored to remove the inflammatory process.
  • Male 57 years, nasal polyps, operated four times, grow back. What programs are put?
    In this case, you are the cause of the disease is not removed, so the polyps grow again. You need to check the gallbladder, liver and kidneys (do an ultrasound and see if he's got polyps). This may also be due to allergies.
    We have a program for polyps. Deep cleaning is required. Advanced - program for gall bladder, liver, kidney and allergies.
    program is also required for blood circulation in the scalp. The neck should be well supplied with blood, poor blood supply due to the ENT-pathology, which is why at ENT diseases we always find enlarged lymph nodes behind the neck. This program is also needed for comprehensive care.
    If polyps are long and poorly treated, it also need a program on parasites of the liver and gall bladder (previously do a survey on parasitism).
    That, as parasites, it is important and allergies: you must first verify the gall bladder and liver (if there is no gross pathology, then look for parasites). In this approach, people very quickly recover.
  • How to treat pollinosis in children?
    Should be treated according to the scheme of treatment of allergies.
  • How to lose weight and what program to use?
    Obesity is a complex, plus a complex program. It is recommended to go worming treatment because worms can be a source of diseases that lead to obesity, and do not forget about the adenovirus 36, which in many cases is the cause of obesity.
  • Is there the possibility of treatment of chronic renal failure device?
    Unfortunately, no. The fact that the kidneys - excretory organs. And all that we can identify in the body, it has to go is through the liver and kidneys.
  • The patient has only one kidney, installed the program "Kidney stones" - fever, weakness.
    Continue the program and to determine the infection, because the stones themselves do not give the temperature! The fact is that in urolithiasis organism localizes hides stones to protect themselves from infection. Most likely, the infection came out, and it should be treated. In men it is often ureaplasma and mycoplasma, and women - Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus aureus. So do urine microscopy, there, in the sediment, and will be one or another infection!
  • Kidney stones.
    There is a set of Urolithiasis. He works effectively. But you need to drink water: it is necessary to increase the use of clean water to 30 mg per 1 kg of body weight. And it should be just water, and not have any juice, tea, etc. Water dissolves kidney stones.
  • How long will it take to bring the kidney stones? Will there be any results after 20 sessions? After the first session, "Kidney stones" in man-hours was vomiting and sick kidneys.
    We believe that within one month of the stone dissolves. But we must not forget that in this case, after the application of this program it is necessary to drink clean water in large quantities! It has been repeatedly stated that the net weakly mineralized water is always needed for the treatment. Pain and vomiting likely arose from the fact that begin to dissolve the salt, they irritate the pelvis, and the toxicity of these salts as time and induce vomiting.
  • What program to use in pyelonephritis plus a kidney stone? Kidney beginning to dry up.
    The main problem here is a kidney stone. In such cases usually work on "cold chakra" (muladhara), it is sure to be out of balance, plug in the chakra gives a compression process of stone formation. Look for the diagnosis, as it is unbalanced. Impact at this level it is necessary because the process is already deep in the kidney.
    Exposure via energy centers can trigger program Urolithiasis and stones begin to dissolve. And he pyelonephritis - a consequence, ie when coming out of the sand themselves pelvis, formed inflammation. Put the program pyelonephritis Urolithiasis, and under such severe diseases, in the hours of the kidney (17 to 19) acts on the chakra cold 2-3 days. Further stimulate the chakra vishutha (heat). Necessarily under ultrasound.
  • The son under the influence of our device and scattered stones out of the kidney, but a nagging pain remained. What to do?
    You need to put the program pyelonephritis Inflammation 1 and 2, the regulation of renal function (mode Kidneys) - and pain for a few days pass.
    Decomposition of calculi in urolithiasis occurs within a few days. These stones are salts concentrate. At this time it is necessary to increase the quantity of drunk per day of liquid (pure water), and it will help remove from the kidneys of salt. At elevated salt concentrations and it happens pain.
  • Hydronephrosis, nephroptosis pain. Where to start and what program?
    If there is a problem, there is pain, you should start not from the kidneys, and programs with circulation, heart, liver, gastrointestinal tract, that is associated with kidney organs, it will help to hold cleansing of the body.
    nephroptosis If there is, the treatment is very complicated, because kidney does not have its ligaments, it is in a fat envelope, it is suspended. One of the methods of treatment will be gymnastics yoga, standing on his head.
  • What programs are needed for your newly purchased appliance?
    All devices come with a starter set of programs. This starter kit is absolutely necessary in order to first start a thorough cleaning of the body and to walk in order to prevent all the major systems of the body.
  • Do I need a break on the device , can there be an overdose?
    Overdose, causing side effects on the device  can not be, it was verified many times. In the training manual given program based on human biological rhythms, which are changed every 2 hours. If the state of acute, it is possible to set and often beyond the working hours of the meridian.
  • It is possible to include every day  program "Active protection", "Regulation of the gastrointestinal tract", "Circulation", "deep cleaning", "Back fatigue"? Are there programs that are not compatible with each other on the order of a day or a week?

    If you use Active protection program every day, it enhances the immune system, adaptation reserves rights. Naturally, you'll be less sick and therefore less use other programs.
    If a person is healthy, these courses need to do cleaning twice a year during the month. Then take a break. If you have any disease, naturally cleansing program with treatment programs should be continued until recovery.
  • How long does it usually take a course of treatment programs?
    Selection of treatment is carried out, of course, individually. In the East, the following approach to the course of chronic disease: 10 sessions, then rest, during which it is necessary to see how the body of these 10 sessions responded. Then, a second course of treatment. We also need a break because sometimes the body needs a boost.
    fungi, viruses are treated for a long time, at least a month. In diabetes, for example, treatments must be carried out daily, depending on the performance analysis.
  • How many times a day, you can put the program "Active protection" and other programs?
    Active protection is typically set in the morning, because it activates the body. It operates just at the time when the working endocrine system immunity. It needs to be put in the first half of the day. If you put it on the night, you probably do not go to sleep. It is possible to expose a few times, if you are very tired. And only in the state where you have to do something. Just so to strengthen its stand, believe me, it is not necessary.
    Other programs you can put as much as you need. Standards do not exist. If you need to clean the body, is set to 5, 7, 10 programs. Short course. Easy to clean the body. Treatment programs are also selected.
  • How many times do you need to put anti-parasitic program (the same, such as "Ascaris")?
    Program Ascaris worms and all, except schistosomes probably expose one every 3 days. Usually sufficient to 5 times. If re-infection occurs, the parasites were at any other stage of development (larval stage). In this case it is necessary to carry out the program for longer - for a month. Be sure to put the program on the eggs of worms.
  • What is the difference when you install programs on 5 minutes and 10 minutes?
    Adult needs 5 minutes to all the cells of his body went into resonance and no longer respond to the momentum. 10 minutes exhibited only very elderly. And then 5 minutes is enough. Installation for 5 minutes will be faster and more effective, because once it reaches a certain value of the resonant frequency of the body, it does not respond to the instrument ceases to perceive impulses.
    If we are a child who needs 2-3 minutes, the frequency is set to 5 minutes, during 2.5-3 minutes it react, and then 2 minutes device operates without any resonance effects.
  • How to Conduct a program to rid of parasites? From large to small, or can be interspersed? The unit is in a place where there is no opportunity to make the diagnosis.
    Rate this: de-worming, we turn to the simplest, then to bacteria, fungi, viruses.
    general program for helminths should be put 2 times a year. If you have a dog, or even more often.
    And then - on the most likely parasites.
  • How many minutes should be put on the frequency of the programming?
    For children - 3 minutes on the frequency, adults - 5 minutes to the frequency, the elderly - 10 minutes, if a person has a little liquid (a small, wizened).
  • How often can I use the devices while breastfeeding? Fall if the toxins in breast milk?
    It depends on what program you want to use. In the postpartum period the body is rebuilt, and therefore to be treated for any parasites in the first months after birth is not advised.
  • Do I understand that the program helminths can put all prophylactically?
    If you put the device, and this helminth you do not, the program simply does not work, but preventive action can not be called. Therefore it is possible to carry out at any age.
  • Can I put the program on anti-parasitic helminths conclusion, as in the days of the break to treat ureaplasma?
    You can use the program even anthelmintic treatment with ureaplasma. Treatment of infections, sexually transmitted, according to our observations, does not intoxication. Intoxication can only give helminths. Therefore, it is possible.
