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DETA wireless electromagnetic treatment devices are intended to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. Treatment with the devices are grounded in the electromagnetic field resonance method. They are a genuine breakthrough in the Health that contribute to the public good. Numerous clinical trials, certificates, patents attest to the soundness and promise of this method.
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“How can I improve my health without damaging it?”
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What is  DETA-AP


The medical device,  DETA-AP-13, is intended for conducting anti-parasitic therapy — the action of electromagnetic low-energy radiation on a broad range of diseases, infectious origins of which form the basis. This treatment device delivers a lethal blow to various types of microorganisms.



The  DETA-AP-13 device’s treatment action is based on the frequency impact of an electromagnetic field on microorganisms. A parasite’s death only occurs when the spectrum of oscillations radiated by the device coincide with the oscillations radiated by the parasite which are in the organism. Therefore, it is very important to properly diagnose and to carry out a strict course of action. This device does not possess preventative qualities. It is only possible to cure an infection which already exists within the organism.


A positive therapeutic effect is attained due to the fine penetrating ability of the electromagnetic field within the organism. A high accuracy of frequency tuning provides the possibility of acting decisively on the parasite and killing it. Parasites begin to perish at a high rate, after which they end up in the blood and lymphatic systems, which can create a toxic load. The microorganisms�� extraction takes place in 3-4 days. Because of this, it is necessary to apply the device once a week.


The  DETA-AP allows one to conduct treatment according to specially developed programs. Each of them is intended for action on a specific kind of parasite. These treatment programs are simple and accessible, and do not require any special preparation by the user.


The device may be programmed with the aid of any ten anti-parasitic programs which are chosen from 160 programs present in the Therapy-8 database (they may be selected individually for the treatment of a wide range of pathological conditions caused by the presence of microorganisms).


As a result of a statistical analysis of frequently met disease pathogens, the most aggressive and common parasites were chosen.


The  DETA-AP-13 contains 13 basic programs in its complex:



1. Drainage therapy
2. Anti-worm program
3. Giardia
4. Helicobacter
5. Candida
6. Dermatophysis
7. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
8. Staphylococcal infection
9. Streptococcal infection
10. Papillomavirus infection
11. Herpes
12. Viruses of herpes group
13. ARD, ARVI and Flu



The  new generation device << DETA-ELIS-AP-13>> contains 13 basic programs in its complex:


  1. Drainage therapy- time 01.06:00,
2. Helminths, decontamination- time 00.46:00
3. Giardiasis - time 00.55:00,
4. Helicobacter  pilory - time 01.06:00 ,
5. Candida Albicans- time 00.51:00 ,
6. Dermatomycosis - time 00.58:00,
7. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) - time 01.34:00,
8. Staphylococcus infections - time 02.42:00,
9. Streptococcus infections- time 02.39:00,
10. Papillomavirus infection  - time 01.47:00,
11. Simple herpes - time 01.40:00,
12. Herpes viruses - time 01.06:00,
13. Influenza with respiratory - time 01.24:00.


  Downloads available:
  Operating Instructions: DETA-AP 13
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The  DETA-AP-20 is a high-efficiency medical anti-parasitic new generation device for the entire family.

Infectious diseases are characterized by their ability to spread through close personal contact. If one member of the family acquires an infection, in most instances everyone else will inevitably fall ill, as well. This device’s increased capacity, as compared with the previous modifications, in addition to its increased range, allows for the treatment of several family members to be conducted simultaneously.

Therapy is based on the resonance frequency of R. Rife: the electromagnetic field penetrates a person’s organism and elicits a resonance specifically with that infection for which the device is programmed. Being subjected to the action of strictly determined frequencies, the microorganisms perish, while organs and systems are not affected. The  DETA-AP-20 may be set up in order to solve the individual health problems of any patient by way of reprogramming.

Particular attention during the formation of treatment programs is given to the health of the future generation. The starting set includes programs for fighting many infections transmitted by sexual means, being the primary cause of men’s and women’s health problems, infertility, miscarriage and frequent problems transmitted to the newborn. Treatment programs for children, who mostly end up being carriers of Ascaris, pinworm and liamblia have been introduced. The complete set includes the core group of infections met within every family.





The basic set is equipped with 20 treatment programs:


1. Drainage therapy
2. Ascarids
3. Pinworms
4. Giardia
5. Helicobacter
6. Candida
7. Trichomoniasis
8. Chlamydia
9. Mycoplasma
10. Staphylococcal infection
11. Streptococcal infection
12. Colibacillus
13. Onychomycosis
14 Papillomavirus infection
15 Herpes
16 Epstein-Barr virus
17 Cytomegalovirus
18 Flu with respiratory component
19 Antiseptic
20 Inflammation


  Downloads available:
IOperating Instructions: DETA-AP 20
Note, you need "Adobe Reader" to open these documents

Therapy8.0-the list of treatment programs supported by Deta-Ap devices


The influence of electromagnetic fields on Giardia parasites


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DETA+ is an easy and efficient way to get rid of diseases without any drugs or to minimize their consumption.

DETA+ even cures the diseases that are considered incurable, such as herpes, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and others.
DETA+ allows the identification and annihilation of parasites that have not been officially identified.
DETA+ is not subject to any age restrictions and, therefore, can serve as your "family doctor".
DETA+ is a highly efficient treatment, which is confirmed by all well-known diagnostic methods.



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