  • Children of all ages time rate per program can be programmed such as for adults - 5 minutes?
    If the appliance is used by adults and children, you can set the time for 5 minutes and can be next to both adults and children, the treatment effect will be on them to spread the same way. The time it takes for a full therapeutic effect, to achieve the resonance in all cells of the body to which you are working, each person is different, so the time is set approx. Perhaps the child and 2 minutes is sufficient, it may be sufficient for 4 minutes. Just in children is more water in the body, so the process is rapid, and so, in principle, there is no difference. An adult can be also quite 3 minutes, and there are 5, and it does not matter all that does not resonate, just passes the signal and the body does not respond.
  • For two-year-child program which put? Just as for the adult?
    Antiparasitic device has no effect on human, it acts only on the parasite! So the number of seconds is not necessary to reduce or those who are older or those under!
  • Can I use the devices after the surgery?
    When a person is operated, in the area where the surgery, a void. Since the body does not like emptiness, the cause of the disease can, figuratively speaking, "shoot" in some other organ. Need to pass aurometry diagnosis or to determine the cause of the disease. The operation does not eliminate the cause.
  • Program "Active Protection" and "Activation of the immune system" - what's the difference?
    Activation of the immune system - this program is more of an impact on the adrenal glands. Active protection - is a comprehensive program that aims not only to the adrenal glands, but also in the central control mechanism of the immune system.
  • What time of day is best to include the program "Active protection"?
    It is best to include it as soon as you wake up. It can be turned on and when the morning exercises.
  • What is the difference of the "deep cleaning", "Drainage" and "Limfodetoks"?
    Deep cleaning - a liver drainage, Drainage Program - is a challenging program for all the organs of the immune system, endocrine, hormonal, excretory system, circulatory system, logically constructed and serious. A Limfodetoks allows to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system.
  • How to use the devices as a preventive measure?
    As a precaution, you can use the program the 7 chakras, Active Protection and Deep Cleaning. Make analysis parasitosis: if the activity of the parasite is not observed, then do nothing. Prophylactically (5 days) can go through the basic programs that are on the antiparasitic device. Repeat the prevention of fall and spring.
  • Program "antiseptic." When to use them?
    Program Antiseptic Rife used in the case when there is an undifferentiated infection. For example, to remove a tooth, and it is unknown what the infection in this case was. In any mixed infection puts four programs Antiseptic sequentially, one after another, and then there is the inflammation goes from one of these programs. Specific instructions which program works on bacteria, viruses, protozoa, Rife has been done. It provides a complex of all the programs one after another and used in principle possible for any situation. This festering disease, the cause of which you have not installed.
  • In what position is better to be in therapy devices?
    In general, the body is still the position in which you will be and in what circumstances. There are only a few programs that are recommended under certain conditions.
    Recovery is a program of the venous system in the treatment of varicose veins. To allow the veins to regenerate, the program is carried out at night, you need to be in bed with a slightly raised legs (put a pillow or blanket).
    During the program arthritis, osteoarthritis requires JavaScript to be active: it is necessary to rotate the joints to the maximum possible state. The same rule applies to the treatment and regeneration of ligaments.
    As for antiparasitic device, no matter where you are and in what condition.
  • Tell me, please, how many programs can be run simultaneously?
    Any number of programs can be run simultaneously. If an acute condition, the device does not turn off the clock.
  • What is the difference of the "Drainage" and "Limfodetox"?
    Limfodetoks cleans lymph. If you have problems related to the liver, especially in hepatitis, with the problems associated with the pancreas, long-term morbidity associated with lymph, such as cancer, it is necessary to use not drain and Limfodetoks.
  • Drainage program have to do with each session?
    It is advisable if you make a few programs at the end of the day to carry out deep cleaning. If you, for example, expose the program Roundworm, Pinworms, then you need to put the program of deep cleaning drainage or not after each, and after the two programs.
  • Program "Vision-2" and "Sight-3" can be put in a row without a break or 2 hours?
    These programs can be set without interruption.
  • Is not dangerous if the program "Deep Cleaning" in reference to the extremely weak and severely intoxicated people? Could the reaction of cleaning heavily weakened man die? And if there are still problems with the liver and kidneys?
    To the one who asks this question, it is necessary to listen to the information about the stage of the disease. This program applies to the 4th stage of the disease. If you are talking about the 5th and 6th stages of the disease, the deep cleaning for many diseases is not recommended.
    deep cleaning is particularly well used in the acute period, such as viral infections. If we are talking about, say, urolithiasis, in this case, particularly if the rock is large, can cause the deterioration of the patient. Therefore, these patients need an individual approach with advice and supervision of a physician, and if possible to use the instrument.
  • What course and how often it is recommended to put the program of cleaning the body from the same set?
    The set of all programs installed. The first program - in the morning, the last program - for the night. And in the evening is a treatment program or treatment program, plus diseases. Therefore, the program must be placed once in a month.
  • What is included in the program of "Beauty"?
    The program is aimed at improving the condition of the skin. Most of all - on the skin of women, in order to restore its function, ie, to improve its properties, the state, to reduce wrinkles, etc.
  • When you press any sets of a program, then go out three or four. They need to be all set?
    Yes. First recruiting program should be put in the morning, the last program in sets is always put on the night. If you have a set, this program is to stimulate immunity, detoxification, blood circulation, and with proper treatment program.
    Those 32 medical complex that you have, it is completely self-contained program for the treatment of a disease.
  • How often in a week, you can put the program on parasites?
    Once every three days to put the program on parasites.
  • Stone in the prostate. How to set the program and how long to treat?
    Stone in the prostate - a rare disease. Put the program, as well as in prostate cancer were treated with and observe. Why is formed calcification? Most likely, he was trying to close some infection. So look for infection and gradually absorbable stone.
  • How to treat a prostatitis advise?
    There are two types of prostatitis - stagnant and infection. Stasis should be treated with a urologist who will do prostate massage. Infection - treat infections plus regulation of the endocrine system.
  • How effective is the treatment of prostatitis, trichomonas, chlamydia, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer?
    Effectively the treatment of urogenital infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Passes pretty quickly, within 5-10 days, no more than two weeks.
    treatment of gastric ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer - a treatment of H. pylori, also from 10 days to two weeks. Efficiency of about 90%.
  • The boy has a very pronounced teenage acne on the face, back, shoulders. Advise treatment.
    Skin diseases, especially teenagers, are associated with hormonal disorders. Therefore required program on the regulation of the hormonal system (Regulation of male MPS), cleaning program, the program for staphylococci, streptococci, and also has a separate program for acne. In addition to this program Gastritis, goiter.
  • What is the diagram of the treatment of acne on the face?
    In fact, the skin - it is only a reflection of what is happening in our body. And you should start first with the gastrointestinal tract. It should be treated dysbiosis. Then, adjust the endocrine system. And third, that there needs to be done is to remove infection streptococci and staphylococci (short course for five, a maximum of seven days, every day, 3-4 times a day).
  • When mental retardation, the boy of 10 years of the program which will advise?
    Circulation program head. Need program Nerve structure and strengthening, Nerve degeneration and regeneration of all the programs that are set in the Education for children. This is a program that stimulates various brain regions. These programs need to be sure to put and do not forget to treat the liver. At a delay of mental development shows that child massage, acupuncture.
  • PSORIASIS. Is it possible treatment devices?
    Psoriasis - a common disease, which manifests itself on the skin, but is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body of infection. It is therefore necessary cleansing of the body, all of the standard program for the removal of worms, protozoa. And treatment - is the program itself Psoriasis plus program in the skin (it may be because of Dermatology program for the treatment of dry skin, this can be a treatment for eczema, dry).
  • PSORIASIS treat the device more than a month. Plus "deep cleaning" and "parasites." There is no effect. What to do?
    Continue to be treated. Psoriasis - a very profound disease that is on the level of our genetics. Therefore, it takes time. Need to restore the whole cycle regulation of metabolic processes. This is a fairly lengthy process. Need detoxification. It is also necessary concomitant treatment antiparasitic programs to relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.
  • Whether instruments are treated psoriasis and eczema?
    Yes, treated, but long enough. Positive results are. Both the disease - not just a manifestation of the skin, it is deep enough internal diseases.
  • Scalp psoriasis - where to start?
    With the cleansing begin with helminths, protozoa, then bacteria, viruses (often Coxsackie virus causes). This is an internal problem, so you need to remove layers purification and infection.
  • Chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura. How can we help?
    Autoimmune diseases are extremely difficult to treat, this aggression against the body's own cells. Triggered this reaction is easy, but it is very difficult to stop. Autoimmune body which is in the body, it is very difficult to withdraw. You can certainly try, but the situation is really very hard. All you need to use allocation system, and bring all that is possible to infer from the body.
    Bone grafting after craniotomy is a contraindication?
    No, it is not. Implants are not a contraindication.
  • Throat cancer. Can I do something?
    Most likely, it is a cancer of the larynx. There is a program of the Human Papilloma Virus. But perhaps, in this case, surgery is needed. Here it is difficult to give hope, because throat cancer leads to respiratory arrest. You can just put additional related programs to alleviate the condition of the patient.
    Notice of Transfer Factor - http://t-factor.mlm.info/?page_id=69
    There are many results in the treatment of cancer.
  • Breast cancer scheduled for surgery. What can I do?
    Possible in order to prepare for surgery to put programs and Cleansing the body of toxins. Refer to the doctors of the Corporation for an individual consultation.
    Notice of Transfer Factor - http://t-factor.mlm.info/?page_id=69
    There are many results in the treatment of cancer.
  • Von Recklinghausen's disease. Is it possible to cure? And what programs?
    It's hard to systemic disease. Characterized by the development of multiple tumors along the nerve trunks. A typical skin pigmentation in patches of color of coffee with milk, localized on closed surfaces, original skin tumors and subcutaneous tissue; physical and mental disorders. It neurofibromatosis. We do not have clinical trials for these programs.
  • Treated whether instruments to give birth?
    Erysipelas - a strep infection. But the fact is that when it starts the inflammation can join here for absolutely any infection, including enterococci, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and Candida. But etiological, ie the one that is the reason it is a strep infection. Yes, it is treated, and quite successfully.
  • Erysipelas feet. Can anyone help and what programs?
    Here is guilty streptococcus, so use the program Streptococcal infection, but do not forget that erysipelas - an open wound, and there can be made anything. It is advisable to take a swab and see, because you can go there and make E. coli and Enterobacter, and Staphylococcus aureus and Candida - make the analysis.
  • Too frequent use of antiparasitic device led to a high temperature, intoxication, began erysipelas.
    In the application of the instrument program did not have time to hang on to the result. We must not stop to put the program, and put every 2-3 hours for the bacteria (streptococci in the first place).
  • What to do when erysipelas in the acute condition, temperature 40?
    Erysipelas called infectious disease characterized by focal serous or sero-hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin, fever and intoxication. Major causative agent of erysipelas is hemolytic streptococcus group A. Put this program.
    And be sure to clean up (Limfodetoks) body. There is a program on the temperature. It will help you well erysipelas.
  • After treatment, the patient's blood rose SUGAR, doctor's orders to use the device. How to apply?
    The device has no effect on blood sugar levels. If the programs are set and general cleaning, here comes the following: start removing toxins from the body - the liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestinal tract. If these authorities do not hold, the toxins accumulate, we must leave all medical programs, and deal only with the elimination of toxins from the body - cleansing the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and the regulation of blood circulation.
  • Male 35 years, periodically appears graying eyebrows, gray hair is not.
    There is a program Hair Coloring + Circulation. The young man, probably stress. When it is stress, there is a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels and the lack of supply of nutrients to the hair. Use the Anti-stress. A drink with vitamins, trace elements, where zinc is within 10 days.
  • Heart failure with a lack of air. How can we help?
    In heart failure, and all that is associated with the heart, urge to refer to traditional medicine. And not to take on such a responsibility. However, if there is such a pathology in you, you can take advantage of programs Heart, Circulation and regulation.
    due to a lack of air - you can put the program Antistress as always pathological cardiac causes fear. Feeling short of breath can be caused by that state of panic, even though you did not realize that scary.
  • If there is an extra horizontal chord which programs should be placed to support and make-up of the heart?
    On the anatomical structure of the device to work we can not. Put the usual program circulation and heart rhythm. Heart mode - this is the standard program that is in the set. It will help relieve discomfort in the heart area.
  • How long do we have to work with the device to restore heart rhythm?
    Heart rhythm rather quickly restores program Hearts regulation.
    Rhythm heart just will not change, and arrhythmia usually occurs with infection. Most often it is a viral infection, either herpes or Coxsackie virus. Very fond of Coxsackie sit on the conducting system of the heart and cause the arrhythmia, so use antiparasitic device. A heart rhythm is restored within the program, which lasts 40 minutes.
  • What programs are used if the belching affect the state of the rhythm of the heart?
    Adjusting program gastrointestinal tract.
  • Is it possible to use devices with artificial valve in the heart?
    Use is possible.
  • Where better to hold the instrument that was not part of the heartbeat?
    It is necessary to put forward a program regulation of the heart and place the device in a pocket on the opposite side of the heart. Usually after a few minutes there is a normalization of rhythm. But it must be aware of the fact that heart palpitations, tachycardia may be different reasons: some toxic load associated with the accumulation in the body of chemicals; or perestimulyatsiya thyroid hormones; or conduction disturbances of the heart. The reason for the latter are most often herpes virus group, Coxsackie viruses or chlamydia.
  • Reiter's syndrome. Sick for 20 years. How can I help?
    Reiter's syndrome - an infectious disease, sexually transmitted and combined lesion characterized by urinary organs, joints and eyes. Reiter's disease is caused by certain types of chlamydia, which affects mainly the mucous membranes of the person enter the body through the genitals of which can spread and affect other organs and systems. Suffer from both men and women, but most - young men.
    Treatment: Chlamydia (3 programs), Purification, Kidney, Liver, stabilization of the immune system.
  • Is there a program for Pseudomonas aeruginosa?
    Yes, there is such a program.
  • Reactive synovitis of the knee 3-4 stage. Interruption of cartilage.
    Synovitis - inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joint to give it effusion. Are most often affected knee joint. Often occur after trauma to the joint, as well as arthritis, allergy, haemophilia. Here we need the program arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation. As for breaking the cartilage, then it is an anatomical gap, and, unfortunately, there is nothing to help. If an injury or degeneration of cartilage, the program on the cartilage.
  • How to treat sinus?
    Sinus node - a cardiac conduction system, and most of this conduction system are different microorganisms that adversely affect it. This typically viruses or herpes group or Coxsackie. It is therefore necessary to carry out anti-parasitic treatment device to remove these viruses and nerve regeneration, and their conductivity.
  • Syringomyelia. How can we help?
    Syringomyelia - a chronic, progressive disease of the nervous system of humans, characterized by the formation of cavities in the spinal cord, the growth of the neuroglia, sensitivity disorders and motor function, trophic disorders.
    antiparasitic device in a program on this issue.
  • Systemic diseases - will help any appliances?
    The basis of all systemic diseases is an autoimmune process. Deep cleansing and elimination of autoimmune complexes will allow, in the first place, to cleanse the body and stop the development of this disease.
    has not yet been diagnosed, there is a chance and have the opportunity to help, so we need to do everything that is related to detoxification, isolation of the organism from blood plasma autoimmune complexes, toxins, microorganisms.
  • SCLERODERMA - how to help?
    Scleroderma - a disease of the connective tissue, which is based on the failure of the immune system and abnormal increase in the formation of collagen in the body.
    should begin with allergies, autoimmune diseases, all completely free. Now antiparasitic device will program scleroderma, and you can use them.
  • Scoliosis. How to help the device?
    Scoliosis - a disease that has already taken place. And scoliosis occurs in children under 14 years. After 14 years of the diagnosis of "scoliosis" is removed, as it no longer develops after the age of 14.
    There is a program for scoliosis, but there is need to strengthen the muscles - must work and a chiropractor, and the person with scoliosis to keep back muscles. Put back the twisted, deformed vertebrae, unfortunately, is no longer possible. As long as the child grows up to 14 years - maybe. After 14 - no.
  • Macular degeneration, age-related blindness. How to stop the deterioration of vision?
    The main reasons: 1) the lack of blood circulation, 2) accumulation of toxins, 3) reduction of energy opportunities.
    The appliance program to regulate blood circulation, deep cleaning. Spend a long time: the older the person, the longer it takes to heal.
  • DREAM. Deep sleep disorders for more than 20 years, the program for the treatment so far without effect. Help.
    Unfortunately, right now we can not help: we expect that we will have new wave of the program, and then it will be easier to solve this problem. But now try all the same program with the program Anti Cleaning the body. May be simply due to the fact that chronic intoxication, and the program flow.
  • Do I need to use sorbents and what?
    Sorbents used in the appointment your doctor if they are needed. Sorbents used at any time when necessary to remove toxic in the gut. This toxicity may be due to improper digestion.
    enterosorbents Instead you can use a diet that includes plenty of fiber.
  • Vasoconstriction of the brain. When should I put the program?
    Program for the treatment of cerebral vascular correctly puts in activity of the brain, namely, from 19:00 to 21:00.
  • How can we help in AIDS?
    AIDS can be used antiviral program. The fact that under these conditions the immune system suffers, and viruses spread in large quantities. Moreover, none of the patients have died of AIDS as such, he was dying of an infection which he detected, or the activation of the endogenous infection.
  • Can anyone help in AIDS?
    If AIDS is in remission, it is of course possible. You need to keep those bodies who suffer with AIDS - the liver, intestines, stomach.
  • Microbiologist interested if we are working on devices staphylococci and streptococci, Do not kill with beneficial microflora?
    You start to treat Staphylococcus-streptococcal infection when you have some kind of disease. In the same case, when you are no complaints or symptoms you do not have to use this program is not necessary.
    If we treat any disease, such as a sore throat caused by streptococcus, then, of course, the device does not kill the beneficial microflora, as it acts like a sniper on staphylococci and streptococci, reduces their increased amount and cure a sore throat.
    Streptococcus and Staphylococcus are parasitic in any target organ, and the organ starts to hurt. When exposed to the disease during the programs reduced the level of staphylococcus and streptococcus. The rest of the time, just use these programs is not necessary, because the streptococcus and staphylococcus opportunistic.
  • Pregnancy 37 weeks, urine culture revealed Staphylococcus aureus - showing whether the treatment unit?
    Yes, it is shown. Program for Staphylococcus aureus (every 2-3 hours to achieve the effect) and cleaning program 2 times a day.
  • Can I put the program when staphylococci and papilloma virus, so today one, tomorrow another pathogen?
    No, so do not. Viral diseases can be treated several times a day (except for hepatitis B and C, because the main filtration function of the liver is not working). If you treat the human papilloma virus, you can put the program and once, a few times - the more, the faster the virus goes away, usually 10 days is enough.
    Currently, there are three programs papilloma, but if there is no staphylococcus purulent infection, if you do not see its manifestations, the prophylactically treat it impossible. If there is a manifestation of S. aureus (fever, purulent discharge), put a few times a day until there is purulent manifestations, usually 2-3 days. Sore throats, ear infections are treated quickly. If you do not pass, then you have something wrong did, because many species of staphylococci, look in antiseptics (he was fifth from the top: Antiseptic for operations - staphylococcus, streptococcus), a nosocomial infection, a mutated form.
  • What programs are put in violation of the heart rate and angina?
    Heart program regulation is put and at the and the other problem, but when it comes to strokes, the first thing we should talk about atherosclerosis, and therefore need a program for atherosclerosis. Of antiparasitic device - a program for chlamydia, nanobacteria, cytomegalovirus.
  • The man STENOCARDIA - how to properly use the product?
    Be sure to put the program: Cleansing, cholesterol regulation, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, Circulation, Heart regulation mode. It is recommended to keep the unit in a radius of 0.5 m from the heart.
  • Streptococcal infection. Treat 10 days - no effect. What to do?
    If you treat streptococcal infection 10 days and there is no effect, it means that either it is not a strep infection, or you are not programmed. The device works only on the infection, which is in the body.
    Replace all by streptococcal infection. Put antiseptics. 5th antiseptic in a detox program - it Preparation for surgery, antiseptic Staphylococcus-streptococcal infection - is mutated nosocomial flora. Try to add these five antiseptics.
  • What programs are put at the bacterium Streptococcus viridans?
    The comprehensive program is the program bacteria and streptococci, and staphylococci. There are Streptococcus viridans.
    If you do not see the program, which should match your diagnosis or the diagnosis, which is given in the lab, you can use the shared class. This is a common antibacterial, anthelmintic and estimated total antifungal program, ie each of them can use.
  • Leg cramp. What program to put?
    First, start with the programs Circulation, Mineral Metabolism. Here potassium primarily perhaps the lack of calcium. In any case, it may be a mineral deficiency, so start with these programs.
    And be sure to program kidneys, deep cleaning, Heart. And look, what changes will be.
  • What program put in convulsions?
    Cramps are very different. They can be caused by a violation of the microelement composition, circulation, etc. You must first find out the reason.
  • Leg cramps, pain. How can we help?
    Programs to spasms of various origins. And do analyzes on the level of trace elements (may be insufficient potassium, calcium).
  • Cramps, reduces leg just below the groin. What program to deliver?
    Program Circulation, lymph circulation. Solve the problem of micronutrient gets enough potassium. Necessarily need a body cleansing.
  • How is pain in the joints?
    Treatment is carried out programs arthritis, osteoarthritis, several times a day. Joint pain - a symptom, so you need to treat osteoarthritis until recovery.
  • Pain in the knee joints. How can we help?
    Need to use programs arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, Cleaning. Stifle still connected with the meridian of the stomach. Put programs Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract and Gastritis.
  • The device is used by the program "Arthritis, arthrosis" + JOINTS. There is no change - all the joints hurt. What program to put?
    Once the exhibit program arthritis, osteoarthritis, many diseases are aggravated. Programs without kidneys, blood circulation, liver, deep cleaning will not result. The fact that all that is in the joints, should be output. Be sure to conduct a massage or exercise. During the application of the program arthritis, osteoarthritis necessarily need to produce movement in the joint and back pain before. Only in this case, the program will work. If you quickly activate all that is in the joints, and to deduce nowhere and nothing, then begins aggravation. So first program kidneys, blood vessels, liver, and only then Knuckles.
    Try adding a program Inflammation 1, 2, try to add a program Antipain. Therapy will be easier to carry out.
    Eventually it is possible to find the cause. If it is an infection of, the need to work on the infection. The most common cause can be chronic infection. It may be absolutely any infection. It may be a sexually transmitted infection by, for example chlamydia or gonorrheal arthritis - often occurs, especially in young people. Streptococci, Staphylococcus can cause inflammatory joint diseases. Therefore it is necessary to approach this as an inflammatory disease caused by something.
  • How is the treatment of paroxysmal tachycardia?
    If it is not anatomical pathology, it may be caused by an infection in the cardiac conduction system. Therefore, when paroxysmal tachycardia is desirable to find out any method of infection. Most often on the cardiac conduction system can be either a group of herpes virus or Coxsackie virus, which causes attacks of paroxysmal tachycardia.
    There paroxysmal tachycardia as anatomical abnormality. In this case, help is difficult, although the program is well Adjusting heart rhythm leads to normal.
  • Paroxysmal tachycardia (doctors can not figure out why).
    Paroxysmal tachycardia occur most often on the background of the use of any chemicals - look for chronic intoxication. This could be, for example, mitral valve prolapse, which is an ultrasound is very easy to diagnose. There is a program mode heart rhythm and it recovers very quickly rhythm within a few minutes. But above all, enjoy a detoxification and you'll get results.
  • Toxocariasis and whipworm - what program?
    Place until the program Common parasites Parasites gastrointestinal parasites common 1, 2, Parasites of the small intestine; Cleaning program 2 times a day.
  • Toxoplasmosis. Can be treated?
    There is a program for toxoplasmosis. Treatment, as well as all of helminthiasis, 1 every 3 days.
  • Chronic tonsillitis.
    Tonsils - one of the most important immune organs. They celebrated the first falling from the external environment pathogens and provide protection against infection.
    Lacunas - traps for germs and viruses and a kind of "ground", where the immune system is trained to combat these microbes and viruses. The inner portion of each tonsil tissue is connected to the pharynx and the lymphatic duct, which communicates with the amygdala of the entire immune system.
    There is a program for chronic tonsillitis. In sets it complexes angina. You can use the programs that are in section Lohr disease - Chronic inflammation of the throat. We also need the program to an infection, the immune system stabilization, cleaning.
  • Get injured hand (the hand). Passed one operation. Opened fistula. Diagnosed with "bone osteomyelitis." Lay on the third operation, the bone was removed to 3 cm. What programs are put?
    This is a program Osteomyelitis. This program should be accompanied by programs Antiseptics (5 pieces) plus that the infection that caused the osteomyelitis (usually pyogenic infection).
  • 25 year old girl. 9 years ago had a brain injury and now has a problem narrowing of blood vessels in the brain.
    Problem of head injuries lies in the fact that often these injuries are also long-term consequences. Therefore, a comprehensive approach is needed, as are present here, and the psychological and nervous, and other factors.
    Expose to start the program Antistress to calm, and a program on the vessels of the brain, plus another program on the vessels that pass in the neck. Includes programs Cervical osteochondrosis, Vessels head, neck vessels.
  • How to remove TREMATODES?
    Our programs have nematodes, trematodes and we do not have. Put the program Parasites general 1, 2 and all. And put on the localization of where they are located.
  • CRACK anus. What programs are put?
    If you mean hemorrhoids, the program Liver and varicose veins. There is a program Anus, Rectum is a program that can be set. In general, the reason most often constipation. Therefore, regulation of the digestive tract will also good exposure.
  • What programs are put at the crack of the rectum?
    Programs can be treated rectum, wound healing, gastrointestinal regulation.
    When the crack in the rectum should definitely stick to a diet. It is advisable to use ointments, lotions, which reduce inflammation, reduce pain, swelling, and hinder the development of the inflammatory process.
    rectal fissures infected what happens in the rectum (E. coli, streptococci, staphylococci). If there is a suppurative focus, you can use programs Antiseptic 1, 2, 3, 4 These programs are used for infections of unknown etiology. If there is an infection, the name of which you do not know these programs can be treated.
  • Female 55 years old. Deep cracks in the skin of the feet. Is that - bowel problems?
    Development Savage Leather, calluses and cracked heels - a long and constant. With age, the skin "for rent" and begins the formation of hyperkeratosis. At the initial stage of this roughness and calluses, with deep skin lesions - cracked leather heel. Such a condition is unsafe. Cracks can cause the development of fungal or inflammatory diseases.
    Yeah, and this problem is most often associated with the work of the intestine, but also with blood circulation in the feet, and varicose veins, and in violation of the kidneys. Put the program Kidney, Liver, everything connected with the activity of the intestine (Dysbacteriosis, Parasites of the intestine).
    should also check your blood sugar as a problem happens with hidden diabetes.
  • Trichomoniasis is more than three years, medicines do not help, what programs are put?
    Program for Trichomonas, exhibit daily. Purification - 2 times daily.
  • The man suffered two heart attacks 10 years ago, now the brachial artery thrombus. Recommend treatment.
    This is a very complex condition that is not a blood test, especially the process of thrombus formation, is difficult to answer. Acute process may occur at any time. With such problems it is recommended to write directly to a personal email address doctor Corporation.
  • Tell us about the effectiveness of the use of instruments in thrombophlebitis.
    Here we are talking about the third stage of the disease. There are long-term hormonal disturbance, there is a tendency to thrombosis (increased activity of platelets). Necessary program endocrine regulation and thrombosis.
  • What need programs for the treatment of venous ulcers?
    Sores are caused primarily by blood circulation, impaired trophism, so you need to restore circulation. If ulcers are caused by diabetes, then put the program on diabetes; If varicose veins - for varicose veins.
    Programme trophic ulcers following: Circulation + local blood circulation, healing of ulcers (from surgery) and the antiparasitic device - treatment for those infections that are attached to the wound (Candida, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus).
  • The child TUBVIRAZH, could not receive treatment because of vomiting ftivazidum.
    Well, you could not take this stuff, because it is very much sadit liver. Expose all programs on tuberculosis, which is, Limfodetoks and treat the instrument at least a month. And please, do not give him at least six months to make the Mantoux test, because the introduction of the antigen may again result in the same reaction.
  • As devices to treat tuberculosis?
    In this disease, antiparasitic device is programmed directly on all TB programs, which are under Bacteria Therapy program with a detox program on tuberculosis. This 10 treatment programs that need to simultaneously exhibit every day for a month, followed by clinical observation. Need to be treated to a full recovery.
  • Tuberculosis in a closed form. Can anyone help? What programs are put?
    We need to use all of the programs on tuberculosis. Held daily until clinical cure - ie by X-ray examination, it should disappear.
  • Please tell us regimen TUBERCULOSIS devices.
    We have a few TB programs. Bacterial programs have a program TB 1, TB 2 There Avia - bird, is bullish and Klebsiella, the three nosode. Depending on what is detected. In some regions, there is a bird in some bullish, some Klebsiella. Just in case they can deliver, if not titrated and not differentiated.
    Next. Tuberculosis genus - a genus of all tuberculosis, all of tubercle bacilli. Tuberculosis genus Escherichia coli "- a tuberculosis associated with E. coli. R. Rife believed that E. coli can grow tubercle bacillus tuberculosis and that he who does not respond to antibiotics, and in fact this is associated, Escherichia coli; ie in Escherichia - E. coli hiding tubercle bacillus, and so it is not detected. Tuberculosis secondary complications - if there is a cavity, it is complicated by tuberculosis. Tuberculinum nosode - a homeopathic remedy, in fact he is in electronic form, to remove the toxicity, which is caused by the vital activity of the tubercle bacillus and the collapse of the lung tissue.
  • Can anyone help with Tuberculosis of intestines?
    Yes, to help in the treatment of tuberculosis is possible regardless of the foci of tuberculosis, ie can affect any structure, be it lungs, intestines or bone.
  • How to treat the Deaf?
    Sensorineural hearing loss occurs, ie, associated with a disease of the inner ear and hearing loss associated with the disease of the nasopharynx. There are new programs for hearing loss. The device can be programmed for the treatment of hearing loss, but it is necessary to determine what is hearing loss - sensorineural, conductive or mixed.
    At the level of the ear chakras chakra is controlled by the cold.
    And when you treat hearing loss, the program requires the kidneys.
  • The girl has a strong rash EELS blue and black on the face. What to do?
    This is a complex problem, and begin to solve it is necessary to find the staphylococcus and streptococcus in the blood. The treatment is done with the help of programs antiparasitic device: Staphylococci all Streptococci all.
    integrated program of detoxification program is Antiseptics (all) programs Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, preoperative preparation.
    This same issue may be relevant and candida.
    Certainly, it is necessary to gradually purify body and pay attention to the restoration of immune regulation of the adrenal glands and the regulation of the endocrine system, exposing the same name of the program.
  • Acne, pimples.
    Regulation of the endocrine system, the entire system of cleaning and all parasites and pyogenic bacteria. Most likely, it staphylococci and streptococci.
  • Man does not tolerate riding in transport, it cradles and sick. What programs can I help him?
    From the practice of our partners know that in this case it is good to help the program and Antivibration Adjusting the gastrointestinal tract. Programs can be used continuously, any amount of time until one goes to the truck, to achieve the desired effect.
  • Ureaplasmas treated by training manual. 6 sessions per month. No sensations. How much longer to heal?
    The fact is that due to the recent 2009 clinical trials changed the recommendation in terms of speed and form of treatment for these infections. Currently Ureaplasma carefully treated with mycoplasma. Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma - every day for 10 days. You will get the result.
  • How often to put the program on a ureaplasma, mycoplasma, if they are chronic and in the bones?
    Within 10 days, almost all the infection goes away, it is necessary to put the program 5 times a day, it is possible for a month. Applications: Mycoplasma Ureaplasma + + Trichomonas.
  • In the left ear, the patient constantly hears ringing and whistling. How can we help?
    What you ask, it symptoms. In the ear can be a tube, can be closed auditory tube, which reports to the ear nose and throat may be a disease of the auditory nerve, there may be problems with the vessels of the neck, head - you need to find out why.
  • Constant noise in the ear.
    There may be several problems. This can be a vessel which is atypical in the ear. This may be atherosclerosis. This may be the disturbance in the ear, in the anatomical structure. Therefore, we must find out the reason. Circulation put the head in the first place.
  • The girl 8 years learning difficulties. Good student, but gets tired quickly, and account only for 20 minutes. There was a birth injury. That in addition to "learning difficulties" can still be put?
    Put the program Circulation heads, Common nerve problems 1, 2, Stimulation of immunity, liver, kidneys.
  • Chronic pharyngitis. Treat antiparasitic device?
    Yes, of course. Pharyngitis - a chronic inflammation of the pharynx. In all likelihood, supported by some kind of infection. Turn smear, find out what infection.
  • Fibroadenoma of the breast. What programs to treat?
    I advise you to be sure to get tested for the disease of the uterus. Most often found with chronic adneksit or polycystic ovaries. Also needed for diagnosis of urogenital infections. We also need a program associated with the regulation of the endocrine system.
  • Multiple fibromatous KNOTS a girl of 30 years.
    All diseases of the female genital organs - fibroids, fibroids, cysts, cervical erosion, vaginosis - all this is a consequence of infection, so you need to start treatment, of course, to treat the infection, sexually transmitted. What are sexually transmitted infections? Ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas; of the virus - the human papillomavirus and genital herpes virus.
    All of these diseases are the sources of disturbances in the ovaries and uterus, so without treatment these programs is simply impossible to continue the treatment of any disease.
  • Fibroma, lipoma, myoma.
    This tumor from fibroma formed to work hard. Lipomatosis - is adenovirus 36, which increases the formation of adipose tissue to form a lipoma. It is a program for fibroids. Fibroids are caused by infections, so it is necessary to treat the infection, sexually transmitted diseases, including schistosomes.
  • Fronts. How to heal?
    Sinusitis - an inflammation of the frontal sinus. There is a program of the front. There is an infection, which is the source of the disease - most often staphylococcus or streptococcus. Either that infection which usually oral attaching.
  • Boils in the head more than 10 years. Developing hearing loss diagnosed with "neuritis of the auditory nerve."
    Circulation of the program head. Kohlyarnaya deafness, Nerve structure reinforcement. In this case, you may get a result.
  • Boils all over the body.
    This problem of the immune system, blood circulation, staphylococci and streptococci. Spend cleansing the lymph, blood, detoxification everything which is on the antiparasitic device, you need to put! Shows a more accurate diagnosis to ART.
  • Two months used unit 2 times a day for helicobacter - analyzes showed a null result.
    It is difficult to explain why there was such a result. We in clinical trials after 5-10 days of putting the program helicobacter not find.
    Please continue your treatment and do not forget that the treatment should be carried out with the whole family. In addition, if you use the same toothbrush, before starting treatment, during treatment and after treatment, the very high probability of permanent contact with these organisms back into your body.
    If you use the same towel as a family, then of course, that will be a permanent infection.
    Believe Helicobacter usually passes quickly enough subject mentioned recommendations.
  • What regimen Helicobacter? How many days, how often the include and what programs?
    There are two programs: Helicobacter pylori and Helicobacter UNUM. These programs should include one by one along with detoxification programs.
    then need to include programs to remove inflammation and treatment of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease. This scheme provides a quick positive and avoids toxicity. Helicobacter program held daily for two weeks. During this time, usually it all goes away.
  • Doctors chemotherapy. They say that you can not place any of our software tools for removing excess chemicals from the body. They compare it with a meal, combined with the use of an enema. Is that so?
    No, it is not. Sufficient studies suggests that in this case the detoxification is performed at a level that protects cells, stimulates the formation of blood cells and the cells of the lymphatic system. Talk about that very rapidly eliminated drugs platinum wrong. Doctors of traditional medicine in general, unfortunately, a very "specific" refers to bioresonance therapies.
  • How to treat chlamydia? What programs are set and how many times?
    To begin with, that all programs are set up to cure the patient.
    Chlamydial infection is present in every human being. If we are talking about the urogenital chlamydiosis, here the treatment is fast enough - for 10-14 days. Enough to exhibit daily treatment programs Chlamydia: Chlamydia general, Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydia pneumonia. That is enough.
  • Excess cholesterol in the body.
    You can use the program Cholesterol (in the starter kit). This combined program aimed at reducing blood cholesterol.
    on this subject was clinically tested in Yaroslavl Heart Hospital. And they confirmed that the program to stabilize cholesterol levels.
    Naturally, you need to, of course, to activate the function of the liver and restore fat metabolism, and liver without the program can not reduce cholesterol.
    Preferably, of course, to normalize a person's diet: reduce proteins and animal fats, eat more vegetable fats, as well as vegetables, fruit - better raw.
  • At what time to put the program "cholesterol"?
    Program Cholesterol associated with the liver, so put this program on the night.
  • Where to start to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood?
    Since the liver (Deep Cleaning) as the liver - the main organ regulating cholesterol. Plus program gastrointestinal Regulation, Regulation of cholesterol, blood circulation, kidneys. The five programs are enough to for a month without medication to lower cholesterol to normal.
  • Question doctors program AntiHOLESTERIN. On which faction it affects: the difficult (harmful) or light (necessary for the body), or both?
    The program works on harmful fractions - low-density lipoprotein, if we're talking about biochemistry. And clinical trials, which are held in Yaroslavl on the subject, suggests that the use of the program AntiHOLESTERIN results within a month to stabilize cholesterol levels in the normal range in most cases.
  • CHOLECYSTITIS. What programs are carried out in addition to "cholecystitis"?
    Inflammation of the gallbladder - cholecystitis - often caused by Giardia or Escherichia coli.
    treatment cholecystitis held therapeutic device in conjunction with anti-parasitic. Applications: Cholecystitis, inflammation and spasms.
  • Cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hernia.
    Cholecystitis and pancreatitis - is the inflammation caused by the infection most often: intestinal infection, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter pylori may be, can and giardiasis. Therefore, use the first program on the antiparasitic device, as well as programs Adjusting GIT gepatoholetsistite.
    , you can take advantage of programs of  herniated disc, intervertebral disc herniation.
  • Is there a program for snoring?
    There are many causes of snoring. This may be due to diseases of ENT organs, disruption of the cardiovascular system, the weakness of the soft palate in the mouth. Therefore, we first determine the cause of snoring - pass inspection at the ENT doctor. The problem of the soft palate is solved by surgery. The child may be the cause of the adenoids.
    know the reason you can choose the program. And then you get a nice effect. If the cause is unknown, and the good of the program will not be snoring.
  • Thick blood, chronic fatigue.
    This is a problem of the 4th stage of the disease. Something already in the body has broken down, and soon, it is likely there was some sort of pain. The main point here - cleaning. Daily 2-3 times place the cleaning program.
    And do not forget about structured water.
  • Where is the program cellulite?
    Obesity is a complex program and there is the program Cellulite, or deposition of subcutaneous fat.
  • Cervicitis - what programs are being treated?
    Inflammation of the cervix can cause any infection, sexually transmitted. Therefore, and expose all infections, sexually transmitted infections: Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, gardnerella vaginales also herpes viruses and human papillomavirus genital candidiasis and
  • Melkomodulyarny portal cirrhosis. What treatment is available?
    Cirrhosis of the liver - an irreversible change. Quite difficult to treat. And if we destroy liver tissue, the same as in hepatitis and cirrhosis with the transition formed sufficiently pronounced toxic lesions.
    primarily concerned with the transfer of hepatitis C to cirrhosis. Quite often there is intoxication, which is accompanied by depression. Sometimes even require the use of any additional funds detoxification. This is a very difficult process.
    you can put the program Liver Detoxification. But the guaranteed treatment of cirrhosis, as an extreme condition slagging liver, it is difficult to achieve.
  • Endometrial polyp and cystadenoma.
    Cystadenoma - a benign epithelial ovarian tumor. You can use programs : Infections Sexually Transmitted Polyps Polyps 1, 2, Polyposis, Currency cells (tumor), Cleaning.
  • Is it possible to treat CYSTITIS antiparasitic device and what software to use?
    There is this program, and treated very quickly, in just 3-4 days. Applications: Bladder Infection, Cystitis Treatment, bladder spasms, urinary tract infection.
  • Cysts. What program to put?
    Infection, sexually transmitted diseases. The program then bladder cystitis, bladder spasm, Cleaning.
  • A child three years pneumonia, cytomegalovirus.
    Programs in our devices on all of these states have. You need to determine what caused an acute pneumonia. If you do not know what place programs aimed at acute process, immunity (active protection).
  • How can affect CYTOMEGALOVIRUS heart?
    Completely differently. Cytomegalovirus infection in general herpes group - these are infections that can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, if we're talking about well-being, as well as any violations - and conductivity, and heart rhythm. It all depends on the degree of functioning of your immune system. If the immune system is working well, no cytomegalovirus is not terrible. If the immune system does not work well, the cytomegalovirus can cause so many troubles in the body.
  • By which clock should be treated through the chakras?
    The clock can be taken into account, but not necessarily. Given the clock, then first of all pay attention to what or what body you want to support.
    If you want to help the heart and blood vessels (through the chakra heat - vishutha), then it is better to do in the hours of the heart - 11:00 13:00.
    If you treat the thyroid gland and are working through the chakra of heat, it is also best done through the meridian of the heart (the same time).
    draws attention to the organ or system - and pick up time for the impact on a particular chakra in accordance with this .
  • Is it true that the instrument affects Chakra?
    Yes. Chakras affects. There are seven chakras, and there is a program for each individual chakra and the seven chakras together.
  • Tell me about the "7 Chakras."
    You can select the program aurometry, but who do not have aurometry, you can use this program as where each chakra one frequency for 5 minutes. Use as it is installed, and then you get a preventive effect. Treatment is necessary if you see that for some chakra is the "breakdown", then this chakra Operate 15-20 minutes.
  • If the imbalance of several chakras, can I just put the program "7 Chakras"?
    A very good question. When you make aurometry, you should find the unbalanced center and help him in the first place.
    Chakras as the antenna, immediately begin to react. You have helped the one that requires the most care, or require to remove the "plug" with this chakra, others begin to "catch up" and start to be balanced. You can take two centers, but no more. It is very fast to recover systems, so there should be 2-3 days to work and stop. After that again make measurements. Most often this is enough to provide energy required organ or system, so they began to heal.
  • How to use the devices in the postoperative period for healing JOINTS?
    Had surgery to remove fibroids.
    Do you have a program of detoxification. There is Antiseptic 1, 2, 3 there are detoxification program after surgery, preoperative staphylococci, streptococci - it is just resistant nosocomial infection. These programs, along with the detoxification of blood, lymph will be required.
  • How treated schizophrenia, as it takes time?
    There are different types of schizophrenia. There is only one kind, which is associated with disease of the small intestine, it is possible to treat our devices. Other species, unfortunately, our devices are not treated.
  • Spikes on the heels.
    This problem is due primarily to the deterioration of the circulatory feet. This program and place. Also, due to the poor performance of the kidneys and gall bladder, therefore, it is necessary programs that improve the status of these bodies. Possible and the presence of fungi, viruses - need diagnosis.
  • After bypass surgery can I use the appliance?
    Possible. Cleaning program and circulation, and that's enough.
  • Nodes in the thyroid. How to treat?
    Nodes in the thyroid gland is often related to the problem of the seventh cervical vertebra. Also it is necessary to energize the chakra vishutha, ie put eponymous program. Program will be useful and Cervical osteochondrosis and Regulation thyroid Thyroid nodules. If all the programs you do, the positive effect is bound to be.
  • After removal of one lobe of the thyroid medication does not accept tests are normal. Can I use the device?
    By the thyroid gland begins to apply instruments since September. The summer sun is quite hot, and in itself it stimulates thyroid function.
  • In THYROID many red blood cells and colloid. What programs should be put?
    Regulation of the endocrine system, Rregulyatsiya circulation, detoxification.
  • Hyperplasia of the thyroid gland. How can we help?
    Exhibit program Thyroid and detoxification programs. Depending on the function of the thyroid gland, because hyperplasia may be either at hyper-and hypothyroidism, must exhibit proper diagnosis program. It should match the amount of hormones, and the fact that the iron occurs. Patients with autoimmune thyroiditis should be set Autoimmune diseases of the thyroid. With increased formation of hormones - Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid.
    Diffuse toxic goiter. Hyperthyroidism 3rd degree. What programs?
    During summer program on thyroid gland is not assigned. Due to the impact of the summer sun to the thyroid gland in the summer it is better not to touch. Treatment begins in September. And yet - Deep cleaning and regular programs circulation.
    autumn begin to put the program on the thyroid gland. There is a program like Thyroid function recovery, there is a program Hyperthyroidism - a loss of function, regulation of the endocrine system.
  • If, after 20 days of treatment with thyroid support device became worse, if it says about the beginning of the treatment process, or it is necessary to stop it?
    If under the influence of any program there are changes, then it is said that the program works. If, however, this man has become worse, it is likely due to the fact that the system of allocation can not cope. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the regulation of the kidneys, liver, blood (to put the same name of the program) - and will be much easier to be treated any of the organs.
  • How to treat goiter, a thyroid gland?
    Thyroid necessarily intake of iodine, it is necessary to provide it with the necessary amount of iodine from food: sea fish, seaweed, or in the form of supplements.
    From Software: Circulation, Deep Cleaning in Endocrinology is a program for the thyroid gland.
  • How much time is necessary to treat the thyroid gland?
    As long as necessary in order to past problems with it. When a person forgets about it, since it was already no longer worried, then the problem is solved and the process is stopped.
  • Eczema on the feet between the toes.
    There is a program on eczema, but all skin problems are solved comprehensively. Necessarily need a diagnosis. Since eczema on his feet, it is clearly related to the kidneys. Examine the kidneys, also surveyed for the presence of urogenital infection.
    If the left leg, then another check up and gallbladder.
    Put the program to improve the condition of the kidneys, gall bladder, cleaning and program Eczema.
  • Whether instruments are treated psoriasis and eczema?
    Yes, treated, but long enough. Positive results are. Both the disease - is not just a manifestation of the skin, it is deep enough internal diseases.
  • Weeping eczema. What programs deliver?
    With eczema usually put the program on the regeneration of the skin. Section Dermatology has 6 programs for eczema, there are programs on the regeneration of the skin and in the set of Cosmetology.
    second treatment program - a program to restore the structure of the skin: choose from the Dermatology Skin program.
    Eczema - a disease characterized by the depletion of the excretory systems of the body. So first of all put the program on the cleansing of the body, ie Detoxification is - Circulation, Regulation gastrointestinal mode Kidney, deep cleaning. Thus, the use of all programs on the elimination of toxins plus plus Eczema Skin.
  • Is it possible to cure eczema on the hand?
    There is a corresponding program. But first you need to restore the intestinal flora - the program Dysbacteriosis. And most importantly - to withdraw from the body of worms, if they exist.
  • What is your approach to the treatment of eczema?
    We are talking about the skin. Skin controlled large intestine and lungs. Ask this person, if he has now or may have been earlier lung problems. Ask how long he had eczema as frequently, where is located.
    Such an approach is necessary because the skin is difficult to treat. Skin problems may be associated with diseases of many organs, and it may be a systemic disease which is manifested in the skin. So the first thing we should look at what the area is manifested eczema. This may be a clue as to which system to help. Often this large intestine, stomach and pancreas. I need to restore these bodies, ie set the standard for these bodies, Eczema program and, of course, the program Limfodetoks (here it is certainly not drain, and it is this, that act through the lymph).
    psychoemotional state should be improved through the center associated with Manipur. If you do aurometry, we can see that most of the center of balance, three days stimulate the center of Manipur.
  • That affected a person's endocrine system, it stops growing?
    In order to grow human, it produces a growth hormone.
    Here, all necessary regulation of endocrine system, regulation of glands.
  • Endometriosis. What programs?
    Infection, sexually transmitted diseases in the first place. Regulation of female urogenital system, Cleaning.
  • Whether treated breast and endometriosis?
    And breast, and endometriosis - a reflection of the same process - a chronic inflammation in the pelvic organs. This stems from this, as a rule, are infections, sexually transmitted diseases. This can be any infection or virus: human papillomavirus, genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomonas, ureaplasma, etc. Therefore, it is desirable to make a diagnosis, to pass swabs for analysis and then begin treatment. First - all programs on diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Then, under Gynecology programs Endometriosis.
  • Female 35 years old can not get pregnant. Endometriosis. How to help our devices?
    This is a program Endometriosis. Sometimes it is enough to remove the infection from the body.
  • What to put under ENERGY IMPACT?
    In the energy impact is usually there is pain in the neck or lower back. Here you need to put our Life Card. First, we should take it easy, because most of these attacks we are, when we are under stress or tension. You need to put the program and the program Anti 7 chakras.
  • Enuresis in children. How can we help?
    Enuresis - a disease characterized by urinary incontinence during sleep; in most cases observed in children. Bedwetting can be due to various causes. Necessary to improve the blood circulation and overall head. Applications: General nerve problems 1, 2, Nerves 1, 2 According to the bladder sphincter weakness of the program. Necessarily general cleaning program: blood circulation, kidneys, Deep Cleaning + Anti. Program in Neuroscience - Enuresis.
  • Girl 13 years old. Nocturnal enuresis. What programs and when you need to stand to solve the problem?
    Nocturnal enuresis in children is usually associated with problems in the sacrococcygeal spine. So after checking the child from a chiropractor or neurologist should include a program on the spine and on the regulation of the sphincter of the bladder. There is a program of neurogenic bladder. This problem is precisely linked to the innervation of the sphincter of the bladder.
    It would be good also to show a girl and a urologist to view the function of the bladder and then put the program on the device.
    nomination will take to clean up programs, the kidneys and the programs associated with urogenital pathology.
  • How to help encephalopathy?
    Encephalopathy - a gradual decline in brain function. Toxic encephalopathy - brain damage, which leads to a reduction of its functions can be observed on the background of liver disease, kidney disease, any other organs and systems in toxic load. Can also be caused by chemical or taking drugs, narcotics, alcohol poisoning, etc.
    Encephalopathy observed in the cerebral circulation due to atherosclerosis of the brain and can be adjusted programs circulation.
  • Do the results of epilepsy?
    Yes, there are very good results.
  • A boy of 15 years viral meningitis with seizures. Suffered in 9 years. A psychiatrist diagnoses F-70 - mental development. 3-4 of epileptic seizures in the month. Can a device help?
    Yes, the device can help. There results: during the month were treated for problems associated with epilepsy. And a month later in a child found epileptic focus only under load. Improvement was within a month is enough expressed. So use all the usual programs for Epilepsy: Common nerve problems, blood circulation of the head, liver, kidneys. Plus program is Epilepsy, Nerve problems 1, 2 All of these programs are set daily and untreated.
  • What programs to treat epilepsy?
    Epilepsy . This program Circulation, Circulation heads, Common problems and nerve regeneration of nerves, the program itself Epilepsy. Treatment is nerves.
  • How many sessions can cure epilepsy in a patient 30 years old?
    As you know, the timing of treatment in all individual. We must put the program Circulation heads, total circulation and nerve problems General 1, 2, Nerve structure, strengthening, deep cleaning, Kidney cleansing, anti-stress. There is also a program of Epilepsy, Epileptic seizures.
    To prevent attacks on antiparasitic device has a program of epileptic seizures. The program is fairly rigid and leads to a pronounced stimulation of the urinary system, so it is exposed only during the expected attack or already in a fit.
  • Epilepsy due to brain injury. With the change of personality. Pronounced decrease of intelligence, seizures. Treat it?
    You describe a very complex symptomatology. Most likely, this injury occurred a long time ago. And judging by these symptoms, it is possible to offer the program, which is in Neuroscience. This program Circulation heads, the total circulation of the blood, nerve problems General 1, 2, Nerves, Epilepsy, Epileptic seizure (during a seizure). Software installation is required as kidneys and deep cleaning. Personality change and intellectual impairment - are clear signs of circulatory failure, and the degenerative process.
  • The child was 10 years of hydrocephalus, focal changes in the brain, pumped liquid, now EPILEPSY and the average degree of debility. Can anyone help?
    Treatment of epilepsy devices gives very good results. When retardation is unlikely to help. Debility - very mild dementia. Morons usually end up supporting the school are able to lead an independent life. You can put the program development 1, 2, 3.
  • Epilepsy with seizures in the form of an abortive automatism with psychosensory aura. After an attack, loses his memory. What is recommended?
    All the same, that for any epilepsy. Circulation, Circulation heads, Common nerve problems, nerve regeneration, epilepsy, kidney, liver. As for memory, place development programs 1, 2, 3.
  • Guy 20 years, seizures.
    Circulation of the program head, nerve problems and epilepsy. And be sure to liver and kidneys.
  • Female 45 years. Has 3 years Epstein - Barr virus, takes hormones. At the fifth session with the device has been a sharp deterioration, temperature 38, was again appointed as prednisone. As a further treat?
    In this case, it is necessary to stop the treatment program at the Epstein - Barr virus, and only do daily deep cleaning 3-4 times, then intoxication will be held and will be again to continue exhibiting the main program against the virus.
  • Is there a cure devices cervical erosion?
    Yes, of course. Cervical erosion is caused, as a rule, infections, sexually transmitted diseases. And often after infection prolechivaniya it disappears.
  • How often use the "tapeworm"?
    Echinococcus program is not toxic. Therefore, each day can be used even several times a day. It does not give an intoxication because Echinococcus completely isolated.
  • The girl is 22 years old gastric ulcer. After treatment device helikobaktera pain appeared, and we stopped the treatment. Correctly?
    No, it should not stop treatment. See the instructions. During the treatment there pain ulcers. This is quite a normal process. Put a detox program, Regulation gastrointestinal spasms, and the pain will pass quickly enough.
    When treating H. pylori are just such a state, so do not cancel the treatment.
  • ULCER 12 duodenal ulcer may heal device?
    Yes, 12 ulcers of the duodenum and stomach treated. They are likely to cause helicobacter in programs it is. Be sure to use the program Circulation, Regulation gastrointestinal tract, Anti.
  • ULCER duodenum 12. On the program "antiulcer effect" pains began. Put the program "Antipain" - the pain goes away for a while. What to do?
    Ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer seen in people in charge, who are often subject to stress, they first need a program Antistress. The program also deep cleaning program for immunity. Additionally, you must be diagnosed by Voll, or ART, and to determine what parasite causes this disease. Most often it is Helicobacter pylori. With this integrated approach, all these problems you will stop, and you heal the ulcer.
  • ULCER 12 duodenal ulcer, directly on the vessel, so do not stop the bleeding, underwent surgery yesterday. How to help our devices?
    It is necessary instruments to help. What man sewed ulcer and hold antibiotics - it does not remove it helicobacter. Need to restore a person after the operation - set all antiseptics, drainage program. Who is the program for the regulation of the gastrointestinal tract is not necessary to set only when an enema, then it will be, but deep cleaning and regulation of the kidneys - it is possible.
  • How to help with trophic ulcer?
    Trophic ulcer trophic comes from the word, ie power. We have programs trophic ulcer and blood circulation. If trophic ulcers caused by varicose veins, you must use all the programs on varicose veins, and all of these programs together.
  • Sores on the feet. What programs should be put?
    Trophic ulcers of the lower extremities are the result of a variety of diseases that violate local hemodynamics of arterial, venous, lymphatic system, including the microcirculatory level of the lesion.
    Ulcers occur most often when a person smokes a lot. This disease is associated with the state of the vessels. Therefore, it is recommended to quit smoking such a person. The same problem occurs in people who abuse alcohol. In addition, there may be an increased content of sugar in the blood vessels in violation of trophism, as is usually the case with varicose veins. Therefore it is necessary to find the cause and then we put the appropriate program.
  • A young man, 16 years old, dropsy EGGS, operated last year, this year relapse. What programs, whether the program is effective "hydrocele"?
    Most often, the disease is triggered by infections, do not look, he's only 16 years old, probably, he already had sex, and not with one partner. In addition, it can be transmitted from parents - chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma. These infections can cause inflammation.
    possible to put the program on all these infections + Circulation, hydrocele, Testis, Regulation of male urogenital system + software for lymph. This embodiment can be helped.
  • What you can put in cold barley?
    The immune system of the program and Staphylococci, Streptococci.
  • Barley for a half years. Began after the birth. What programs are put?
    Program for staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Barley - an acute purulent inflammation of the eyelash follicle or sebaceous gland duct which empties into the hair follicle eyelashes. Causes barley often aureus. Contribute to disease weakening the body's defenses during prolonged inflammatory, chronic diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lesions worms. Most styes occur in patients with diabetes mellitus. Main programs: Staphylococcus aureus, Regulation gastrointestinal inflammation common parasites of the liver, Barley, Cleaning, Pancreas. Make an analysis of glucose.

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